Races, "Really?" Moments, Da Biebs and Capris

Just a short one tonight, and before it’s officially over, Happy Friday. 🙂 Running for me was just an easy run, worked out to be a little over 8.5 miles, followed by core and abs.

Update for anyone interested in more from the USA National Champs, (and who isn’t right?) today was Day 2 and I’d be lying if I didn’t just come out and say that it’s the distance events that interest me the most. So that was the 5k men’s and women’s finals that were the highlights. On the women’s side Molly Huddle took it in 15:10.01, Amy Hastings placed second in 15:14.31, and recent college grad Angela Bizzarri took third in 15:16.04. Watching the race on TV was nice as they had Vin Lananna announcing, he’s the coach at U of O now and has made quite a name for himself as one of the most renown coaches around. Before U of O he was there for Standford’s real juggernaut days. Anyways, it’s nice to see and hear an announcer who actually knows a lot about distance races, which isn’t always the case. No offense, because I know that they are GREAT athletes at their respective events, but hearing pole vaulters and 100 meter greats talking about 5k and 10k tactics doesn’t always ring so true. There’s been some flubs or things said that just make a distance chick laugh.

Back on topic, Huddle looked really strong and she should represent us well at World’s, last year she broke Shalane Falangan’s American Record in the 5k and that was a pretty big break-through for her and got her the recognition she deserved. On the men’s side the race was a tactical one, went out slow and came down to a kick. Bernard Lagat took the cake in 13:23.06, followed by Chris Solinsky in 13:23.65, and Galen Rupp taking third in 13:25.52. You know Lagat is getting down to business when you can see all the whites in his eyes. 😉

Like I said the 12.5 lappers were the biggest draw for me in Day 2 but I will say that I was more than a little happy to see Allyson Felix win her heat of the 400 meter semi-finals; she went to high school in California and I believe was a senior when I was a frosh. I was always in awe of not only her insane fastness (yes, that’s a word!) but poise and humble demeanor. So I’ve always loved seeing her kick some major booty. 🙂

You can find all the results here as well as more as they come in the following days. Thank you USATF. Also, Paul Merca has an awesome blog and does a WAY better job than I could ever try to (or many others for that matter…hehe) on full recaps and results, as well as some more inside scoop. He’s actually down in Eugene and trackside, so do check out his blog! 🙂

Totally veering onto another tangent, I think I’ve already professed by morbid fascination with celeb rag mags but every now and again even I have my limit and have to just say, “Really? Really?” This happened today in the check-out line at Winco when I saw the headline announcing that Selena Gomez is now pregnant with a Bieber love child. “Really?” Okay, hate me if you must but I adore that little Selena girl, how cute is she? And while I’m not about to pass out due to hypoxia screaming and yelling to J Biebs how much I love him like a tweenie, I’m pro-Bieber all the way. Plus, what, aren’t they like just now legal? I mean it’s not like she’s Jamie Lynn Spears. So leave this adorable little couple alone rag mags, there’s plenty other shenanigans to cover. In fact, lest you missed it, I made a fool of myself doing a poor rendition of one in particular. Please, if you must throw a tomato try and aim for my butt.

So that’s it for me tonight, I now see my ramblings have bled over into Saturday so I find it fitting that I opened the post with a Happy Friday and now I get to sign off with a Happy Saturday!


I also wanna send a shout out to one particularly peckish runner, The Hungry Runner Girl is giving away some pretty sweet looking running capri tights from a company named Anonya. I hadn’t heard of them before but they are San Fran based and gotta support my CA roots. So if you’d like to score some free tights, and who doesn’t like some SWAG, head on over and check her blog out. 🙂


1) Have you ever raced a 5k? Track or roads? Do you have one coming up and have a goal that you’d like to share? Also feel free to brag on yourself about your awesome 5k showings! 🙂

2) Do you have a “Really?” moment you’d like to share? Something that you saw or happened to you that was just too good not to mention?

3) Do you prefer running in full running tights or capris?

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7 thoughts on “Races, "Really?" Moments, Da Biebs and Capris

  1. I've never actually 'raced' a 5k! I had one that I was training to race but wasn't allowed to on the day because of my injury, so I had to take it easy. Still fun though, and I'll just kick butt next time instead! 🙂

    And WHAT Selena is pregnant?! Isn't she like 16 or something?!?!?!?

    Capris!! Tights make me too hot! But really it's all about the tempo shorts 😉

  2. you know it! you're already on the comeback train and you have to let me know when your first race back is. 🙂

    oh gosh, no, there's no way cutie selena's preggers, just those celeb mags working overtime in at the rumor mill. 😛

    oh i hear ya, i'm all about the tempo shorts, but when it gets reaaallly cold i admit i cave and go tights/capris.

  3. Um I ran a 5K lat week and my time was NOWHERE near those creepy track people. Honestly, are they superheros? WHO RUNS THAT FAST?! I have an 8k and a 10k coming up and I have no idea how they are going to go. I should probably get on that speed work…

    I love running in shorts or capris. I save full length tights for winter running!

  4. I like capris but i prefer shorts or skirts to run in.
    5k is my favorite distance to race, but I still am nowhere close to being able to keep up to those fast people!

  5. oh christina…i loved ur play by play of ur 5k race! pssh, those gals may have run faster times than u did but i'll guarantee u looked cooler in ur day-glo outfit. 😉 good luck in those upcoming races!!

    christy…5k's are fun and no matter ur time it's all about putting your all into it! 🙂 i've never run in one of those running skirts, are they pretty comfy?

  6. I am terrible at 5ks. Okay…not terrible but they kind of terrify me. The last one I raced was on Thanksgiving. ummm crazy? yes. I am a distance person. like at least half marathon distance and the occasional 10k. sprinting is not my strong point so feeling like I have to go all out for 3 miles just scares me. haha! I need to race one soon because I am pretty sure I am faster than my time from November but the fear of having to sprint just keeps me from getting out there. My friends have mostly talked me into doing the one that started my running one year ago though…its in 2 weeks. holy cow. haha!

    I like running capris! okay…I think I am going to attempt your ab workout here in a sec. ready. set. go!

  7. i think everywhere there is some kind of turkey trot or gobble inspired race for peeps to get their sweat on before mass gorgy!! funny because i think my very first road race was a 5k turkey trot! hehe. but i'm with you, i like the longer stuff but that doesn't mean it's not fun to jump down to the shorter stuff, so do that race and i'll bet u get a PR! 🙂

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