You Can’t Win if You Melt First…

Running in the heat sucks…
melting runners
It’s a Friday so I think we should kick the weekend off laughing. That said, I’m pretty sure I’ve left more than my fair share of melted person on the track in my time.

Today’s going to be short and sweet but I will also give you a refresher course on all things crazy hot and hydration related with some of my previous posts. Summer weather is hitting us full swing and here’s to hoping you don’t wind up a puddle of runner goo! 🙂

Runners Are Hot: Staying hydrated on the run

All About Liquids: What to drink and when

To Tote or Not to Tote: Carrying water-bottles on the run

The Great Smoothie Debate

1) Are you one of the runners who tend to run better than most in the heat? Do you tend to suffer more than others?

2) Do you live in an area with the dry heat or do you have the humid factor too?

3) How do you handle the heat where you live and your best survival tip?

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17 thoughts on “You Can’t Win if You Melt First…

  1. It’s always super humid here down South. Doesn’t help that I live surrounded by swamps (well, even though I moved, I’m now surrounded by marsh and lowcountry which isn’t much better at all!). And even though I’m along a coast, I’m still too far inland to get a sea breeze or anything nice like that, LOL.

    Thanks for the tips. Generally I run okay in the heat but I always know my Fall times are better because I’ve run through the summer and am so used to the heat that my race times improve a lot in the Fall from the increased lung capacity :). But the heat still stinks, definitely not good for long runs but short are okay.

    • oh man, like i said, i am NOT a stellar humid weather trooper, i crumble and die. 😛 but so long as u know ur body and are able to mentally ‘adjust’ ur expectations u’re doing it right! good luck out there! lol

  2. Well, 24 hours from now, I should have just finished 26.2 in 80 degree heat and 84% humidity. (if all goes as planned. DNF’s are always possible). This is at the Ann Arbor Marathon, as I think you know.

    Plan is to slow down, walk through aid stations to get more than once cup of water, and take s-caps.

  3. I live in Charlotte, NC and the humidity is awful here! I cannot run in the heat, I will only run if it’s in the 70’s or lower temps and I prefer to run early morning or late at night but sometimes the humidity is so bad you are just drenched in sweat afterwards. I make sure to hydrate majorly before and after my runs. I really like your page, it’s always so informative!

  4. Humid here for sure. I love to run in sun and warm and slight heat, nothing over 86 or so. I am completely solor powered so the warm and sun works well for me.

  5. It gets so bad here in Virginia Beach. Luckily our trails have three water fountains but if I am not on the trails I have to start carrying a handheld bottle. I hate carrying it! I know I need it though. Plus it’s good to get our body’s used to drinking our goal race fluid anyway.

  6. I grew up in the South so I’m pretty used to it. I just slow down a bit, take a few more water breaks, so on and so forth. In the summer, our tennis practices were usually in the heat of the day (usually 11-3 or 12-5), so I guess I’m just accustomed to it. I try to run in the morning or later evening when it is a bit cooler so as not to melt! I think just making sure your expectations are in line with the heat and humidity is key.

    • u tennis stars get major props, that is in the DEAD heat of things!! my little bro is doing football and they have similar practice times, it makes me think the coaches are just trying to torture u guys!!

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