A Blanket Apology

I am told I apologize too much. For that I’m sorry. But here is a blanket apology for all the times I KNOW I am not myself (we’ll call it the subhuman form of myself that is fully okay with being a royal b****). I know it is not okay, so here are just a list of the times quasi-human makes an appearance:
girl on steroids
*I don’t get to do my workout first thing. (Okay, actually second thing, we all know I need to make a stop to my favorite flush-bucket first.)

*I’m cross-training…mostly if it’s because of an injury. ‘Nuf said.

*I’m having a really bum-slow workout and KNOW the times are really slow, but there is a person on the side cheering, “Way to go, Cait…great job!” I’m sure they mean no harm, but when we both know the truth let’s not try to lie to ourselves…sorry for that look.

*I catch you saying ANYTHING bad about my family or good friends. Bag on me all you want, but if you step outta line, you best check-yourself. Last time I checked I was curling some 10lb-ers.

Okay, this little list was sort of inspired by a post over at Hungry Runner Girl…she’s not herself when she’s hungry. Actually, I’ll add that to my list too.
girl running
Now, because I sort of opened on a downer and I try to be as annoyingly positive as possible, let’s end with some strange but true things that feel oh, so good. Give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside:

*Going to the store and you only need one or two things, the person with a full cart-full lets you do cutsies. Love it! I make sure to pay it forward later.

*Singing a song you like in your head and the minute you turn on the radio it is THAT song.

*Feeling really good in a workout. You feel accomplished after that, and if the world goes to heck later in the day at least something went right.

That’s all she wrote today folks! Yes, not all that informative, but I’ve got some good stuff up from earlier in the week and this one needed to be light…like marshmallow fluff.

lollypop girls

Art: Cait Chock Designs

1) When are times your are the quasi-human form of yourself?

2) Some of the random things that put you in a better mood?

3) Learned anything particular today that you’d like to share?
If you already ‘like’ me on Facebook this won’t be new but, today is National Fast Food Day. Cool beans…now, if you don’t ‘like’ me on Facebook, feel free to do so as it would make me smile. 🙂
PS-sorry for the admitted self-plug there…I’m that friendless and insecure about it.

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8 thoughts on “A Blanket Apology

  1. 1. Between 6:00 and 6:15 AM (or the first 15 minutes after waking up). At all other times I actually surprise myself at how well I can hold it together.
    2. Leaving Facebook status updates that no one understands except me.

  2. UGH I’m totally not myself when I can’t work out the way I want either! haha. except for planned rest days, those are fine. Unplanned rest days though? just don’t talk to me :-P. Yep, our lives kind of revolve around running. Some would call it sad, I call it awesome. And I will go “like” you on facebook now! 😀

  3. AMEN SISTER….that workout NEEDS to be the second thing of my day too otherwise I am cranky (kind of like today). Love it when that person at the store lets you go in front! Makes my day too!
    What type of cross-training are you doing now because of your injury?

    • oh my gosh, i’m so sorry about this dumb wordpress putting ur comment in SPAM!! i so appreciate u stopping by and saying HI!! 🙂

      i’d say my top pick for cross training has to be the elliptical…and hopefully by now u’ve been able to hit the gym and be less cranky. 😉 hehe

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