“And Then She Ate the Wolf: Volume 1”


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A touch of whimsy, dash of dark, and ample sarcasm, this edgy new series is to be enjoyed by adults, or rather, those who refuse to grow up.

There is much more going on behind my eye-catching character artwork from Instagram than mere captions have cited. I am excited to share the tales and backstory to each, and truly bring to life the people behind those big eyes life!

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Embracing Speedwork: Why running faster is mental AND physical, how to shift your thinking to run faster

So one very hot singer has crooned, “Speed kills…” Well any runner can tell you that one! It’s a little two-fold though, speed kills your opponent and if you consider the lactic acid factor it probably feels like you’re killing yourself too! 😉 Remember THIS cartoon??

It’s true, us distance runners, of the slow-twitch muscle fiber realm would most likely opt for a 10 mile tempo than sets of 800’s or 200’s. Distance logic right there.
runner on track
The thing is though, while you can’t inject your distance running legs with fast-twitch muscle fibers you CAN hone the ones you’ve got and it’s quite remarkable how malleable that muscle make-up can be with proper training. But here’s the thing, for long distance runners, GETTING FASTER takes both a physical and mental component.

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Farting is NOT a Crime: Runners Freeing Ourselves of ‘Strict’ Social Etiquette Standards

Running can put you in some awkward situations. At a certain point all runners realize that control over our bodily functions can only go so far. Whomever happens to cross our paths at just the wrong time…well, that’s on them. Maybe a hazard of living within a 10 mile (maybe 20+ mile) radius of a runner. 😉

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4 Crazy Important Stretches for Runners: Hamstrings, hips, glutes, and psoas

For once my running cartoons will be used and I’m deathly serious. Stretching, Runners, is no joke. I used to HATE stretching, I’d do it begrudgingly, but ever since my little revelation in Boulder I’ve pulled a total 180.

Now it’s good too because I don’t have a little bit of guilt writing about and telling runners just how crucial stretching is. I’m practicing what I preach, yo.

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No Sissies on the Track

Please clear the track, we’ve got some runners coming through, and they’re taking care of business!!
no sissies on the track

Running is not a sport for the excuse-makers of the world. It takes lots of motivation and dedication to improve, but the glorious thing about that is the power to get better is RIGHT there, in your hands (eeerr…feet?), and within your control.

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My New Love Affair With Stretching and How it’s Rocking My Running

I love running (duh) but you may recall I’m not entirely in a Ménage à trois with stretching AND running. Don’t get be wrong, I KNOW how important regular stretching is to prevent injuries and improve your running performance. Heck, I write about it tons HERE and HERE…oh and I harp on it in my Competitor and Running Time articles.

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Got Legs? Run…because being stuck with fins would suck

Sorry, Ariel, nothing quite compares to running.
running princesses
Nope, nothing like the special kind of endorphins only running can supply!! Motivation lulls happen to the best of us so in those times, take these thoughts as reason to put those two legs of your to work think of this:

1) I ALWAYS feel better when I’m done.
2) Is the runner guilt of skipping my run worth it?
3) I’ve got goals I’m working towards…consistency is the ‘secret’ to getting better and faster!
4) I’m lucky I’m not injured and ABLE to run!! Don’t take your running for granted.
5) If I start, I can dream about the cake and chocolate chip pancakes I’ll come back to. 😉

Now, if you’re injured and need some motivation to plug away at your rehab and cross-training:

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Runner’s Are Wont to Worry: Make sure you’re stressing over the RIGHT paces

Runners seem to like to worry. Perhaps it’s a bit of the self masochism in us, on some level we must like to hurt, so it makes sense the same attraction is there for worrying. Our brains never seem to never be happy, or feel quite right, unless we’re preoccupied with something troublesome. [Why it has to be a negative is a topic for a post of another day!]

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