A Cheeky Debate – To Bun or Not to Bun…

Do you bun? I’m talking about bunhuggers of course! Okay, so two things got me thinking about his post. First, over on Emma’s blog she had announced that for the first time ever she had worn only a sports bra while working out. The second thing was a few days ago Katy (darn girl, I’m bringing you up like crazy, I hope this isn’t coming across as creeper/obsessedo! haha) commented on one of my pages about how the kids she coached would DIE if they had to wear the uniforms my high school team was wearing.

For those still a little confused THIS is what it looks to run in bunhuggers. Sorry for forcing you to look at a really old picture of me and I hate running pictures because they always look really funky. Either my face is all torqued out or the photographer catches your leg at the worst possible time and your quad looks super scary ripped.

I admit, I’m not one of those people who embraces the whole flaunt what you’ve got attitude. I’m a lot more body confident than I used to be but I still don’t like baring it all. Though power to those who are able to rock it! The exception I guess are running clothes; weird how that works because I give no second thought to donning running shorts but a supershort skirt would make me feel odd. Probably though because I never wear skirts. (Photo credit to Margaret Gallagar)

Back to buns, I don’t wear them today or out on regular runs but when I was competing and racing I admit those suckers feel good. Not even because with them you don’t have to worry about that whole annoying shorts riding up thing but every time I put them on I knew it was time to get down to business. Sort of like putting on those racing flats…it’s go time.

Would I wear them at a local fun run or in a race today? No. I sort of feel I have to earn the right to bun, and if I’m not going to run fast I’ll take a pass. So that’s my story with the buns. I admit it took me awhile to be confident enough to wear them, at first I refused. But like with many things, it’s that slippery slope. I used to promise myself I’d never wear shorty short running shorts. I caved. I swore I’d never wear those tight running tights. I caved. I swore I’d never wear buns.

But I’m such a contradiction because I still don’t like wearing bathing suites. Haha.

1) Have you bunned? Would you bun?

2) Do you feel self conscious in certain workout wear?

Not with shorts or anything and I try not to be. I’m a lot more secure in my skin that I use to be but I think all women tend to be more critical of themselves, which I don’t think is right but it is what it is. I will wear only a sports bra if it’s just way too nasty hot not too but I just feel a little more comfy with a shirt on. But this I’ll save for another post. 🙂

3) Women with rocking bods…name ’em people! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “A Cheeky Debate – To Bun or Not to Bun…

  1. I have never bunned. haha. and not sure I would be able to! It took me the longest time to even wear a tank top while running…sad because I sweat A TON. But for the longest time I just only thought "real" runners wore real running clothes. Ummm yeah…what does that even mean, right? Anyway…it finally hit me that I am out there running and deserve to wear things I feel confident in so my mom took me for a mini shopping spree for my bday and I stocked up on cute running stuff. Now I am obsessed with buying new workout clothes. I LOVE that pic of you…you look so hard core!

  2. what, you wouldn't want to run tomorrow's 26.2 in a pair of buns? 😉 oh but seriously sooooo happy to hear you went on your running clothes shopping spree because like you said you ARE a runner!! kick butt out there tomorrow and i'll be sending lots of positive vibes to both you and your sis! 🙂 GOOD LUCK!

  3. No bunnage for me! Maybe one day when I'm as speedy as you I will. As it is, I don't like to show a lot of skin when I'm running. So many silly men honking and yelling when they drive by makes me feel really uncomfortable on my outside runs. In my gym, I wore a sports bra once when the AC was broken and I got STARES from people! So I guess I'll stick to covering up for now. When I run on a trail I wear a sports bra since there are so few people around. And I love it when I get to!

  4. honking cars and piggy men yelling are two of the road runnerchick's banes! the worst is anytime i used to run past a construction site with my mom. you almost want to shout, "really, what do you think will happen, i'll run over and ask you out on a date?!" hehe.

  5. My high school track team didn't have bunhuggers (I've actually never heard of that name for them!) but I can see how they'd be more comfortable and how they could definitely get you in the zone.

    If I had to go back I would have no problem wearing them. I played volleyball for years so trotting around in spandex made me immune to feeling self-conscious at sporting events! Haha

    PS – You look super strong and awesome in that running picture! Way better than any ones I've ever had taken of me!

  6. thanks for stopping by cait! you're only the second person i've ever seen who shares my name and spells it the cool way. 😉 glad i could introduce you to the term bunhuggers and i'm sure your life will now be infinity better for it! hehe.

    volleyball, i always wished i could play, but alas my lack of coordination can only muster running around in circles. thanks for the kind words and trust me i'm sure you rock all your running photos! 😉

  7. I do not do the bunhuggers, not sure my bum is made for them. Great picture of you in them btw.

  8. Never did buns and never wanted to. My college team had the boy shorts, which I was fine with but would now ride up and turn into buns if I wore them. I've always liked split shorts best, not that split all the way up, but just a bit. I'm actually pretty picky about running shorts because I have trouble finding ones that fit just right these days. As far as sports bras, I used to just wear a sports bra and shorts all the time while training and in road races. I lived in Texas, so they were pretty much necessary. I no longer have the body for that sort of thing, but have gradually pared back down to the long sports bras (cover the stomach) on occasion.

  9. oh you two, i'm sure u both would look kick butt in any pair of buns!! 🙂

    tx, i'm like you and super picky about shorts. i like the quasi-split too and got really mad when nike stopped making them for women and switched to only tempo style. i've gotten used to them now, but i sometimes just buy the mens' version for shorts. umm, i raced once in TX and have no desire to go back, at least running-wise (sorry please don't hate me! all indoor TX events would be totally cool with me!), how you survived that heat is beyond me! heck, running butt naked down the road would almost start sounding appealing. jk. 😉

  10. I don't hate you. That was a major reason I wanted to move to the northwest. I lived in the D/FW area through high school and came home for summer during college. I went to college in Lubbock (Texas Tech), which was hot, but dry. In the Fort Worth area, it was so dang hot and humid. You could just stand outside (or even inside) without doing any physical activity and be drenched in sweat. It was nasty. In the summer, I'd run at 11 PM at night, but it was still about 90 and humid. At least I can say I'm used to those conditions, so when it's 80 here I run well while Cranky Hamstring melts into a puddle of goo.

    I like the Tempo shorts, but not really for racing. They aren't short or "split" enough or something..I don't know what it is, but they don't make me feel like I'm in race mode. I have some men's Nike racing shorts that are okay, but kind of baggy in the crotch..lol. Right now I race in an old pair of Adidas, but am still on a quest to find the perfect pair of racing shorts.

  11. like i said, i have complete respect and awe over the fact that u were out there and got it done in those conditions! i wouldn't even be able to handle living there, pitting out my shirts doing jack would drive me crazy. i'm goo girl just like mr. cranky.

    my friend used to have the funniest saying about how the wrong pair of shorts keep on riding up, "my crotch ate my shorts!" alas, if u find the perfect pair do let me know. also, i don't get how people can find the boy-cut shorty spanx comfy to run/race in. those ones always ride up real bad and you get severe cameltoe…or at least that's my experience. 😛 the longer tighter shorts aren't as bad, say go down just above mid-thigh, but still i'm a fan.

  12. Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one that happens to with the spandex shorts, especially since you're a lot smaller than me. They are comfortable, but sadly don't work for me while running. It expends too much energy to constantly pull them down/out of my butt in the middle of running.

  13. haha…i couldn't have said it better myself! running in them gives me a perma-wedgie and i'll have none of it! it's a shame because i see girls wearing them as their uniform and think they look cute…but oh well. sort of like boycut bottom bathing suits, is it just me or don't u feel like u're sort of left hanging out there blowing in the wind??

  14. Hahahahah NO way is there a creeper alert! Remember- I said I love you after about 2 days. Me = major creepo.
    It's actually funny you mentioned this, and I will be doing a blog post on my nickname at school: Thunder Thighs. It was when I commented on the teeny tiny shorts (buns but instead of being hardcore they are the lulu lemon underwear) and how I would have major chafing if I ran in those. My fellow coach (a pro cyclist, super lean) said "my thighs don't rub together when I run". (He's also a guy. Stupid men.). So from then on I was known as thunder thighs. Case in point: No bunners for me. But you look ridiculous in them. Hot damn, woman. You are fine.

  15. okay, so established, we can continue our female love-fest without any worries of creeper status!!

    so there will be a hit out on that stupid guy with obviously way too skinny quads. wat i also can't stand is how superfit dudes can just wake-up and have washboard abs…it's not fair. but back on track here, i've got really big/muscular thighs in comparison to the rest of me. do u have the same problem trying to find jeans that fit: they would fit around the waist but i can't get them up past my monsterquads! lol…but then u go up a size, it fits the thighs but are too baggy in the rest. screw cycle dweeb, ur thighs are freaking gorgeous and could drop-kick his @$$ to australia. 🙂 PS- my thighs always do rub together no matter wat i run in but i PROMISE there isn't a chaffage factor when wearing the buns…actually not having the materials there like you would regular shorts makes them more comfy. 🙂

  16. Yes, I bun! Not out of choice initially, they were compulsory on my college team and again at varsity. But once I overcame my feeling of being somewhat self-conscious I began to love the snug fit and avoidance of wedgies, plus the fact they look professional and frankly HOT!

    So my advice to other runners is give them a try, stick with them a while, and no way will you want to go back to boy shorts 🙂

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