America’s Getting Old and Paris is a Complainy Pants

Happy 4th of July everyone! And a Happy Birthday to America! 🙂

Maybe your day includes a nice BBQ spread, hopefully some fun with family and friends, and perhaps even some fireworks…

…I just hope that yours don’t have any pups on top! Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the creation of this picture. Don’t send PETA after my @$. 😛

Anyways, this morning started off with a nice run and arm weights. You guys better watch out because I’m becoming one buffed out chick. Soon I will be pulling night shifts as a bouncer. I’ll also be freelancing as a security guard so drop me a line if you’re interested.

I admit I’m a sucker for reality shows, I’m overly curious about celebs going about their normal business. Though I try to draw the line at some point and even I get embarrassed fessing up to certain shows. This is going to be one of those times.

The well on my OnDemand shows is running thin, so I checked out what was on the Oxygen channel. That alone should be a red flag of my desperation…there was just nothing else on I promise! Well, so now Paris Hilton has her own show. She’s been slowly fading off the radar and a new breed of party girls are taking over…so I guess now she’s looking to Oxy to rocket her back to front and center.

At any rate, the episode I saw was one centered around her weight; she’s always looked super thin in my opinion and it seemed she never really worked out and ate whatever she wanted. In the Simple Life days we at least caught her wolfing down a cheeseburger and fries on a few accounts; though who knows if that was just like catching sight of Haley’s Comet. I’m going to say though that she was mostly likely the skinny fat sort of gal; she’s obviously thin but without muscle tone and such.

Well, now she’s older and rumors of the baby bump were circling. So she wants to try and lose some lb’s. They cut to her taking a stab a the whole working out ‘thing’. I know we have to take some of this with a grain of salt because it’s for entertainment shock value, but SHE is one of the reasons why I’d be a horrible personal trainer.

She’s wining walking on the treadmill at 1.2 mph. Her mom is canoodling her to keep going, push it, Paris. Really?! First of all a leisurely stroll does not a workout make if you want to get anything out of it. Cut to her boyfriend (ex now) trying to take her for a jog…I can’t bring myself to even use the term run, and jog is a stretch. He’s moving butt slow and she just takes to skipping.

Call me mean, but I just don’t have the patience for this kind of thing. It’s not only the lack of effort (at a certain point you just have to ignore them and let them just do diddly) it’s that they are the same ones complaining about being ‘fat’ or not getting any results. Well, duh?! So it’s the constant wishing, wanting, and not being happy…the bi***ing but they aren’t willing to do anything about it.

I really LOVE talking about all things sports and fitness, running ranks supreme, and if someone asks me for help, input, advice, whatever I jump at the chance. I’m not a total jerk, I genuinely enjoy helping people out if I can and I don’t expect something to be ‘in it’ for me. Plenty have done it for me in the past, so you gotta pass it on!

But some people just really don’t want it. They talk it up like they do, but it’s just talk. No one can make anyone do anything, Paris’s bf couldn’t stop her from skipping and stopping after two minutes. A trainer can’t DO the workouts for anyone, a coach can’t MAKE you go out and run…that takes personal dedication and motivation. Others can help, they can remind a person of their goals, but at a certain point you need to toss the ball to them…if they catch it and throw it back you can keep playing. But if they just let the ball drop and roll away…you have to go find someone else to play with. Or maybe pick the ball up and give them a nice little whack to the back first. 😉 Juuust kidding.

I don’t know where this is leading…just that I thought the whole Paris on the treadmill was at first ridiculous and funny but then it got very annoying very fast. We all have times of flagging motivation but we can motor through and get things done…if it’s important enough to us.. When I don’t feel all that jazzed, I make myself at least start…and from there let the endorphins take over.

Constant complainers are annoying…nuff said. Well, as for my little tangent I’m sorry there! And power to all those who are out there and getting it done; on the flip side I think one of the most REWARDING things is when you see someone who takes the advice or any kind of knowledge and input and it spurs them on to accomplish their own goals. I think THAT is why people who coach, personal trainers, and heck, even bloggy buds, keep on doing it, for the chances to see someone set a goal and STICK to it until they achieve it.

These are the people who always make my day, make me smile, and reading about them gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. *Cheesy Hallmark moment* So a big shout out to all those folks, I know recently I’ve seen a few who ran their first this, did their first that, got a faster best time…so keep on rocking! Also, take a minute to brag on yourself please, or I may have to start calling people out. 😉 This kind of dedicated will overtake the Paris-slothy-complaining masses. 🙂

1) How do yo deal with complainers?

We all know ‘that person’ in the group who is always moaning about something. I let them vent for a bit, because we all need to at some point and myself included, but if it’s constant I try to block it out because it can get a sister down…lol.

2) What’s one way you motivate yourself to get ‘er done when you aren’t really feeling it?

I remind myself how much better I fell after and make myself at least start and from there I usually get going and keep on rolling.

3) Any fun plans for the 4th?!!

4) Almost forgot, anyone who wants to, please share the last goal you set and achieved. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “America’s Getting Old and Paris is a Complainy Pants

  1. Too right!! I had a couple of women like that on the treadmills next to me earlier, complaining that they weren't getting any fitter! Yeah, well you weren't if your strolling along chatting to the person next to you! 😛

    We don't celebrate Independance Day here! But I hope you have a great day tieing dogs to fireworks haha!! Your pics make me lol so much!! You are crazy talented:)

    P.S. I haven't been commenting becuase blogger HATES ME and every time I try it disappears 🙁 But I've changed my settings so fingers crossed this will work!! And THANK YOU SO MUCH for the award YOU are one amazing blogger!! <3

  2. You are totally right!!!!! I get really frustrated when I spend so much time with someone and they have given up by day two. Or, I find that they have the same conversation with someone else. It's like they want to talk about it but can't follow through. It is frustrating! And the 1.2 mph complainer kills me. Your body is meant to work hard!
    I motivate myself by just changing into my gym clothes. It's amazing how much I can procrastinate, but doing things like cleaning the house or cooking in my workout clothes doesn't make the workout go away.
    Last goal I set and achieved was running some SERIOUS hills at the cottage this weekend. I conquered 'er!

  3. ahhh I can totally agree with this post. If I had seen that episode I probably would have GONE CRAZY. I follow a LOT of the reality tv people on twitter and they are always posting about how they ran a mile or did this or that and then treating themself to ice cream…and I am like serious?? thats it? and somehow they stay super thin. those people annoy me almost just as much…but the complainers. yeah. NO. my mom can be like that sometimes actually. And honestly since its my mom…I am just like k…you gotta go more than once there friend.

    My motivation has been DOWN lately. Which has led to total lack of confidence…I hate it. But just realizing that it is a NEW day and remembering that I will feel great after if I just DO SOMETHING…helps 🙂

  4. sweety emma…of COURSE u get the award! 🙂 haha…ya, i kno u guys prolly don't give two hoots about just another 4th of the month over there, but glad u could at least chuckle at my rocket dog. haha! girl, i bet those two ladies were super jealous of u kicking butt on the tread! 😉 okay, and wat the heck is blogger's problem?!?! if it happens again email me or something and i'll try to contact them…i'll be having NONE of this!

    katy…way to make those hills ur bi***! 🙂 ya, i honestly have zero tolerance for people who continually complain about the same things or have the same convo with everyone. at the gym once i was next to a gal who was arguing with her trainer and telling them they wouldn't do the workout, i wanted to almost just tell her, "why the heck do u even have a trainer if you're not gonna do wat they say?!"

    julia…omg, i actually find way too much secret satisfaction laughing at wat celebs call a 'workout'…it's like, "are u kidding me, that's a warm-up?!?! lol..i actually have another post saved tackling the celeb 'workouts' and claiming they eat watever and stay super skinny…stay tuned. but as for you, i'm sorry to hear about a lull in motivation. we'll work on that, and it's actually REALLY common for people to experience that after accomplishing a really big goal. (read: ur stellar marathon) u had this goal for so long, u worked ur butt off, and now that it's done u kind of are like, "okay, now what?" a way to get past that is to set another goal and it can be totally different. maybe try to PR in a shorter race, maybe work on your hill training, maybe find a race where you really love the cause and try to see how much you can raise for it. something that makes you feel like you're working towards something, something concrete. and then u can always look at the pix of u at that marathon and remember how awesome u are…cuz, ya kno, u are. 🙂

  5. This made me laugh! I get the same feeling when I watch people doing weights. Usually they're girls…lifting 5lb dumbbells…swinging them back and forth, thinking they are going bicep curls. How does anyone feel a burn and think they are improving their body from doing that?

    Another thing – when people say that they can afford to eat a fast food meal or an entire tub of ice cream because they just worked out. Um, no you can't. It defeats the purpose and you will most likely be consuming 3-4 times the calories you burned! Ugh!

    Sometimes when I know I should go for a run first thing in the morning, I changes into my running clothes the night before and sleep in them, that way I have no excuse! It works every time!

  6. hahaha….i love it when people think that 20 minutes in the gym will negate inhaling an entire pizza. u just have to laugh and roll ur eyes! okay, i kid u not 99% of the time i sleep in at least my running shorts! mostly cuz i'm lazy and want to sleep in as much as humanly possible and it makes getting ready and going that much quicker. 🙂

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