Evil To-do Lists That Pick Boogers and Racing Garb

Wowza…how are all of your Saturfarts shaping up so far? Hopefully not too stinky. 😉 Lame, I am, I have admitted that before so I have no shame in letting my full freak flag fly.

Today’s been a pretty productive morning if I do say so myself. Nothing to actually show for it, more like in the errands sense. The ones you put off that you really don’t want to do, that to-do list starts to grow, glaring evilly at you from the corner. Like that kid who picks his nose in class but still doesn’t understand why you aren’t nicer to him…ummm, because you’re gross? But I was able to kick that bugger picking list in the butt, or at least make some decent headway.

The morning started off quite nice, got in a nice 8.5 and a wee more miles on the treadmill. Felt pretty good, just went easy but it felt better than it’s been in the past. Did some arm weights, couple sets of lunges and squats, and then it was time to hit that evil list.

So I’ll have to do the cop-out and talk about other people…’tis the weekend and I know that means some races have to be on the agenda for some folks! If you ran, do feel free to brag on your fine self. 🙂 Or are you waiting until Monday to rep the US of A?! Well, as it seems I can no longer find friends here in the States and have turned to outsourcing, my growing number of Canadian besties probably don’t give too Oy’s about the 4th. Well, unless a stray sparkler or firecracker crosses onto their side.

There was a really fun 4th of July 5 miler race that I used to run when I was in high school. The best part about it? It was FREE!! Ya, that is unheard of now adays for any kind of race, it seems like road races are going the route of the movie theaters. The costs seem to leave my wallet violated in the worst possible way. But races are fun so sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. Well, at least there is the possibility of a really cool shirt…

(I made this in fun up for my good friend, she always wanted to sponsor her own race, so at least now when she gets it up and running she’ll have a t-shirt design…lol)

a bag of schwag usually consisting of a kiddie sized bar, maybe some drink powder. If you’re really lucky maybe some BodyGlide…praise the chaffing gods!!

That 5 miler was also fun because people would dress up and every year there were a few guys who always wore the same get-up. No, they weren’t really crazy cool or inventive ones…one guys wore a pair of ratty racing shorts that were red, white, and blue ala the flag. Each year we prayed that the threadbare fibers wouldn’t finally give out midway through the race.

The other guy was even weirder as he’d wear a pair of just regular boxer shorts with Odie on it. You know, the yellow dog with a really long tongue hanging out. I don’t think I have to tell you where the tongue was placed. Gross.

One year my younger sis and I dressed in matching get-ups. My mom special ordered these tops and if I may say so I thought they were the bomb dot come. Oh yes, I said that. Full freak flag remember? The racing tops had flames on them, but not gonna lie I think the thing that made it awesome was that my little sis was about five at the time and ran in the little kiddie 1/2 mile. SHE was the one that looked crazy cute in the garb, so I was cool by association.

Here’s a pic of my top in full flaming glory…I’m bummed I don’t have a pic of my little sis in the top on me.

(Had to blow off the dust on this one…must be 2002ish??)

Well, I’m off to get some grubbage. I’m super boring and pretty much eat lots of the same things, but I figure I like what I like and my tummy agrees! So on the menu for lunch will be chicken and black bean tacos (I actually like burritos more but right now I need to use up those smaller tortillas…this I know you really care about) with a side of carrots and an apple. 🙂

1) Have you dressed up for a race before?

I know my flame top really isn’t all that dressy, but that’s the most I’ve done.

2) If you hosted your own race, what would it be called?

I actually would REALLY love to set one up, but make it a charity event, it’s on the to-do list but I have yet to come up with a really kickbutt name…

3) The best thing you’ve ever scored in a race give-away bag?

4) Best thing you’ve eaten today yet OR that you plan on devouring here at some point?

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7 thoughts on “Evil To-do Lists That Pick Boogers and Racing Garb

  1. I think the flame top is pretty cool! I'm usually drawn to bright colors for running attire, especially shoes. I used to have a pair of bright pink boy shorts that I loved to race in. Don't think I could pull them off now that I'm slow(er), but a girl can dream. I LOVE bright colored shoes. Thankfully I run in racing flats all the time, so I have lots of options outside of the boring white/blue color combo. My friend is a wear-tester for Nike and gets a bunch of the Japanese market shoes. He gave me a few pairs. All the shoes over there are so colorful. They use a lot of bright pink, even for men's shoes.

    If I set up a race, I don't know what I'd call it, but it would be $0-$5 to enter and no t-shirts. I've got enough t-shirts and race entry fees are crazy these days…$40 for a 5K? No thanks.

    Back in the day when I first started running, it seemed like we got better swag. I remember getting several full-sized Power Bars, Bath & Body Works stuff, etc.

    Food… Today is my birthday, so that will surely involve eating!

  2. ummmm your lunch pretty much sounds like mine except i threw mine on a bed of spinach and called it a salad 😉

    i really cannot think of the coolest thing I have ever gotten in a race bag…must have not been too exciting then…huh? well actually at a 10k sponsored by theater this past winter they gave out free tickets to their shows…that actually was pretty sweet.

    alright…i gotta go do something exciting. like shower and then lay on the couch all day. ha!

  3. so THAT is ur in to getting all the most awesome shoes before anyone else!! u guys always have the coolest ones! 🙂 bright colors are my fav, my fav color is lime green. 🙂 word on the street was today was a special day…lol…be sure to throw down an extra piece of cake for me too!!! make in an end one. 🙂 happy bday again…have a wonderful day!!

    julia…theater tix are pretty cool and unique, did u end up like the show? did u even go…lol. jk on that last part. 😉 oh man, ur day is sounding a lot like mine…hehe.

  4. Love the flame top! Did it make you feel faster? I bet your little sister looked so cute in it.

    I am eating some really good grapes right now, other than that nothing really great today.

    The most I have ever dressed up for a race was to put on a green shirt for St Paddy's day and some green knee high socks. I do have a mud run coming up that we are going to dress up for. So excited 🙂

  5. I have never dressed up for a race but I want to SO bad. I'm thinking of doing Disney in January and if I go, I'm totally rocking Tinkerbell. Dean can go as Peter Pan ahahaha

    Best thing I've eaten today? Half a box of chocolates from a ridiculous gourmet chocolate shop. I will blog all about it tomorrow!

    PS LOVE the flame top on you! That pic is awesome. You look so focused!

  6. I've never dressed up for a race before, but it sounds like fun!
    Best thing I've eaten today was banana bread with jam after I finished my first half marathon this morning!
    Wish I looked that good in my race photo though 🙂

  7. i'll bet that mud run will have u getting down and dirty…should be so much fun, christy! can't wait to see some pix. 🙂

    omg, christina u totally have to dress up as tink and MAKE dean go as pan!! cannot wait to hear all about wat's left of those chocolates…if i were u they'd be gone by the end of the nite. 🙂

    amy…be quiet i'm sure u look SMOKING fast in ur race photo! soooo awesome for ur race today and banana bread sounds like the best way to refuel to me. 🙂

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