I’m a Runner and I’m Not Complaining, But…

I’m a runner and I’m not complaining, but…
road runner
…if you’re going to build a community track but them install those guard rail arms that reach all the way out to lane four on each straight-away it sort of defeats the purpose. I mean doing 400 meter repeats where you have to swing wide on each stretch really is a hassle and adds extra meters when I’m already tired.

…repeat, I’m a RUNNER, don’t ever call me a jogger. I will get nasty.
stress fractures suck
…dear makers of ‘the boot’, nobody likes a stress fracture to begin with, can we at least start making headway in boot fashion? Can’t we at least get some color variety, I mean even casts come with color choices.

…if you’re out for a little power-walking, power to you, but when you hear me approaching and you’re walking 5 people wide, could you do a runnerchick (or runnerdude) a favor and go single file for a quick second to let me by?

…dogs are awesome, leash-less dogs that want to chase me and maul me are not so awesome.

…if you’re going to charge me an arm, two legs, and my first-born child in race entry fees then can you at least make sure that the race course is accurate and well marked? Who ever wants to pay to run the 4.674k race, don’t think that PR really counted.
treadmill runner
…if there is ONE more treadmill manufactured that cuts me off at 60 minutes it should be destroyed. Haven’t these people ever heard of a thing called the long run?

…there really should be a ‘poor boy’ style race entry option. I’m talking, I don’t want a shirt, I don’t need a bag of gel or bar samples…bare bones, $5 should cover the piece of paper for the bib, 4 safety pins, and the pleasure of lining up and then putting myself through torture in the quest for a PR.

…there are some awesome shoes coming out these days, but can I put in a request for the never-ending shoe? Think like a Wonka Gobstopper, you keep on running but the shoes never wear out.

See, I’m just a runner. I really don’t have many complaints. 😉

1) Have any ‘non-complaints’ to add to this list?

2) Ever been chased by a mad dog while running? Isn’t it the kicker when the owner just acts like it’s no big thing?

3) What’s your favorite pair of running shoes at the moment?

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14 thoughts on “I’m a Runner and I’m Not Complaining, But…

  1. HATE dogs chasing me when I run. Hmm…if I get a chance to complain…I would say those people who want to have a conversation with me at the gym should probably NOT start when I’m sweating my ass off running as fast as I can! At least wait until I cool down, please. (Or better yet, leave me alone, ha!)

  2. I agree with every single one of these!! I’d like to add that some races I’ve been to need more porta-potties. Because 2 isn’t gonna cover all of us, especially when some of us get prerace nerves and have to get in the ridiculously long line several times. Plus they could miss their race or their time suffers because they really can’t give their all because the main focus is not the race anymore!

    • AGREED!! u have no idea, i actually get incredibly anxious, nervous, and paranoid i won’t be able to hit the pot and get to the line in time!

  3. haha. this is awesome. and perfect.

    i always feel so dumb complaining about the dogs. because i love dogs. but seriously some of them dogs out there roaming are scary these days.

    my newest complaint is bikers. today i almost got run over by one and i was actually in the dang running lane for once. SERIOUSLY!?! oh. and the other day i almost got hit by a car turning into the ped lane when the ped light was on. i just want to live people. that is all.

    i want to read this post every day. seriously. so dang true. and funny.

    • aww, thanks so much for all the kudos, glad u got a laugh…hehe.

      it’s funny cuz i luv dogs too in ‘normal life’ but as a runner they drive me nuts! 😛

  4. Non-complaint – if you are out with your family on a multi-use path, don’t go four/five wide so that I have to run to get around you. Infuriating.

    My favorite shoes are the altra instincts, hands down. I love mine and I’m anxiously awaiting the trail version to come in the mail soon.

    • seriously, i once almost got tripped up by a little kiddie veering all over the path on his Big Wheels and parents just didn’t even care at all…thanks 😛

  5. YES! I have a treadmill at home and it cuts off after 99 minutes and 59 seconds. It cannot be turned off and annoys me bc if I manage to run that long on a treadmill (I have 3 kids not in school full time) then I WANT that credit.

    The race fee thing is crazy. 5K’s are getting to be the worst. I can usually find cheap local halts but the 5Ks are starting at $25 around here. I don’t want a huge t-shirt, medal, granola bar. I just want a PR.

    • my point exactly?!?! do they not understand that we work hard for those miles and EARN every minute of the credit?? hehe. keep on rocking the runs regardless tho, i’ll give u credit…hehe

  6. I’d probably have to repeat the jogger thing, I’d also not complain about how people feel the need to comment on how obsessed I am with my running, when I put in the average amount of work. It’s not my fault I actually enjoy working out!

  7. LOL!! these are so great. And so true. Don’t charge me $75 for a half marathon and then give me a shirt that’s too big because you ran out of extra-smalls at the expo…I paid for that shiz, seriously! Or better yet, skip the shirt all together and charge me less, because more often than not they’re ugly and even the extra-smalls don’t fit me (seriously we’re runners….size your shirts for runners not the general population haha). And if you want to run barefoot, then freaking run barefoot instead of blowing $120 on a pair of vibrams…..ok I’m done now hehe

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