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I have experience writing for print magazines, online magazines, blogs, websites, company newsletters, speeches, copywriting and promotional materials. If you need words I’ve got them and will assemble to your individual need!

With my extensive background in running, fitness, and all things related to sports performance I define these my areas of expertise and favorite topics to write about. But, I’m hardly limited to these alone and particularly enjoy freelance writing as it allows me to constantly learn and investigate new things.

Running Times Magazine

“The Power of Protein Timing: Three windows to refuel the runner”

A Lethal Kick

Don’t Be One of Those Parents – Keeping you’re children’s running goals all their own

Stuck in Waiting – Staying motivated through the lull between seasons

Self-Massage the Runner’s Way – Tend to your aches yourself with this guide

Timing Your Fuel – You have a race plan; now get a winning meal plan

Blazing Start, Mid-Season Blahs – How to catch yourself before you flat-line and wreck your season

Coaches That Inspire and Coaches That Cripple

Runner’s World

What It’s Like To Be Coached By Alberto Salazar


“How to Race Your Full Season and Not Burn OutRead more at http://running.competitor.com/2016/01/training/how-to-race-your-full-season-and-not-burnout_144083#cyf9YQRPAZpbEp1T.99”

Battling Taper Madness: Reaching Race Day Rested and Ready

Become a Faster Runner Using Strides

Why Runners Should Embrace Cross Training

Double Time: Working Out Twice A Day

The Runner’s Guide to Bounding

What Fuels Boston Marathon Champion Meb Keflezighi

Patience, Progress, PRs: The Three Tenets Of Running Success

3 Things Under 5 Minutes Every Runner Should Do Daily

Think Outside the Mill: How to make the most of treadmill running

Information Overload: Are Runners Too Tech-Dependant

Is Squeezing 100% Out of Yourself Worth the Risk?

Foresee it, Believe it, Achieve it: The Power of Visualization for Runners

Cross-Training 101: Avoid Overtraining When Injured

The Science Behind High Molecular Carbohydrates

Putting Your Nerves to Good Use

Gluten Free = Inflammation Free?

Improve Your Running By Becoming a Better Athlete

The Four Biggest Problem Areas For Runners

The Runner’s Guide to Eating Out

How to Get Race Ready in 4 Weeks

Iron Level Upkeep For Runners

Confidence-Building Workouts From the Pros

Fixing Your Form a Half-Mile at a Time

The Post-Race Workout

Run Relaxed to Your Next Personal Best

The Mental Side of Recovery

Nutrient Timing is Everything for Runners

Got a Wandering Mind? Here’s How to Stop It

What Distance Runners Can Learn From Sprinters

Four Boston Marathon Tips From Dick Beardsley

Injured? Here’s How to Stay SHARP

The Neuromuscular Component to Speed Work

Got Stomach Issues? You’re Probably Dehydrated


The Secret’s Out: Karisa Nelson bursts onto the scene inspiring us all to dream a little bigger

Interview with Ben True (Post BAA 5K win and New American road record)

The Lethal Speed of Shelby Houlihan

Morgan Gonzalez: Running towards a Mountain’s Calling

Cally Macumber: Injury-Free and Soaring a Mile High

The Un-Retirement of Blake Russell

Garrett Heath: Back to the grind, and more excited than ever

Matt Fitzgerald and His Latest Book: The Endurance Diet

Jeremy Taiwo: On injury, GoFundMe, Grinding, and Dreaming

Drew Windle’s Wild Year: From Division II Runner to Olympic Trials contender

All Eyes on Molly Huddle

The Dual Persona of Katie Mackey

A Dream Restored: Tara Welling on overcoming injuries and getting back to the sport she loves

Julia Webb: Back from baby number two and running stronger than ever

Chasing Dreams: Sarah Brown’s pregnant push for the Olympics

Breaking the Glass Ceiling: the rise of young American female distance runners
Back on familiar Ground: Nicole Blood’s road to reliving her dream

Des Linden Punched Her Ticket to Rio and it was “Freakin’ Fun”

LA is for Dreamers: The Women’s US Olympic Marathon Trials

The Sweetest of Victories: Ashley Brasovan’s Road to the US Olympic Marathon Trials

Alana Hadley: Fast, and Mature, Well Beyond Her Years

RunBlogRun Goes Inside: Hudson Training Systems Elite

Performance Nutrition: Focus on the drink

Ten Tips from the Top: Coaches Dena Evans and Brad Hudson tell you how to come out winning in this and any cross country season

How the Elites Eat: Quality, Quantity, and Stop Over-Thinking

Everyone’s Chasing Molly Huddle

One of Seven: Villanova’s Patrick Tiernan’s Main Priority is Getting his Team on the Podium

Focused on the Finish: Shelby Houlihan gears up for NCAA Cross Country Nationals

Crystal Nelson’s Rise to NCAA Cross Country Championship Contender

The Magic of Mammoth Diaries: Lauren Kleppin-The Running Gypsy Found her home

Focus on the TCS New York City Marathon: Interview with Des Linden

The Magic of Mammoth Part II: The Original Legend Still on Top

The Magic of Mammoth Diaries: Daniel Tapia-Marathoning Amidst a Marathon Schedule

The Magic of Mammoth Part I: Where Legends Run Free

Interview with Amy Hastings, following her fifth place finish at the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Interview with Bobby Curtis: Our Top American male finisher in Chicago

The Magic of Mammoth Diaries: Lauren Jimison-Running with Passion and Purpose

2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Diary: A Journey for Balance–Lisa Uhl is Back

Forging Her Way: Annie Bersagel’s tenacious drive to the top

Want to Run in College? This is what it takes: Shayla Houlihan of the University of California, Berkeley (Cal)

RunBlogRun cartoon series: Masters

2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Diary: Amy Hastings Takes on the Chicago Marathon, by Cait Chock

Interview with Oiselle Founder and CEO, Sally Bergesen

More than Just for Steeplers: Why every runner can benefit from hurdle drills

The Dominating Force That is Evan Jager

A High School Dream Realized: Interview with new Hansons-Brooks Runner Cally Macumber

The Flight of Kate

Matt Scherer: Master of Time

Want to Run in College? This is what it takes: Nicole Blood of Columbia University

Jordan McNamara Highlights 2014 Falmouth Road Race

Sage Canaday: Running Up Mount Olympus

Ryan Vail: The Magic is in the Work

Interview with Matt Fitzgerald about his newly released book, Diet Cults

Phoebe Wright Can’t Be Stopped!

Want to Run in College? This is what it takes: Kelly Bean of Cal Poly

Want to Run in College? This is what it takes: Hakon DeVries of the University of Kentucky

Want to Run in College? This is What it Takes: Steve Magness of the University of Houston

Young Runners and the Issue of Volume and Intensity

Running the ‘Extras’: Think outside the miles and improve your performance!

Records Falling and David Torrence is Hungry

Danny Mackey and Racing Like a Beast

A Community of Beasts: There’s roaring in Seattle

Taking Boulder Back: HTS Elite looks to make this the distance runner’s power city once again

Master of the Treadmill Workout: HTS Elite Coach Brad Hudson shares his keys to making your indoor workouts count

How Young is Too Young?

Trail Runner Magazine

Treadmill to Trail


Alana Hadley: Listen to a Teenager to Run a Faster Marathon

Pilates For Runners

Double Days: What They Are and How to Reap the Benefits

How to Settle Your Race Day Jitters

How to Learn From Your First Race of the Season

“3 Things You’re Not Doing But Should to Run a Faster 5K”

6 Training Tips to Ace Your First Half-Marathon or Marathon

How to Run Relaxed

Transition to Ultra Running: What You Need to Know

How to Reap the Rewards of Trail Running

What’s the Best Pace for Long Runs?

Do This Not That: How to learn from common running mistakes

Indoor vs. Outdoor Running: Three things you need to know about treadmill running

8 Tips to Make a Strong Comeback to Running After an Injury

Runners Connect

Should Your Marathon Drink or Fuel Contain Protein? The Research on Taking Protein During a Marathon Race

If you are interested in my writing services or have any questions, email me at: cait@caitchock.com

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