Green Eggs and Ham…Better Than Green Eggs and Spam

Is it normal that while standing in line a woman walks up behind me, I smile at her, she breaks into a fit of giggles? I mean, trust me, I know I may be crazy, but is it that strong of a first impression? She quickly followed suit with, “Oh my gosh, my son would love your shirt!”

I looked down at my Dr. Seuss’s ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ shirt and asked her, “Is it normal that a 25 year old woman…errr…girl, is wearing the same shirt that your probably ten year old boy wants?”

Her answer, “He’s three.” Even better.

green eggs and ham

I'm slightly embarrassed to put this up, it's from years past and working off of some But it goes with the theme.

That’s okay, I’ve already established I’m immature, three is probably about right.

Other things that don’t exactly plead my cause to the whole ‘woman’ title: in moving and cleaning out I find stashes of Disney coloring books here and there. Between the uncolored pages are pictures I’ve drawn…I don’t actually color my coloring books but I use the figures as practice or references for things I do draw. I always looked at coloring books as sort of ‘cheating,’ it’s only half the work! 😉

The term overly excitable about [insert mundane detail here] can be used on a mutli-daily basis to describe my current state. Sometimes more than once in a two hour timeblock.

Walking past the $5 movie bin at Wal-Mart the twin pack of All Dogs Go to Heaven I and 2 stops me in my tracks. This is followed up by me scooping up that one and Milo and Otis…because I’m poor it took several minutes of restraining conversation to make me put them down.

‘Tis okay, I’ll take my Green Eggs and Ham and be happy with it. 🙂

Update: Oh my, I went and got all Facebooky on you. Actually, truth be told I made a page awhile ago but until now I’ve kept it mostly separate from da blog. I’d like to say I just racked up all my likes in less than an hour, but it would be a lie. I tried to change the name, but FB won’t let me unless I gave up all my likes and started anew. I’m greedy, so that won’t fly. So please, all my bloggy friends, feel free to hop on over and LIKE me on Facebook as: Cait Chock Designs. 🙂

1) Running after Sam I Am must have racked that poor fellow up some miles, how many you think he ran by the end of it?

Hmmmm, well, I know there was a train involved there at some point, but I’m gonna say most was foot traffic…he musta have pulled in at least 6 that day, no?

2) Speaking of, what was your workout today if you did one?

10 treadmill miles…c’mon, you know what will follow here…core and ab work.

3) I’m sitting in Starbucks but I don’t drink coffee (I’m already overly hyper-excitable enough) but everyone else does, what is your order?

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8 thoughts on “Green Eggs and Ham…Better Than Green Eggs and Spam

    • no joke…i have no idea how people can afford to shell out the kind of fundage they do all the time for their coffee! haha. awww, shucks, thanks for the like…u r the best! 🙂

  1. I hardly ever get drinks from Starbucks–hubby does and I bite my tongue over his almost $5 drinks! If I do order something, it’s often black coffee or iced tea with sugar and lemon–the cheapest drinks on the menu!
    Liked you on FB!

  2. ummmm so i used to hate coffee. suddenly every day since thursday i have been to starbucks. not sure what happened but it is definitely bad for the wallet. 😉 i am thinking of going to work in a coffee shop on friday…just sounds relaxing 🙂 about to go check out your fb page!

  3. If I want to splurge I get an iced skinny vanilla latte with soy, but usually I just get a cafe americano with soy.

    “I’m not a girl……not yet a woman”…yea I had to go all Britney on you!

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