As I yammer on about so many things, workouts and exercise routines have started to amass, if you’re interested feel free to test a few of them out. If you like, yay! If not, that’s cool too…I didn’t force you to do it. 😉 [note: more to come…this page is in progress, just like me!]


***Video Demo: Pedestal Plank Routine***
Pedestal Plank Core Routine
Sweaty Ab Routine
Bouncy Stability Ball Core
Four More Kicking Core Moves- Why the Core Merits the Hype

strong women


Hummingbird Arms
Mix and Match – Strength Workout of Endless Possibilities
Plyometrics Part I – All About the Bounds and Skips
Plyometrics Part II – Bunny Hopping and Jumps
Calf Strengthening – The 3-Way Raises Trick


***Video Demo: No excuse to not fit this into your day flexibility drills for runners***
Rules of the Stretch – When and when NOT to stretch with dynamic and static stretching routine
Hip Flexibility Drills: Why runners should channel those Latin dancers

man singing on elliptical
The Imbalanced Runner–Entire post on the muscle weaknesses and imbalances you no doubt have and how to work on them to avoid injuries.

Cross-training Workouts:

Pyramid Intervals
3:1’s – Long/Short Combo Intervals
Longer Intervals and Endurance Based Cross-training Workout

woman running

Running Workouts/Advice:

Four Weeks of Fartleking Fun
Crazy 8’s – Longer/Shorter Track Session
Marathon Goal Time Predictor Workout
Breakdown Tempo Running
Jack and Jill Runs Hills – Hill sprints, tempos, and long hill intervals…we do it all
Fartleking 800’s and Training to Surge in Races to Break Your Competition
Attacking Your Long Run: When you don’t want to just make it an easy one

Self-Massage/Injury Prevention:

Calf Strengthening to Help Avoid Achilles Problems
IT Band Relief – Tips to keep this common runner point of injury in check
The Runner’s Self-Massage Run-Down Guide

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