National Nutrition Month With a Turkey Feast?! Okay, Let’s Roll With That…

Wow, I was unaware of this but apparently November is National Nutrition Month. And they lump Thanksgiving in there…does anyone else find that ironic?

I don’t like to harp on the ‘this is what you should eat’ thing too much because as I’ve said before I live by the workout hard, eat hard creed. Still, that doesn’t mean I totally throw caution to the wind and get gluttonous on only fried Twinkies and drink mayo by the tub. To be honest some of that stuff just plain doesn’t appeal to me.

ice cream girl

Actually ice cream is totally fine by the tub!

I do have a few key things I make sure to get in every day: lots of protein because I know I need it, carbos…duh, and no problem there I could live off of carbs alone, and yes necessary fats. I actually like fruits and veggies and get enough of those in each day to meet my quota. From there, I reason: if I get the good stuff in then I can treat myself to whatever else. Hit the checklist than strap on the Pop-tart feed bag, right? 😉

You see, as with training it’s more about being consistent and the law of averages. So even if you have one gluttonous pig-out turkey day in November, it’s still okay to have it be National Nutrition Month…just don’t make every day like that or you’ll be the kid left wedged in the McDonald’s booth with ketchup crusted to his lips. Though to be honest, if you’re running 130 miles a week you could have an IV of tater-tots and probably still be okay.

fresh carrot

Art: Cait Chock Designs

I will say two things that really made a world of difference in terms of eating (there are plenty of other tips if you are eating for fuel because I don’t want to send the message that what you put into your body isn’t important because that IS NOT true. But I don’t want to make this post epic, if you’re interested shoot me an email, maybe we could do a Q and A…again, I’m not a licensed anything but what I don’t know myself I can scrounge up someone who does)

* Eating withing 30 minutes after you workout. Seriously, even before you shower get in something, if it has to be a bar that’s fine. Look for one with a higher amount of protein in addition to the carbs though…not one of the 100 calorie bars with just 2 measly grams. 😉


Art: Cait Chock Designs

* Getting in enough protein. Look, I’m a carb-a-holic and never really thought much of my protein intake but when I did look at it, those few slices of turkey on my sandwich didn’t cut it. Runners need protein as well as carbs, aim for .75 to 1 gram per pound of body weight. It will build muscle, you’ll improve performance wise, AND not going to lie, I noticed a big difference in how I looked. (ie: saw more muscle definition) While that shouldn’t be your only reason, it’s a perk. My favorite picks are eggs and shrimp.

So in closing for National Nutrion Month, let’s let the facaccia take it away…
focaccia bread
1) What is one tip you have that makes a huge difference regarding what you eat and how you feel in your workouts?

2) People who ONLY run because they know it burns calories are jyping themselves of way too many benefits to list and they usually don’t stay dedicated anyways; name one? Also, feel free to list one annoying tidbit regarding all of that jazz.
They are missing the fact that endorphins make for a happy Cait…sans a run I am a grouch. My annoying tidbit: the people who workout on the ‘fatburn’ zone on cardio equipment…don’t get me started there. 😉

3) Favorite food that is healthy….AND favorite food that you get because you’re cool and workout hard?
Shrimp and Pop-tarts!
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13 thoughts on “National Nutrition Month With a Turkey Feast?! Okay, Let’s Roll With That…

  1. totally agree – run hard eat hard! I have a friend (who’s also going to be coaching me once I get healthy) who runs 130mpw…and she can eat dunkin donuts boston cremes and starbucks scones like its her job. well, I guess it is kinda her job lol.

    But yeah, even the USDA would agree with that – I just wrote a paper on the MyPlate system and Dietary Guidelines, and after you hit 100% DV of all your nutrients, you usually have “discretionary calories” leftover that can be used on booze, ice cream, fries, poptarts….and even non-active people usually have a few of these discretionary cals. Runners have lots lots more lol!

    I was always big on the protein, kinda the opposite as you – I wasn’t getting enough carbs. Once I increased my carbs by 3x what I was eating (from like 100g per day to 350g/day) I had soooooo much more energy!! But I still try to eat about 70g of protein a day…I could probably do with up to 100 given my weight, so maybe I’ll try that out!

    And as for post workout refueling, I’m all about the muffins and smoothies! 😀

  2. I know this is probably stating the obvious, but water makes a huge difference in my running. It literally can be what makes or breaks it.
    I run for fitness and because it truly is a way of life for me. It energizes me. It sustains me. It brings me peace. I get SUPER annoyed by people who bash me or other runners for running “a million miles” and saying how crazy we are for running. Have you tried it?!
    Food: I am a fruit-a-holic (fav is farm fresh peaches), “bad” food is probably Dairy Queen. Thank gosh it closes during the winter here! 🙂

    • duh…how could i miss the obvious hydration!! lol…but yea, water makes a BIG difference, and it blows my mind when i see people who literally drink a sip MAYBE thru the whole day!

      they close DQ’s during the winter where u live…that should be illegal. 😉

  3. OMG, they need to remove the “fat burn” zone on the cardio machines – or call it something else. The name probably makes people think they are working out well enough, but I can’t see how it does any good, both cardio-wise and calorie-burn wise.

    • EXACTLY!!! omg, i laugh so hard in my head when poor, unintentional people hit the button, then workout at such a low intensity and think that’s the ‘best’ way to do it. well, i don’t only laugh, i do feel bad for the misinformed, so yea, fitness machines should have those options taken off!

  4. Even though I am not running a lot at the moment (curse you immune system and gastrointestinal system!) I am still keeping up my regular workout schedule. Of course, some of the motivation comes from keeping fit but mainly I need to exercise so I don’t get locked up in some institution with padded walls. I need to feel sweaty, and gross and out of breath so that I can, in turn, feel happy and human and capable of taking on the world 🙂
    I talk to my patients about balancing their eating all the time. It is important that you get your servings of the healthy foods and there is no reason to feel guilty for treating yourself now and again.
    My favourite healthy food? Hard to choose between natural yoghurt, hummus, roasted broccoli, beets straight from the can, and of course— chickpeas!!
    My favourite food because I work out – peanuts. Salted. No, I don’t care about my blood pressure 🙂

    • ya, the two of us without our endorphins fixed would be like king kong and godzilla wrecking havoc on the world!! 😉

      oh man, steamed broccoli and cauliflower…sooo good, i’m glad i’m not the only person who loves them! 🙂

  5. Haha…my first thought when I saw the title of the post was the same as yours. Really? National Nutrition Month in November? I guess I should have known that before November 24, when nutrition was … let’s just say … not in the forefront of my mind. 🙂

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