Tune-in to Your Happy Meal? – McDonald’s Lands a TV Show

I admit I’m guilty of two things here: 1) a poorly punny title, sorry, and 2) chiming in here a little late. But regardless, McDonald’s is getting their own TV station? I want one! 🙂

I’m sort of torn on what to think here…at first it’s sort of a sigh and a lowered head. I mean don’t get me started on the whole obesity thing; visions of kids scarfing down fries and McNuggets until they are wedged in the booth and can’t change the station on the TV…oh wait, even if they did change the station it’s all McD’s all the time. 😉

fat runner

Hey, at least he's running. 😛

But mostly for me it’s the exercies of the obesity problem that really gets me fired up; or the lack thereof. I’m the sort of runnerchick that believes if you workout like a champ, strap on the feedbag! 🙂 That said, I’m not a big McD’s fan myself, I am more of the Pop-Tarts and Chipotle variety, but to each their own. The other part is intensity: if you are logging a lot of miles you have the freedom to eat ‘harder’ than someone who just puts in a stroll around the block…that is a huge part. People need to be realistic with themsevles with exercise…
walker on treadmill
…and with food. So if you are of the sedetary variety, maybe a couple extra trips through the Drive-thru isn’t warranted. Secondly, common sense people…do you need to eat your weight in fries? The choices you make when you hit up McD’s comes down to you. To make smart choices you need information I know, so be informed if you are needing to lose a few, Rondald isn’t coming into your house, strapping you down and shoveling McNugget lovlies down your gullet. Though, I really like the mental picture.

As for the kids, that is what I just think it is sad, but that burden falls on the shoulders of parents. I think one of the best things my parents did was set by example a love of being active…NOT because it burned calories but because it is good for you and makes you feel good too. So it gets back to the exercise thing with me…promote that McD’s.

Maybe in front of those TV’s (apparently the McDonald channel is only available in their actual restaurants) there should be treadmills. So it you want those fries and frosties, that is totally cool with me (pass me a pint of Ben & Jerry’s instead though) but just bust your bum with some exercise. 🙂

1) What are your thoughts on the McDonald’s Station?

2) Best part of exercise?

3) Growing up, how was your family about exercise and food?

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8 thoughts on “Tune-in to Your Happy Meal? – McDonald’s Lands a TV Show

  1. What, Mickey Dees has their own station? My personal motto is “everything in moderation.” If you deny yourself the things you crave, it’s not going to work for you in the long run. And, I agree, you need to make decisions that are right for you…my “moderation” might not be the same as yours 🙂

    My parents also modeled being active and eating right and I think that had a huge influence on me!

  2. McD’s has their own station?!? EW! ok I’ll be honest, fast food absolutely disgusts me. If I want a burger and fries (and don’t get me wrong, I love love LOVE burgers), I’m going to go to a good sit-down restaurant where they use lean beef and whole wheat buns and top their burgers with creative stuff like swiss cheese and mushrooms. Because yeah, when we run hard, we get to eat hard, but I would rather eat hard with QUALITY burgers and pizza. Although I do like Wendy’s Frosty a lot haha.

    And I agree about exercise – diet really is not everything. When I’m not training hard, you better believe I’m not eating as hard! And growing up, my parents really taught me a good balance. We ate healthy food 95% of the time, and I watched TV once a week – yep, only one show per week. Rest of the time we played outside! But they weren’t Nazis either – I was allowed to have McDonalds, and pizza, and candy and ice cream -but my parents def emphasized that these were TREATS aka you don’t eat like that day in and day out lol.

    • ya, i’m totally with u on quality!! that’s where i’m like, “if i’m gonna have it, let’s have it the right way!” but still, i kno runners who are in love with big mac’s and that’s their ‘thing’ so no judgement, just i’d rather spend my food other ways…lol.

      and ya, wat ever happened to playing outside all day when u’re kids!! my parents were a little more flexible with the tube, we got an hour a day, but they did the exact same thing with the healthy eats and trips for the happy meals. 🙂

  3. McDonalds may just be taking over the world, huh? So crazy!
    I totally agree that it starts with parents and good decision making/teaching! It will make it so much harder for a child to change their ways as an adult who wasn’t raised to make good food choices. Great post!

  4. So when did this happen??
    Maybe down here in the great southern land we haven’t quite heard about it yet. What an irresponsible idea, children are already fed enough (excuse the pun) junk TV and advertisement care of all these big corporations. Now they have their own TV channel through which to influence children.
    Working in weight loss research with adults has shown me how messed up grown ups are with their eating and how easily influenced even really well educated people can be by media. What hope do kids have when their parents have no idea?
    My parents were fairly relaxed about the whole approach to food and exercise. I was always resistant to actual physical education at school but if I was playing in the back yard with my sister or walking around the neighbourhood with my Dad I really liked it. As for food, everything we ate was homemade because we couldn’t afford takeaway so we never really got addicted to anything…except Mum’s choc chip cookies….

    • growing up we had a homemade dinner 95% of the time, also becuz my parents thought it important to actually sit and eat together, which i do agree with. but ya, it is so sad how even ‘smart’ people make misinformed decisions when it comes to food. how many times at a restaurant have we heard, “i can’t eat that i’m on a diet, i’ll just have a salad” but then said salad is weighed down with so many other things that it’s got more fat/cals than the item they originally wanted and deprived themselves of?!?! crazy…lol

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