No Shame…

Yesterday I finished my long run and proceeded to do my sets of squats and lunges right outside on the sidewalk. Why not, it was sunny, I was already a sweaty mess, the sidewalk is long enough for my lunges so I don’t have to awkwardly try and turn, and I wanted to do it while the motivation was still there?! Midway through my second set I hear from behind me, “Oh my gosh…look right there…right THERE! Look at her…hahahaha!”

Yes, a black car filled with some high schoolers had driven by, stopped, and proceeded to gawk at the freak show. Is it bad that I didn’t even stop doing my thing?

I guess the thing is that over time my shame-factor has become eroded. I used to think wearing shorty shorts was ridiculous. Past that.

I couldn’t fathom why anyone would run in a bathing suit, as that’s what bun-huggers looked like. On top of that, how could any girl feel comfortable running tons of laps around the track wearing said buns and a measly shimmel top? Been there.

poop book

Yes, in fact I wrote a whole book about it! (don't know why it never went mainstream though?)

I thought anyone who used a bush, or heaven forbid a random available ditch, for an emergency bathroom stop should be ostracized from civilied community. Hmmm…they still let me lurk around and I’ll own up to it.

I have busted out some pretty strange streching moves while carrying on a conversation. Not everyone sees a raised platform and tosses their leg up to give some love to the hamstring?

I have gone out and run errands after a run, still in my running clothes, and I probably still had those nice white, salt stains up my arms and legs.

I do squats and lunges on the sidewalk in broad daylight. I am a freak. I accept that…or maybe I’m just an Obsessive Compulsive Runner. I’ll take it.

1) What is something you have no shame about? Okay, folks, it’s time to let those not-so-guilty secrets out! Hehe.

2) What’s been something yelled at you from a car while out running or otherwise?
I think there should be a law enacted to toss anyone who still thinks yelling, “Run, Forest, Run” is still funny, into a jail with Tyler Perry movies on a continuously loop.

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15 thoughts on “No Shame…

  1. Seriously! Everyone always yells, Run Forrest, Run! Way to go, Mr. Original.

    Anyway, totally agree… runners have no shame. We just can’t. And basically everyone wishes they were us anyway, even if they don’t admit it. 🙂

    I’d totally buy that book!!! I’ve had a few… um… interesting run pit stops, myself. 🙂

  2. I lost all shame when my high school coach brought tp along when we ran in secluded places. That shame was lost ages ago. Now I whip out my yoga mat after my runs and do the down-ward dog next to my car. I roll and stretch and don’t blink an eye. It’s who we are and what we do!

  3. omg. the first thing that came to my mind was not necessarily when i was working out but last week when i was working at prison…it started raining so i ran to the next building. inmates all over were just screaming at me “Run Forrest Run”….it was a little embarrassing. but then i just thought…seriously!?! at least I wasn’t getting “as” wet! thanks for your comment last night…your comments ALWAYS make my day! hope you are doing well! OH…i totally would have done the SAME thing about the squats and lunges!

    • seriously, the inmates ONLY have an excuse if the last time they were out was in the early 90’s or whenever that movie came out!! i’m happy that my comment made ur day, as it’s so very often a case of ‘right back at u!’ 🙂

  4. I think the part of my brain that senses shame has been turned off as I have aged and I think the more I run, the less it is capable of firing even the weakest of communicative shots to surrounding neurons. I am shameless about walking out of the gym with salt stains all over my (of course) black workout gear, I am shameless about jumping up and down with glee and greed every time my darling boyfriend takes me to WholeFoods (my favourite restaurant – not even kidding) and I am shameless about openly showing affection to people, although wisdom has taught me to restrain myself from hugging strangers…most of the time.
    I rarely get yelled at out of vehicles but my little sister is a magnet for cars when she runs. So much so that she runs inside now or she takes the 60lb dog with her 🙂

    • omg, i think we need to send out some runners as bouncers for ur poor sis!! that’s wrong and no one should make her feel forced to run only inside!! that irks me. 🙁

      haha…oh ya, i kno the salt stains on black clothes well. 😉 oh, and i totally agree that Whole Foods warrants a squeal of delight!

  5. After a long run, your brain isn’t capable of feeling shame!!! Seriously, I think it’s a medical fact. Salt stains and most likely a not so nice smell? I think who cares, I’m gonna go to the grocery store and you’re gonna like it random strangers who are most likely judging me!

    Umm, your book title is fantastic! And for the record, I lol-ed when I read the punishment for offense #2.

  6. HAHA so true!! I generally have no shame! I once ran through a shopping mall because the road works outside were making me stop and start a lot which was annoying, so I took a different route! Got a few funny looks! 😛

    And I swear I get at LEAST one ‘run forest run’ a week. I have very violent thoughts towards these people after that haha! And THANK YOU so much for the sweet comments about my race! I know I am currently about as fast as a squat-jogging Caitlin, so your kind words mean a lot! If someday I am HALF as awesome as you I will be very very happy! 🙂

    • i woulda done the same thing at the mall!! i once was running on a track (it was the only one around) for a speed session and they were in the middle of tearing it up. i kid u not the bulldozer men were SOOO mad that i wouldn’t clear lane one til i was done. 😛 PS- they actually ended up kicking me off and i had to run wide, but i finished…hehe.

      awww, so glad u got my congrats…and trust me u’d be kicking my butt!! u did awesome, i’m so proud of u!! 🙂

  7. Awesomeness. I stretch my calves almost anytime I am waiting at a corner or come across some steps. I am also guilty of doing errands after my long run – usually stop somewhere to pick up ice for my ice bath and often pick up a few groceries while at it. And yes, definitely coated in a layer of salt, and stinky. Oh well!

    • haha….power to the sneaky calf stretches! it’s funny because i don’t even notice i’m doing ‘odd’ things until my younger sister may look at me with an questioning look. 🙂

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