Runners Drinking by the Gallon: Beating the hydration issue into your brain and Nuun’ing your water

I’m a runner who sweats like an elephant and drinks by the gallon. It may mean waking up in the middle of the night a half dozen times but at least I know I’m hydrated. The big H.
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I’m still floored every time I hear runners talk about how they ‘hate water’ or the only liquids they consume is in the form of coffee. Soda doesn’t count either, and that could actually be making matters worse and dehydrating you.

Luckily thanks to savvy marketing and all that is the internet runners are getting all things water, hydration and liquids almost poured down their throats for them. Knowledge is key people and you’ve now got no excuse not to know:

* If you’re actually feeling thirsty you’re already in a mild state of dehydration
* Hydration works on consistency:
Just like with your running and training, you can’t just never think of about your fluid and electrolyte levels until the morning of a race and pound the liquids. You have to be drinking consistently on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.
* Heat exacerbates things but… even in the dead of winter and running in a snow storm you still sweat and lose both water and electrolytes
* It’s more than water: Elecrtrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, are lost through sweat and you need to ensure to replenish these stores. These micro-nutritents AREN’T found in the water from your tap so you need to drink liquids that contain these.

I’ve done some previous posts on all things liquids HERE and HERE. Revisit those my friends but because this is crucial information I’m going to beat it into your heads. I’m also bringing it up because one fluid of choice that offers runners the chance to electrolyte enhance their water is Nuun. They contacted me after revamping some of their products and wanted me to give it a test. You can read my first review of them HERE. Let’s see what’s new, shall we?
Nuun Blueberry PomegranateSource
Nuun All Day Hydration

Premise: Nuun comes in little tablets that you add to water, then watch it fizz and work it’s magic. Give it a shake or stir and your water is both flavored and infused with electrolytes.

Taste: There are a variety of flavors, I’d say my favorite was the Blueberry Pomegranate. Now, I’m also one of those people who has no problem drinking straight water, sort of a plain jane in the taste bud department. The Nuun tabs are a nice flavor perk but not overly sweet.

Cost/Damages: There are 15 tabs per little vial and 4 vials to a pack. When you order online a four-pack comes out to just under $30 without shipping.

What’s New: So Nuun All Day Hydration is widening it’s target audience to include whole families and the little kiddies. Hydration is IMPERATIVE for athletes but it’s still important for everyone, so let’s help cut out the crazy sugar waters and remind kids of their smart drinking habits. Dentists be warned. 😉

What it’s not for: Now, Nuun tabs are a great way to perk up your water and make sure you’re drinking those electrolytes throughout the day. But they don’t contain many calories (under 8 per tab) or energy for your muscles. So if you’re actually out running a marathon and working on an energy fueling plan these aren’t going to do it. Also, if you’re just finishing a run and in that crucial 30 minute restorative refuel window, you can drink these for the electrolytes but you would still need something of substanance, giving you protein and carbs.

Bottom Line: This runnerchick is a fan overall. That said, I’m off to the bathroom…

1) Where do you stack up on the hydration issue, are you really good about keeping your fluid and electrolyte levels stocked up and balanced?

2) What’s your top drinks of choice? For running and performance which do you go for to drink throughout the day, and do you have a different option for viable energy while you train?

3) Have you tried Nuun at all?

4) Are you one of those people who can’t stand drinking much straight water or find you need a taste perk as an incentive?

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11 thoughts on “Runners Drinking by the Gallon: Beating the hydration issue into your brain and Nuun’ing your water

  1. I haven’t tried Nuun, but I’m open to it 🙂

    I drink water, all the time, all day, and only switch to green tea for the other waking seconds of my life (I have a 5 mug a day habit – unsweetened). I don’t get how people can not like water? Do you do something to the water in the States? Is Australian water full of crack?

    You’re so right about replacing electrolytes and fuelling. I have a confession – I used a gel for the first time on my long ‘run’ (elliptical/run) last week – a 19km. Boy did it make a difference!

    • i’m so with you, i don’t get people who start hating on the good old H2O!! haha…i do kno some areas have a metallically tasting water, but not everywhere. but i like ur idea that all u Aussies are cracked-out due to water…u crazy addicts. 😉 jk

  2. I haven’t tried this either! But I think that if I continue to run, I might have to get some. 🙂 I love water! The first thing that I do when I get up in the morning is drink a full glass. I wasn’t aware of how much we dehydrate when we sleep and then I was drinking coffee…bad bad bad. 🙂
    I hope to try this very soon! Thank you Cait!

    • AWESOME job for staying up on the H2O…but yea, the electrolytes need some replenishing too, so i’m happy when i popped to ur blog and saw u’re totally getting covered on that end. 🙂

  3. i have learned over and over again how important hydration is…and honestly…i finally learned that its most important in the days leading up to a big run than the morning of. I used to try and cram it all in just before a race but now I start drinking electrolytes a few days before and try to stay consistent with my water intake whether i run or not that day. helps so much on race day! then i can just worry about fueling normally instead of having to make up for poor hydration in the past:) I have tried nuun and think its okay…my fave is honestly peach tea gu brew. love that stuff!

    • ppsssh, i don’t even need to bother trying to tell u advice, julz, u’re a pro by now. 😉 haha…i’m totally gonna report ur to the team Nunn police. 😉 jk

  4. I drink SO MUCH water! I always crave it and make sure to stay hydrated. I definitely feel better when I am hydrated!
    I haven’t tried NUUN yet but everyone keeps talking about it, so I guess I should try it!

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