Runners Rock and Camaraderie

One of the great things about our sport is the sense of belonging and camaraderie. How many times have you found out a person is a runner and it doesn’t matter if they are a total stranger or not, you instantly feel a connection? You ‘get’ them and they ‘get’ you.
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People sometimes think that running really isn’t all the much of a team sport. More-so in track where it could be certainly argued it’s more individual; but that’s really not the case because even though you ARE out there and performing as an individual you aren’t really alone. Even if you don’t belong to an actual team or worrying about a team scoring, you are a member of the team of runners.

Your competitor knows what it takes to put in the miles and the training, they know that you’re hurting just like they are, and they know exactly what it’s like to be in your shoes…because to a certain degree they are. Certainly they want to beat you, but they have to respect and at least understand you.

Outside of actual races runners tend to be incredibly personable and gregarious…if I do say so we are some pretty down to earth and cool folks. Sure, we’re weird, we’re geeky in many ways, we could talk lost toe nails, war stories, Nip Guards, and GI distress like it’s nothing.

Perhaps we have to have a sense of humor to balance out the insane desire to get up, do the same repetitive action again and again, and at times punish our legs like none other.
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Runners can make for the best of friends, spend enough long runs and interval sessions with someone and you’ll probably wind up knowing more about them than anyone else…or at least understand them unlike others. There is something that happens in those unsaid moments in the middle of long runs, in the last few excruciating repeats, in those runs done in torrential downpours and gale force winds, and in the jittery pre-race warm-ups.

Runners ‘get’ it.

1) Were you on track and cross country teams through school or any other places?

2) Are many of your friends runners or are you pretty much the only one? (It’s totally cool, I love my non-running friends too!)

3) Do you sort of feel like you instantly like a stranger more when you find out they are a runner?
Umm…guilty! 🙂

4) In blogging I get this, do you feel like you know a virtual stranger really well because they are a fellow runner and you can relate to them?
Yup…crazy, I think I’m getting more virtual than real life friends. 😉

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16 thoughts on “Runners Rock and Camaraderie

  1. There is a certain ‘something’ when you find out someone is a runner. Although I am not the best runner, and my mileage is disgraceful compared to nearly everyone else I know there is a sense that everyone of us is doing this for our own reasons, and has chosen this sport to be the way we celebrate the way our body moves in the world.
    I am getting very attached to my virtual friends 🙂 Hopefully one day we will meet in the ‘real world’ as long as they don’t ask me to keep up with them on the track!

  2. I was on both cross country and track teams throughout high school. And because of that I have A LOT of runner friends, but I also have a good amount of non runner friends. I love them both. Whenever I find out that someone is a runner, I instantly feel connected. Even if we have nothing else in common I could talk to them about running for hours. And I definitly feel like I’m making wayyy more “virtual” friends then real ones because of my blogging. It’s ok though, it’s someone to share my running craziness with.

  3. I have very few runner friends….something I would like to change!!
    I did track for the first year of HS and that was it…I have been a “recreational runner” ever since. Kind of love it though. 🙂

  4. the people I connect with the best are DEFINITELY runners! I remember the day i met my best friend: we were at college orientation and were split up into groups, and we had to go around in a circle and say a few things about ourselves. I said, “I’m Kate, I’m a runner, I’m on the XC team”. She said, “I’m erin, I’m a runner, I’m training for a half marathon”. Best friends ever since haaha. And sometimes I do feel like I have better connections with the runners in the blog world than with my non-running friends!! I mean, they just don’t get it sometimes – esp if I say something like “man I’m out of shape” they automaticaly go, “you’re not fat!!” lol…two different things. I feel like I’d have trouble dating a non-runner too!!

  5. omg. i am so guilty of finding INSTANT friends once i realize they are runners. seriously. i mean…how can you not be friends when you find out you share a passion with someone right!?! you are right…runners just get it!

  6. I agree: runners are a lot of fun! They’re social, outgoing, and don’t take themselves too seriously (except during some intense training periods). Even though I’m only a casual runner, I love how open and welcoming the running community is!

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