Runner’s Strip: Racing Fart

There is an art to simultaneously running and farting. To be properly mastered, it takes an expert combination of selective muscle control and timing with your stride.
racing fart
That said, there are few things more gratifying than running and letting go of that abominable bubble of gas in your intestines. The joy of letting one rip is only exponentially rewarding when you’ve been carrying along a potential GI disaster for miles, painfully holding back, but then realize that rather than a number 2 on your hands, the mounting, monster pain-ball was only…GAS!! Pit stop averted.

Go along and keep perfecting your running farts, Runners. Though, what separates the Lukes from the Yodas among is are the ones who can relax/contract/time during races and hard workouts without losing so much of a millisecond off their pace.
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1) Worst GI nightmare run?

2) Name a time when you thought it was going to be a nightmare number 2 episode while running but then realized it was just a big ball of gas…you can’t tell me the amount of relief you feel is nearly euphoric.

3) Do you have any shame letting a painful gas ball go while running? Do you hold back during certain times or in certain company?
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14 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Racing Fart

  1. Once I had to go number two really badly while I was running in the park. Thank GOODNESS there were bathrooms, though I had to run a very uncomfortable 1/2 mile before getting there.

  2. Nice and hilarious post. Such a great way of explaining what we probably all feel but don’t want to admit. I had the runs all night once, stomach flu of some sort, but the next day I had a half marathon. I needed a half marathon time to get into a corral for chicago, so i ran it on an empty stomach and flatulating body. The run was called the ‘hungry duck’ run, and I was quacking like a duck the whole way.

  3. I used to run with a friend on a daily basis, after about our third run I told her “man I just about died yesterday because I really had to fart and couldn’t let it go” and she responded with something like “thank god!” and thereafter it caused nothing but complements “damn, that was a good one” or laughter.

  4. Perfect post. Nothing is sacred in runner world.

    The worst was the marathon. Hands down. Nutritionist is sorting me out though!

    I get really awkward about it running with friends. One day I was running with a blog friend in a race – I have to confess that I took my time tying my shoe-laces and told him to run ahead. And I finally ‘fessed up to having stomach troubles, only to find that they couldn’t phase him in the slightest. He kept my distracted with tales of woe from other runner friends!

    • let no bounds not be crossed in runnerdom!!
      YES…you’ll get that stupid GI puzzle solved with that nutritionist…keep up the great work! 🙂

  5. Running is the only time I have ever audibly passed gas in front of my husband (I’m sure that will change the longer we are married, though!). We call it “stepping on ducks”.

  6. Too funny! Honestly beside a group of teenage boys I couldn’t think of a community where this topic could be more socially acceptable. Runners get it… Literally! Meanwhile at Canberra I ran past a guy who started slapping his thigh for a few seconds. As I chicked him 😉 I think I got a whiff of why. Trying to disguise his farts – what a gentleman. :=)

  7. My issues seem to be before the race. I think it must be nerves! Once I start running, I am fine. I wonder if I ran more races if I would get past the nervous start? It is really irritating!!

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