Some More Track Champs Talk and Snotty Dogs

Okay so today again, as a good little track nerd, I’ll need to bring up the Women’s 5k that happened over there at the World Track Champs. I’m partial to the women’s distance events, but there is tons of action and I’m sorry to not spread the love, but that’s how I’m going to roll…

I was talking yesterday about the A-FREAKING-MAZING women’s 1500 that brought home the first Gold for an American distance race in 28 years and today, while it was back to the slew of Africans leading the field there things worth mentioning.

Lauren Fleshman came out to be the first American (and person of non-African descent in the race) and she placed 7th with 15:09. Yes, the winner, Vivian Jepkemoi Cheruiyot (that’s a mouthful), deserves major props herself for pulling off the double win for the 5k and 10k and beating out tough fields.

That said, being an American chick-a-dee I think it’s pretty stand-out that Lauren actually placed 8th at the USA Track Champs, wouldn’t have even gone to the World Champs had not another athlete pulled out, and then she came out and was 7th in the World. Anyways, she actually has a really cool account of her entire experience over at her own blog, which I found fun to read.

Back to this lowly little runnerchick, no big hoopla or megatron, instead it was some Gossip Girl fueled entertainment. 10 miler on the tready followed by abs and core. Hey, I had forgotten in all this techie website drama that I actually added a new tap up top. It’s just a list of some of the workouts or suggestions that I’ve jammered on about so far. If you’re interested feel free, if not, no worries either!  🙂

Sorry to keep this one short, but I’m feeling rather boring as of late, and sometimes it’s better to just put a fork in it rather than yammer on until the food is so cold and disgusting you never want to catch sight of it again!

1) Any fun weekend plans for people? Any races on tap?

2) I feel bad because I’m not really a well-rounded sports person. I have been to maybe one or two ‘real’ baseball or basketball games (the others were my bro’s so I don’t count those) and after about two minutes I get the ‘okay, now what’ syndrome and want to do something else. What sports are you a big fan of and love to watch?

boston terrier dogs

3) I’m sitting with my family’s Boston Terriers, I think it’s so cute/disgusting/hilarious that because their noses are so punched in, when they sneeze it’s like a full body convulsion, nasal spray eruption. That said I get grossed out if spit/snot flies on my face, but I know people who will stop short of nearly French-kissing their pets. How ‘licky-lovey’ comfortable are you with your pets? This is a really random one, so sorry.

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14 thoughts on “Some More Track Champs Talk and Snotty Dogs

  1. Ewww French kissing your dog?! Haha I love my doggie but we don’t take it that far! 😛

    I thought Fleshman was great in the 5k!! She held on with the lead pack much longer than I thought she would so props to her! I LOVE watching the athletics on tv, but it’s definitely the long distance running that is my ‘thing’. I do love watching Usain Bolt sprint though! 😀

    • haha….oh, u all about the Bolt eh?? 🙂 ya, i could watch track all day….maybe field not so much…shhh, don’t tell!! 🙂

      ya, no frenching with dogs for me!!! and u better have had an awesome bday too!!! 🙂

  2. Your blog keeps changing! Hope all the commenting is under control now! I found since I switched I get a lot more spam and weirdo comments on my pages that I have to delete!

    Just some birthday celebrating with the fam this weekend! No races unfortunately. I hate watching sports too. I would much rather be doing something else! And yeah…kissing pets..not my thing!

    • YES…wat is up with the spam comments…i’m not joking where i found pages and pages and pages of them upon opening up my site!!! we need to figure out wat is going on around up in here!! oy me oh my!!

      but forget all that…have a BLAST with the bday bash!!! sheesh all my friends are having bdays!! 🙂

  3. My boyfriends parents have bloodhounds and they are the ultimate slobber-ers!!!

    I went to my first baseball game this year and it was…fun? Actually, because I was in good company it was fun, but I couldn’t tell you anything that happened in the actual game!! I enjoy sports for the friend-factor…sure I’ll come to a party and eat delicious food, or sure I’ll drink lots of beer while watching dudes hit balls and run around a field!

    • trust me, if it wasn’t for the friend factor and concession stand i woulda bolted those few games i actually went to in about two seconds flat! 😉

    • haha….ya, ur riley is adorable! and thanks, i’m glad u like my workout tab, lemme know if u find any u like or if u have any that u’d like to see put up! 🙂

  4. I feel weird that my comment comes under “free itunes” and “freeze dried food”. So bizarre, ha!
    I don’t watch a lot of sports…and American football is so hard to follow! But I really like watching soccer, especially for the World Cup. My family always watches it together, it’s been a big deal for us!

    • ya, don’t get me started on this comment thing, i dunno wat is up?! would u like to start pushing free itunes and freeze dried foods to me too?? 😉 haha..juuust kidding!!! okay, ya, soccer is more exciting, it’s got a lot of action and is fast paced…baseball…i feel like i’m watching grass grow. haha.

    • ugh, no don’t even apologize, there is suddenly a TON of spam comments!! i’ve spent forever trying to get rid of them…it’s driving me mad! trust me, always feel free to offer back critiques…u’ll never hurt my feelings i wanna hear ur thoughts!! 🙂 on a brighter note, it’s always great to finally see a REAL comment, so thanks and i hope all’s going well on ur end over there…don’t let school make u work too hard. 😉

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