The Real Reason We Run?

The truth is the running is awesome, duh. It keeps me sane, and probably you too. But the fact of the matter is…


No, I am not dead…lol…I apologize for my sudden plummet into blog oblivion the last few weeks. I wound up with some broken arm bones that limited my typing to the hunt/peck method which left me typing at about 2 words per minute. Needless to say I had to be stringent with where I could put my time and wordage…into the paying gigs, I’m sorry, Blog. But I’m doing better and will try to not to leave you with so much [radio silence??]!

Check out some more awesome cartoons HERE!

I also have an article over at Run Blog Run: “How Young is Too Young?”

1) Chocolate of Vanilla?
Chocolate trumps weenie vanilla any day.

2) Have you been glued to USA Track Champs coverage?
You should be.

3) Do you think there is an age that is ‘too young’ to run?
Too many factors to give a blanket age…hence why you should read my article. 😉
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20 thoughts on “The Real Reason We Run?

  1. I was wondering where you were! Welcome back!
    OMGosh – how did you break your arm? Didn’t take a fall running, did you? Hope not. Heal quick!

  2. OMG I hope you are ok! I had hurt my shoulder in April and it was so extremely difficult to function let alone blog! I couldn’t move my left arm for 9 days and I am a lefty. Hope you are on the mend….it’s funny, I love chocolate but always lean towards vanilla based ice creams loaded with chocolate toppings. Sometimes the chocolate flavor of the ice cream is just not right for me lol. You know I am quite selective on my sundaes.

    • awww, thank you…wat is this, abuse the left arm trend?? jk. though i think it’s worse for you being a lefty!! how did u manage the ice cream scoop?!?! 😉

  3. Hey there! I was wondering where you went, but didn’t want to be nosy. Sorry about your arm! When will you be sharing the story about how you ended up with some broken arm bones??

    I choose vanilla because I hate chocolate! 🙂 I am currently watching the USA Track Champs right now. It blows my mind.

  4. Was getting addicted to your post and wondered what happened. Glad you are back on the healing track 🙂 (no pun intended!)

  5. Yay! Glad you’re back, Cait! I’m sorry to hear about your injury, i’m happy you are doing better! =)

    I’m a chocolate kinda guy, and yes I have been glued to watching nationals over the weekend. Ryan Hill from nc state got 3rd in the 5k, wooo!

  6. Welcome back!!! You know I missed you over here!! I’m glad that you are doing better and hope you continue to heal!
    Sadly, I’ve missed most of the track coverage because we have been traveling.

    • thank you…and i missed bloggy world too! tried to stalk when i could…and i forgive u for missing usa track…keep having fun on the road! here’s to hoping all those hours in the car isn’t leaving u totally insane though. 😉

  7. Gahh! Was wondering about you…glad to hear all is (generally) OK. Hope those bones heal up quickly! Were you trying out an awesome fun new sport or something? Regardless, hope there is a good story to go with the break. If not, go ahead and make one up. I give you permission! Glad you are back.

    Chocolate. Always. Obviously! My husband and I sometimes have a ‘competition’ to see who orders the tastier food at a restaurant. I’m virtually always gonna order the chocolate-lava-something-or-other; and when mine is better than his, he usual claims, “No fair! Chocolate is always better! I had no chance!!!!” So I think he’d vote for chocolate, too! 😉

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