The Salty and Sweet of Running: Follow Your Taste Buds and Get Both

There were literally two things on my mind the entire time I was getting my workout on: pizza and chocolate chip pancakes swimming in syrup. Fact: that whole bait a horse with a carrot trick is true, I know I’m not the only runner who’s daydreaming of post-run foodage to get through the miles…only I do want to point out I’m sure none of us are thinking of carrots!
Back to my own little daydream, pizza and pancakes, how’s that for salty and sweet? Now I’m a sweets person in general, I live and die by all things doughy and sugary. The world is divided not only between runners and non-runners but sweet toothed runners and salty toothed runners. Which one are you?

The same comparison can be drawn to running itself: the sweets may constitute the long runs, the volume loving runners and the salty harriers would be those who crave the speed of the track, the actual whoosh of the wind rushing past their ears while in stride. As runners we need both of these elements but of course we each have our preferences.

Just as with my cakes and Pop-Tarts addictions I’m a sweet toothed runner as well. Tempo runs, long runs, long runs that turn into quasi-tempo runs…I have about one speed be it 200 meters or 10 miles. There are times where the crunchy, salted part of my running persona may poke through, a dim glimmer, the times where 800 repeats start to click and I swear that maybe, just maybe that was a hint of a kick on that last homestretch. These would be akin to the times where nothing will beat a face-full of burrito-y goodness. Still, even the best burritos and pizzas need to be chased by a little sweat pick-me up…can’t go to bed in salted mode.
pizza on head
Taste buds and running moods ebb and flow and we all need both; so even if you’re only in the mood for a sweet tempo run or bulk miles…think about adding on a few 150 or 200 meter strides at the end. Change gears to the salted side; doing 4 of these after an endurance heavy workout will simulate that extra level of fatigue at the end of a race.

You salty runners out there, have fun blasting out the 200’s but think about maybe, just maybe put a twist on the workout. Do instead 800 meter repeats where you push the first 600 meters of course but you rein it in just a bit, stay relaxed, and then when you hit the 600 let that last 200 really rip. Trust me you’ll still get the burn of a 200 and you’ll be building up your endurance as well. You’ll also be training your legs to adapt to speed shifts during a race and surging.
sweet tooth
So after my elliptical (lord how I miss you, running! Haha) I got my pizza on…but you can be darn sure I chased it by those chocolate chip pancakes too. (okay, truth be told they were actually waffles, but I’m lame-sauce in the kitchen so I got my Eggo on.)

1) Are you a salted or sweet runner? Are you a sweets craving or salty toothed person when it comes to food?

2) What was the last kind of nosh that had you day-dreaming during your workout?

3) How does your running appetite change; are there times you crave short intervals versus the long run? Do you end up going with the craving?

4) What do you get on your pizza?
Cheese, veggies, and chicken…but really it’s all about the crust for me.

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4 thoughts on “The Salty and Sweet of Running: Follow Your Taste Buds and Get Both

  1. omg i totally play the breakfast game during my runs/morning workouts haha! Even with evening workouts I’m like “umm skip dinner, straight to ice cream” 😛 I love the analogy too – I’m totally a sweet-tooth runner, I just love to go long! I definitely plan on working on my short-distance race game this spring though – it’s been like years since I’ve raced shorter than 10k haha!

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