To Yogurtopia We Go

It was one of those perfect mornings. The kind like in those cheesy cartoons where the birds are singing and that little ‘da-da-da-da-da’ interlude is playing in the background. We got butterflies flittering around, squirrels a’skittering around, the full shiznit. Oops, please disregard the cat that just attacked one of those squirrels.

Back on track; we cut to a slumbering princess. Princess Athletarian rises, greets the morning, gets out of bed and heads downstairs to find her hot Prince Dream…I mean Dean. He of course is in their palatial gym busting out pull-ups like a monster, she can’t help but smile at the enormity of his biceps, I mean, seriously?! Though she is equally as gorgeous, the two of them really should be a fitness model duo or something.

She hops on the treadmill as per usual and cranks out a few miles…er, I mean kilometers, dang that whole Canadian metric thing always throws me. That and they are always spelling favorite and color wrong. πŸ˜‰

But she’s not feeling it, the whole treadmill things, the day is too perfect to be sweating it out inside. She takes it to the streets, waves at passersbys, but something is still off, something’s missing. She can’t quite place it but there is something that just won’t stop niggling at her.

AHA!! At last her stomach gives her the answer…it needs, it craves, it has an insatiable urge for fro-yo! Unfortunately, while her kingdom is amazing, the closest fro-yo stop is quite a trek. That’s okay, she has shoes, those darn shin splints aren’t acting up, and so she’s off to Yogurtopia!

It isn’t too long before she passes the front of Heels Delight, and who comes running out, well it’s Katy! How she manages to sprint in strappy cuties shoes is beyond me but she pulls it off, be careful not to be blinded by the awesome view she presents from behind. “Princess Athletarian, where are you going?”

“To Yogurtopia of course, are you in?”

“He** ya I’m in!” Katy exclaims. She ditches the swanky heels, changes into her running shoes and the two are off in a dash. Well, she does bust out into a New Kids on the Block song as they go, but we’ll let that one slide…she switches to a Bieber tune later.

A few kilometer-miles later they come to the front of Cafe Rio and who do they find face-first in a mountain of produce/salad ginormous deliciousness? Well Hungry Runner Girl of course! “Hey guys, where are you off too?” she asks wiping the guac from the tip of her nose. Astonishingly she’s still able to make anything look cute…don’t hate, appreciate! πŸ™‚

“Off to Yogurtopia,” the two harriers answer back not missing a step.

“Hold on…I’m in!” HRG quickly replies. Splickity split she licks her fingers clean and in a second falls right in stride. Thankfully in this kingdom everyone is blessed with titanium femurs so HRG can run for eternity and never have to worry about any stupid bone troubles.

A while later they spy a fleet footed friend approaching running in the opposite direction. As they get closer they see she’s with a too cute little pup and know it must be Julia and Riley! (How Riley’s tiny little legs are able to move so fast is again beyond me, sort of like one of those hummingbird wing things I guess.) “Hey guys, where are you off to?” Julia the biped of the duo questions.

“Off to Yogurtopia of course, are you in?” the trio answer in unison. There obviously is no need for an answer and soon the trio becomes a quad, or whatever that would be. Actually I guess it more correctly becomes a quartet with little Riley.

Talk naturally comes to that of reality TV and The Bachelorette. “Thankfully that a-hole Bentley finally got the f-you he deserved!” states Julia.

Suddenly at that, from out of nowhere comes another voice, “Holy crap you don’t even know! I was SOO pumped when Ashely let him have it!” Why it’s Margs…apparently talk of The Bachelorette was something akin to her sailor’s siren song. (Just messing, Margs, you know I love obsessing over that stuff with you just as much! hehe.)

Well, Margs was on her training run for some kind of relay or whatever that’s getting all this hoopla. πŸ˜‰ She finds out that that Yogurtopia is the quartet’s destination and naturally finds it necessary that a course change is in order. And so these six awesome runners are off.

This kingdom is quite expansive and it’s also one hot destination for anyone and everyone. It’s not too long until they turn onto the block that’s one of the biggest celeb draws around; by night it’s got the spread of all the best bars, clubs and restaurants. By day you can shop until you’re more broke than a childhood star has-been on the Surreal Life and of course lounge by the pool and soak up some rays.

It’s here they find one particular fit fashionista on a lounge chair, frap in hand and laptop on, well, her lap. As the runners get closer they can clearly see what is displayed on the screen that has her so enraptured. “SkinnyRunner! What’s up?!” Margs shouts.

“Wow, Elle MacPherson and her pencil perfect legs just isn’t right. But don’t get me started on Audrina over there at the other end of the pool,” SR greets the runners nodding to the abstatic Aud indeed at the opposite end. Ironically, the celeb is engaged in one of fete or another and cutting a massive cake…one she probably won’t eat as it surely can’t be on her 1,100 calorie diet plan.

“Off to Yogurtopia,” Princess Athletarian says and adds, “You have to come with!”

“Well, I already ran 20 miles this morning but it’s no big thang. Ya, I’m in! But just so long as it’s not like that lame knock-off Yogurt Bar.” With that, SR joins the growing group and off they go. If it’s any consultation, they are able to run much faster than Aud ever could, as her newly enhanced breastestes bouncing around would never allow for such a pace.

So, what are we up to six now, six fab chicas and a pooch? You figure out what that would be, I’m pretty sure it’s a sextet but that just sounds too dirty to keep using. Don’t worry, because I’m sure there are more characters to bee added to this little fairy tale…and thus I must say…TO BE CONTINUED…

**Photo credits due to the fine ladies at their respective blogs. Also, this thing was getting to be epic, I have other peeps soon to be included, so don’t worry there are other targets out there. You’ve been warned and don’t think there’s any love lost to my other fav’s. πŸ™‚

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15 thoughts on “To Yogurtopia We Go

  1. hahahaha. omg. this is seriously too much. i can't wait for the "to be continued…" "dot dot dot" <—-sounds a little too Bentley-ish to me?? haha just kidding!!! okay. really I LOVE this. I am sharing on my blog tonight. you are hysterical. and awesome. and creative. and just. yeah…awesome. have a good day!

  2. Um this make made my freaking day. Probably the best post I've read. EVER. You are so dang creative and impress me more ad more every single day. All of the bloggers you mentioned are going to die when they read this. You incorporated everything so well. I feel like we are all real life friends! I wish I could hang out and live out the above fairytale just by snapping my fingers! Maybe one day Dean will turn into a superhero and I can ride on his back, pick you all up and take you for fro-yo. That would be the best.

  3. awwww, thanks u guys soooo much, ur comments made my day! i was sorta shy/embarrassed or worried that people might just find it dumb or stupid and you two are the only ones i messaged about it because i wanted to make sure using ur pix was going to be cool. πŸ˜›

    that said, ummm, how DARE u compare me to douchelord bentely, julia? jk.

    and christina, u tell that dean machine to work on his channeling his superpowers cuz we NEED to make this thing a reality! πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my gosh, this is too awesome! I found you through Julia, she is amazing! Can't wait to keep stalking your blog!!

  5. thank you fine friends! πŸ™‚ and stefanie thanks so much for stopping by! oh and yes, julia is quiet an amazing gal. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh. My. GOD. I am slapping myself for not being online in days, because I missed this post when it first came out!!!!!!!!! You are so incredibly hilarious and talented- just when I thought you couldn't get any cooler!!!!!!! I feel like a superhero!!!!!!

  7. we've got a blogging comic book going on and you need to illustrate it. you better make me superhot…

  8. thanks u guys! margs, if u come jumping out of a bush, i'd be willing to talk bachelorette with u, but u best not scare the living s*** out of me. πŸ™‚

    SR…ummmm, duh u'd be the hottest thing around! u'd score a mag cover and certainly make all those nerdy comic book dudes wish they had game. πŸ˜‰

  9. AHHH THIS MADE MY DAY!! Can we please make this happen in real life:) I can't wait for part 2!!!

  10. awwwww, thanks HRG!! you're much too sweet…i agree, we need to live in a magic kingdom filled with all things running and fro-yo. πŸ™‚

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