Two Whole Running Legs: Gratitude and kicking motivation lulls in the @$$

Far too often we take things for granted. You wake up feeling ‘meh’, the run for the day not looking like the most appealing option. I mean running was there for you yesterday, in today’s motivation lull you assume you can blow it off today and running will still be waiting for you tomorrow.

It happens with everything, the random lamp in the house that’s just always been there. You don’t even notice it anymore. It just blends right in, ignored, the act of flipping the switch an unconscious act. You don’t even REALLY care about the lamp, say, until the power goes out. You flip the switch and suddenly think, “WTF?!?!” Taken for granted.

runner yelling track

Another ‘WTF’ moment, right? 😉

Never treat your running like a stupid, random lamp. I was having my own ‘meh’ moment not too long ago. I was about 1 minute into my run, forced myself to at least that point, but the endorphins had yet to really kick in, you know? Then I passed a house where a man in a wheelchair was working to get himself into a car. He didn’t have legs from the knee-down.

BAM…it hit me, I was too lucky to be feeling ‘meh’ about my running. I was so freaking lucky I COULD use my two legs in such a way. On my way back home I ran past the man’s house; he wasn’t there, but his car was. I could see the wheelchair lift rack in the back. Now every time I run past that black van I say a thanks to my two, whole legs. I remember to be grateful I am able to use them in suck a way and run.

Don’t feel guilty about your own ‘meh’ moments. Runnerchicks and runnerdudes, we ALL get them. Feeling complacent versus lovey-dovey and excited towards your runs go in spikes and drops. Talk to the runner who just came off of a 3 month injury and they’ll pledge to NEVER take their running for granted ever again. Find them 6 months later, a full stretch sans injuries, and certainly their ‘meh’ days are back.
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I was lucky to get my reminder to kick that ‘meh’ feeling in the butt from an indirect source rather than having an injury of my own force me into missing my running fix. That’s not always the case…if you’re not injured right now and able to run, you’re lucky.

Runners, let’s take a moment to collectively celebrate what we do. Be grateful for this insane addiction to running and that we have the option to lace up and head out. I speak to all, those injured too, because those moments are some of the toughest, most crushing, and heart-breaking. If you’re not a runner that sounds way overly-dramatic, but all runners ‘get’ how hard injuries are on the psyche.

Unitedly, we’re sending positive vibes and supportive thoughts to YOU, the injured runner populous. We also send the message of: “Hang on, you’ll get back there. Take it one day at a time, do your rehab, and as sick as it sounds be grateful for your cross-training. It will get you back to running and still offers an, albeit much weaker, endorphin fix. Just hang on.”

So, Runners, if you are feeling ‘meh’ right now cut the crap: lace up, head out, and pick a moment to smile on your run. [if it’s a hard workout it’s okay if the smile looks like a twisted, ugly, grimace…then do a real smile after the end of those intervals. ;)]

1) When was your last injury?
2) When was your last ‘meh’ moment?
3) What happened; if you blew off your run what did you do instead? If you did run what mental motivation trick did you do to get out the door?

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