A Fortune For Your Cookies, A Cookie For Your Runners

Track and cookies, what could be better?
fortune cookie for runners
When I think of track I think of speed, splits, adrenaline, excitement, nerves, tempos, intervals, and races. There is something special about spiking up and toeing the line. The process of going through your warm-up, playing the race out in your mind a million times over, those last strides that are just as much a burst of speed as a means to expel the last remnants of doubts and nerves.

Time to get to the line. You anxiously stand poised awaiting the starter pistol and just when you don’t think you can stand one more SECOND of anticipation…CRACK…all else melts away, nerves are forgotten, and it’s you, the track, and the race.

1) Do you like track? What’s your favorite part?

2) Do you dread the track? Some people even have a bit of a phobia with it when it comes to doing a workout on the track, the track shouldn’t be scary, learn to love it!

3) What’s your favorite track event to run? If you don’t run track do you watch it, and what’s your favorite event to watch?

4) What’s the best fortune you’ve even gotten in a cookie?

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13 thoughts on “A Fortune For Your Cookies, A Cookie For Your Runners

  1. I’ve looked at a track recently, does that count??? At the local gym there were lots of teenagers dashing around at speeds I only dream about 🙂

    • haha…no counting for lookie-lous! 😉 jk…okay, check today’s post i gave u a slew of reasons to embrace the track and soon u’ll be beating those kiddies! 🙂

  2. I do not like the track. For the last few years I was on the track 3-4 times a month for workouts. I even ran a few indoor track races last winter. It’s so intimidating and boring!! Now I only do track workouts with friends otherwise I keep it to the road.

  3. Not a track girl much (FINE! Twice ever!) but I love that first picture. How cool would it be if before races you got a fortune cookie with a little slip of paper telling you something race related? I would love that!

  4. eeeeek. im terrified of the track. but also have my best workouts there. i know i know. i shouldnt avoid it. but i think mentally i am better at speed work when i just make it part of my normal run. its less intimidating that way. i love fortune cookies. i cant think of any recent fortunes but i get all excited opening to find that lil prize inside. sometimes when there is randomly NOT a fortune…i get kinda mad. haha! happy monday friend!

    • uh oh, track phobia, check out today’s post. 😉 that said, i KNO, how horrible are those jyped fortune cookies…it’s got to be a worse bad luck sign than that whole ladder thing. 😉

  5. I LOVE THE TRACK!!!! I know I’m weird. I can’t wait to get back on it….I just love how precise it is, especially because I don’t have any fancy watches or anything. As for races, my favorite is probably the 10k….its just so mentally tough, which plays to my strengths haha.

    • umm, u’re not weird, i can’t believe u, tara, and i are in the FAR minority! that’s okay, i did an ode to track love in today’s post! 😉
      PS- update ur new URL girlie so peeps can check u and ur super blog out! 🙂

  6. I guess you, me, and Kate are the ones alone in liking the track! I love how I can just focus on the track. No need to worry about hills or the course, and it’s a lot easier to stay on top of your splits. It’s nice to have a guaranteed fast and flat place to run!

    • i kno, how are we alone, that’s okay, check today’s post and we can start fighting track-phobia. 🙂 oh, and track and fast times always makes me a happy girl…hehe.

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