A Runner’s Last Demands

Please, Runners, honor my spirit well. 😉

bury me in chocolate and running shoes
In case you’ve missed my BIG NEWS, scroll down about 1/2 inch to yesterday’s post or check it out HERE. 😉 #ezzere #runlaughbe #artyrunnerchick


1) Not to be morbid, but finish the sentence in a humorous way: “When I die I want to be buried…
2) What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?
Can’t really go wrong, but I love me those chocolate chips inside some pancakes. 🙂
3) What are your running plans today?

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4 thoughts on “A Runner’s Last Demands

  1. When I die I want to be buried…in a mountain of books!
    My favourite kind of chocolate is oh, any! But especially dark chocolate with some sort of roasted nut threaded throughout, or a chocolate chip cookie with a very high chip to dough ration 🙂
    Running plans for today: I went for a run this morning before work because tonight I need to get my bake-on for a cafe job 🙂

    • yes…add some books in there!! 🙂
      goodness, how can we discriminate against any kind of chocolate, right??? jk. i’ll take those cookies unbaked and in cookie dough balls too!! yum.
      yay for early am runs! 🙂

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