Are You Faster Than a Cow?

Okay, so did that get your attention? And so are you?
cow running

Nahh, I actually just wanted to post up a design a made for a local training group who took part in the Urban Cow road race.

But it got me thinking about runners coming in all shapes and sizes. At this point, can I make it VERY clear that in no way am I calling ANYONE a cow!! How about to even things out I’ll even go out on a limb and call myself a monkey because I have a huge mouth and when I smile, I generally look like this…

monkey smiling

Now that we’ve gotten that aside, back on topic. Yes it’s true, that if you were to look at the Kenyans, Ethiopians, and other top long distance athletes many of them are lean. I will also say that when you’re running that many miles, the calories tend to get torched and any fat is burned right off.

BUT, that is not to say that if you’re a runner you have to be skinny. The reverse it true, just because you’re slender that doesn’t mean you’ll be an awesome runner. And I’d like to get away from the term skinny, models are skinny…what I call skinny-fat. They are soft, they don’t have muscle tone and sometimes when they walk they got the jiggle going on.

skinny model

Models tend to be soft...courtesy of not eating or

Runners can be lean; you’ll see the muscles flexing as they propel themselves forward, the tendons may show but you see them in action.

I’ve been wasted by runners who are still lean, yes, but they are larger than what one would typically coin ‘runner tiny.’ They may get power out of any extra junk in the trunk, their quads are not the same circumference as their calves and they are able to tear up mountains and blast a strong finishing kick.

I’ve seen runners who prefer to wear two sports bras because they are blessed with a chest and still able to throw down as many miles as the flatsy-patsie posse. Conversely, I’m not ashamed of my negative A status.

I know female runners who are able to bench-press more than the super lean runner guys…I also know runners who may have ‘chicken wings’ yelled at them but who are deceptively strong and could belt out push-ups like none other.

I have friends who have nicknames like ‘The Tendon’ or ‘Bone’ but I also have ones that love taking part in the Clydesdale Mile challenges.

We are the tiny masses, we are the larger clans, we are the lean, we are the muscular, we are the non-jiggly thighs, we are the ‘I can run more miles than you…na, na, na, na, na!’ armies, we are runners and we are proud.

We can all be faster than cows (of the bovine variety, remember I’m not calling anyone names here!)…because all we have to do is tip them over and sprint away. So remember, that no matter in what way, shape or form your awesome legs come in, just keep them moving and you are a runner…be proud of that status. 🙂

1) If you were an animal, what would you be?

2) What is one running related feat you are proud of?

3) What is one non-running accomplishment are you proud of?

4) How would you outrace a cow?

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4 thoughts on “Are You Faster Than a Cow?

  1. I love the body positive theme to this post. I do not look like a typical runner. I have zero muscle tone (damn genetics), yeah I wobble a little (thank god for running tights), and my belly is more cupcake than six pack. But I am a runner, and those muscles still work even though they don’t show, I wobble in the right places, and my belly fuels me through my runs. So yeah, I’m okay with that 🙂
    My sister recently told me that if I was a dog it would probably be a chocolate labrador (because I have brown hair and a permanently dopey far off look on my face she says) and my best friend calls me kitten (not sure about the explanation for that one?).
    One running related feat that I am proud of? That I ever stepped on a treadmill in the first place. Let’s just say physical activity was not a pleasant experience for me when I was younger.
    One non running feat I am proud of? I write a really good birthday card message, know all the words to ‘Piano Man’ and make the best buttercream frosting this side of Martha Stewart’s kitchen.
    I love cows! I don’t know if I’d have any particular strategy. Perhaps rely on more endurance 🙂

    • you my friend continue to amaze me not only with all of the running related feats you’ve accomplished (look HOW FAR you’ve come!!!) but your entire outlook and positivity is what i really love! but you are so much more than just an outstanding runner, you are totally downplaying just how INSANELY eloquent you are with words!! oh, and martha who?? umm, last time we had tea u blew that jailbird out of the park. 😉

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