Five Reasons You Love Being a Runner But (Probably) Wouldn’t Say

We run for many reasons, are gifted with ample perks of our sport, but admit it, some of the those rewarding feelings aren’t necessarily ones you feel comfortable shouting from the rooftops for fear of sounding like a runner snob.
chicked wings
1) Schooling the joggers and walkers. That awesome feeling you get as you approach a jogger and blowing past them, the one where you watch their face from the corner of your eye as you breeze by (you don’t turn your head of course, you can’t let them know how much you are relishing this!) in the hopes of catching their facial expression.

2) Laughing at idiocies.
“I broke 4 minutes in the mile and so did three of my high school teammates,” just this past Sunday a man was telling this to my friend. My friend tried to nicely nudge him to correct the stats, but the guy was adamant. It gets irksome dealing with people who are obviously in the wrong, but after they leave how funny is it to make fun of their mistakes. My reaction, “Yea, was he running on a 350m track?” 😉

3) Social Media Elitism. Today you can see pretty much everyone’s workout, it’s like Twitter and Facebook are the new Gold’s Gym braggart saying how much they worked their butts of that day. But admit it, some peoples’ ideas of crazy-hard-long sweat sessions are what you’d consider a warm-up. It’s okay to feel a little like a runner snob in these times. #runnersworkharder
runner gluttony
4) Gluttony. There really isn’t much more to be said for this one. Eating like a sumo wrestler and later holding bragging contests over your food feats of strength (ie: accomplishments) is almost as much fun as telling people on Weight Watchers you downed a baker’s dozen worth of donuts.

5) Kanye Syndrome. You know that feeling when you’ve smashed out an awesome workout or gotten a PR? The one where you walk a little taller, your legs are getting the early-onset soreness but you sickly love it. You may even feel like you’re strutting down the street, you catch eyes with strangers and think, “Yea, what did you do today? I’m pretty sure it’s nowhere near what I did.” I guess the old Army motto has this one right, when you’re up and doing more than most could father there is a well-deserved sense of pride. Mayyyyybe even some inflated egotism for a bit?? 😉

There, I said it. But really I know you’ve all thought it at some point. Maybe you’re sitting there on the other side of the computer fresh off some Twitter trolling and sheepishly smiling for being caught in the act. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. We’re runners, we’re just kick@$$ like that.

1) What’s a thought of awesome feeling you have because you’re a runner but maybe you wouldn’t say for fear of making it sound like you’re a jerk?

2) What’s the most idiotic thing you’ve heard a person say in regards to times they’ve run, distances they’ve covered, or anything of the like? Do you ever try to correct them or just let it go?

3) Last time you had Kanye syndrome?

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11 thoughts on “Five Reasons You Love Being a Runner But (Probably) Wouldn’t Say

  1. Ok…I’ll admit it. I LOVE it when I feel good in my running clothes. And other outfits for that matter. I WORKED hard to get from a size 12 to a size 4! Yay me!

    • CONGRATS!! oh man, hello number 6…LOOKING like a runner and knowing it! 🙂 the best part tho is ur not just looking runner svelte but runner strong too…it’s all about the definition and being able to kick butt too! 🙂

  2. Go Paige! Running as taken me in the opposite direction…my jeans no longer fit (can someone tell me this eventually changes for runners?!).

    My confession is that when I joined my new gym running group, I loved knowing that I could go faster and longer than all of them – I schooled the gym junkies.

    Again Miss Chock – I want your answers!

    • omg, Kate! i was having the same jeans/pants discussion with my friend the other night! the problem is that my quads are like hulking out, but then the waist at butt are too loose or get that funky sag/pooch in the back if i go up a size. i guess my quads and waist are out of proportion…haha. i think it’s a good thing, it means u and i have quads of beastliness! 😉

      and MY answers: well, the first two would be the post ones, and the thing about 3 sub-four min HS milers on that team would be the idiotic things people say!! the third…wow, it’s been a long time…i think my legs have grown cob-webs over watever kinda speed there once was. 😉 wait..scratch that, i had kanye syndrome when i saw u rocking the chicking shirt on ur last race. u did all the hard work, but since u were wearing my shirt i’m gonna pretend i had something to do with it. 😉 #swelledhead

  3. Cool post. The title sucked me in. It’s all relative. My workouts rock relative to some but are pathetic compared to others. Hellz yeah on the gluttony part, and on the shaking my tail feathers like a rooster at times, although I tend to understate things.
    In other, bad news for the mileage contest, my weekly mileage is shortened this week due to an unplanned revolution by my legs.

    • WTF!!! the legs are revolting! i’m headed to the blog right now, if u haven’t explained in detail wat the he## the legs think they are up to then i’m gonna twitter harass u until u share more dets! 😛 seriously tho, screw the contest, is this something serious or maybe a few days backing off will be okay??

  4. Oh (*looks around in surprised delight*) it’s not just me having a solo party in here about being a runner, I am so glad!
    Well, I check the box for gluttony – bring me the peanut butter jar now 🙂
    I also agree with Paige – I love what running has done for my body! I am completely guilty for doing the self-booty-check in the mirror when I am wearing my jeans, and in my head saying ‘this is one of the reasons I run…’
    I do have Kanye syndrome sometimes, and unfortunately I sometimes lack the brain-to-mouth filter so I will say it out loud to anyone who will listen. Have to love my Mum so much for putting up with endless runner yammering even though she can’t understand why any sane person would voluntarily sweat that much 🙂
    I am also guilty of Twitter/Instagram/Facebook bragging. But there is evidence to suggest that online communities play a large part in people’s adoption and maintenance of physical activity regimes – it’s all about the science people 😉

    • haha…u are way too cute and i LOVE that u are totally bragging up on your fine runner bod. more people need to take ur cue! 🙂 and i’m all for people posting up the Twitter/FB/etc i agree that it’s not only fun to read but helps get people out there and staying consistent. and look at u citing all the sciency facts. 🙂

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  6. I hate when people fudge their times…I want to correct them I really really do!!!! But I don’t….I mean if it’s making them feel good that they ran some non-existent time…..well more power to them…I mean I couldn’t do it…and I wouldn’t do it….
    Boy that makes me sound nice huh??

    • SING IT!! no, i’m totally with you, and have the little internal debate. the only reason i don’t is because, like u said, i don’t want to come off looking like a total jerk. i let it slide if it’s someone that i think genuinely is misinformed or doesn’t know much about running. BUT, if it’s a legit runner just lying outright…then i’m a bit more tempted to call them out. we work HARD for those PR’s! 🙂

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