Hot Runner Deals!! Score at the Track and on the Cross-Country Course…but Beware of the Spit Zone

Have you checked out these signs lately, it sure looks like runners all over are getting offered some pretty sweet deals?!
track sign
Watch out who you line up against at the track…nevermind, I’m sure you’ll be the one offering up the free butt kickings rather than the other way around.
cross country running sign
Mud at the cross-country course is a given, but you decide whether the splattering will end up on your frontside or your backside. Same goes for all those trail runners.

But look-out for these hazard signs..don’t want to wind up in the Spit Zone when a rogue loogie flies your way.
runner spitting
man runner spitting
Stay safe and fast my runner peeps! 🙂

1) Which do you prefer more, track or cross-country? Or are you more in favor of trail racing, road racing?

2) Spitting zone, which shoulder do you typically send them loogies over?

3) If you had a sign posted after your last run, what would it read?

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11 thoughts on “Hot Runner Deals!! Score at the Track and on the Cross-Country Course…but Beware of the Spit Zone

  1. Ugh – spitting in races is the WORST. I hate people who do it totally inappropriately. It’s usually a guy, and he usually just goes for it – on me. Freakin’ lean over the side – there’s plenty of room!

  2. I really try not to spit. At least not until I’m done. But, I run recreational road races so I guess it’s just a nice thing to do and respectful. I wouldn’t want anyone to spit on me (yeah, if you’re competing for a college, high school, or team it’s different). I definitely like road racing the best but sometimes a trail is really nice too. Not a big track fan, even when I’m doing speedwork!

  3. Love the warning signs. I don’t find myself having to spit much but it totally grossest me out when someone doesn’t. Take in account people around me.
    I love all runs, ok maybe not the track ones some days but all in all I love them all.

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