Warning: These legs are faster than your’s

These running legs should come with a warning label. No, not mine but you get the quip. 😉
running legs
So thanks to sue-your-pants happy America, coffee cups with the whole ‘Warning: beverage is HOT’ label. We have the Happy Meal toys wrapped in the plastic sleeve marked with ‘Plastic bag is NOT a toy.’ What pushed me over the edge and warranted a laugh yesterday was when I went to grab a paper towel after washing my hands in a public restroom the container read: Step 1: Put soap in hands Step 2: Turn on faucet Step 3: Lather for 20 seconds Step 4: Rinse…I think you get the picture.

We get it. Do we need to be talked to like idiots? I guess it’s for our ‘own protection’…sort of like the words written across the toilet seat cover dispenser, no?

It got me thinking of warning labels or instructions that could be related to us runners and this little miles addiction we have going on.

On a shoe box for racing spikes/flats: Warning: Contents of box are not a toy, they are weapons to be used against the fools lining up next to you.

On the shoe box for trainers: Step 1: Insert foot Step 2: Lace up and double knot Step 3: Get to standing position Step 4: Left foot forward, right forward, left, right Step 5: Ensure that for at least some time both feet are off the ground at the same time, this separates running from speed walking Step 6: Continue running, never stop

Your new racing bib: ‘ME’- Numbers are for training logs, you’re not a number, you’re simply the best, right? And let’s be honest if you’re number is on your front no one is going to see it for long, they’ll only see your back. 😉
Sign at the track: If you’re not hurting you’re not doing this running thing right.

License a coach must carry: I am a coach. I want the best for you, but at times you probably won’t be able to see that. You may not understand; you can ask, I may answer, but if this relationship is going to work you have to trust me. Believe in me and what I’m having you do. If you can’t believe in what you’re doing then you are free to go; I’m okay with that, I said I want the best for you. And in the end a runner that is going to succeed has to have CONFIDENCE. Confidence comes from knowing you are doing what will, in the end, make you the best you can be. That comes from believing in what you’re doing.

To be inked onto your legs: These are awesome.
In case you missed yesterday’s HUGE news…get in on it HERE! 😉

1) Warning labels, instructions, licenses, signs…something of that nature, do you have one you’d like to add here?

2) When you slip into a racing flat or spike, do you instantly ‘feel’ the difference, the mental shift?

3) Training programs, coaches, running groups…how do you come up with your running ‘plan’ if you have one? How do you have belief in what you’re doing and then use that to bolster your confidence?

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7 thoughts on “Warning: These legs are faster than your’s

  1. Oh yes – this topic really resonates for me! I find it both amusing and disconcerting how many ‘warnings’ we get these days. It is a pretty odd situation when you have to be instructed that hot drinks are hot. Who would have thought?!

  2. I really love the coach blurb. I coached kids, and that was definitely my thoughts. Trust is such an important trait for a coach to have.

    I will never understand some warning messages. Also the ones that say a product is known to cause cancer in the state of California. I just think to myself, good thing I don’t live in Cali!

  3. hahahaha! i need to get that ink on my legs for sure!!! this post absolutely rocks! i hope there really will be a new trend with warning labels like these on running related stuff:)

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