Minions Who Go Out Too Fast Get Bootylock

Oh, the faces of the poor runners who went out to fast and are paying for it. #bootylocksucks
minions running a race
Kinda crazy how it hits you like THAT…no slow slip into lactic acid h***…nope, you’re feeling fine, then BAM!!!

Please, Runners, take a cue from these poor guys. Runner PSA: NEGATIVE split. 😉

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1) Worst bootylock experience?
2) Funniest bootylock experience?
3) How many times did it take you to learn not to get sucked into going out too fast?
We all have to learn the cruel way a few times…

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6 thoughts on “Minions Who Go Out Too Fast Get Bootylock

  1. I am laughing over here! Love the “bootylock” terminology! I tend to prefer long distance running, but plan to jump in to some local 5ks in the next few weeks. I have my most vivid memories of bootylock at that distance….it’s a tough balance of running hard from the start, but not TOO hard!! Guess my new mantra will be “run hard…and avoid the bootylock”.

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