Pi Day the Runner’s Way: Adding a Sweaty Twist to 3.14159

Pi day. It’s nearly over and I’m late to catch on to this Twitter trending holiday but now that I have, how could I not do a post? Confession: in addition to being a running nerd I’m actually not too shabby in the mathematical geekdom. So you could in fact wake me up in the dead of night and I’d be able to rattle off 3.14159in a beat.

twitter cartoon

Speaking of Twitter...

Lots of people like to make the obvious pie parallel, so I’ll own up to being quite partial to the pumpkin or chocolate-anything variety. So for this oh-so-special Pi Holiday, I’ll share with you a few little tid-bits:

* I vividly remember the first time I ran a full 3.1 miles…it was a local fun run and I honestly thought it was an epic distance. Today I’ll be a greedy mile-grubber and hardly want to stop after merely 3 miles! 😉 We all have to start somewhere and then let the running addiction take over.

* Technically it is .1 and thus a one hundredTH, but if you’re having a stale run inject some life into those legs with a quick 1 – hundred meter pick-up. Sometimes switching gears will help jolt you out of a ‘meh’ run.

* How can you not call to mind that it takes 4perfects laps to create the mile…just make sure that the laps are on an old-school yard track, otherwise if you make four laps around a 400 meter track you better add on those extra 9 meters! 😉

lonely track runer

What, no one wants to be my friend??

* 1 will be the number of friends I have left after my summer runs, when I’m a drippy salt-streaked mess but get hungry and opt to go get my grub on right away before a shower. Hey, gotta get in there before that crucial 30 minute post-run refuel window closes!! 😉

* For some reason there are always an odd 5 running socks that end up coming out of the wash. I hate losing a sock because the good moisture wicking and anti-blisterones cost so darn much! So I save that one spare and then just wait until another one mysteriously goes missing again and thus it has a new match.

girl in paris

Night time is obviously made for the hydrated runner's dash to the bathroom...hehe.

* 9 would be the number of times I seem to have to wake up and dash to the bathroom in the middle of the night! Hey, at least I know I’ll never be one to wind up dehydrated.

1) Pick one of the Pi numbers and give me a fun factoid!

2) Are you a math fan? Has being a runner actually helped your math skills? (ie: calculating time, paces, distances, etc.)
I’m definitely more schooled in all things metric thanks to running!

3) How are you when it comes to hydration, do you stay on top of it, and what is your liquid of choice?
I’m not kidding I know for sure I’m always fully hydrated, dorky water bottle toter over here! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Pi Day the Runner’s Way: Adding a Sweaty Twist to 3.14159

  1. I just woke up and though I love math and pi I can’t think of any fun pi factoids 😛 but I do love carrying a water bottle with me. To be honest I never know whether I should during a race or if the aid stations will be enough. I prefer water but will add an electrolyte tablet to my bottle for longer runs…as I never fuel 😉 I feel weird.

    love the twitter drawing 🙂

  2. 5- the number of times I go to the bathroom before a race ahah.
    I never really liked math that much, but let me tell you I can do splits and such pretty quickly now. Along with adding up total mileage and times.
    My hydrating fuel of choice is water. All the way. I don’t like any of that gatorade crap. But that’s just me. And I understand about running to the bathroom all the time. I feel like I have a bladder the size of a pea.

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