Runner Upkeep and Care…

I tell myself that the bag of ice strapped to my leg isn’t cold at all.


Totally NOT toasty, but imagine flames in that ice bath and hopefully you'll feel warmer. πŸ˜‰

I fool myself into believing that delving my lower body into the entire ice bath will not in fact be the materialization of he** freezing over.

I implore my legs to fall in love with the foam roller and I tell my IT Band that it will so fall in love with rolling up and down this slab of foam that it will want to make sweet baby bands with it. πŸ˜‰

I’m sort of impressed with my own foot taping skills, not going to lie, I can tape up a foot like a champ…should I print out a little certification letter and have my podiatrist sign it?

I’ve grown tired of explaining to non-running people what half-peeled down dixie cups filled with frozen water are doing in my freezer that I’m tempted to tell them they are mystery flavored popsicles. Spoiler Alert: I’m pretty sure the flavor is a mix of salt and feet.

I fight with the dogs over who actually owns the tennis balls. I’m pretty sure in fact they are the sole possession of my soles to make my plantar fascia happy.

eating cotton candy

Pull up a step and then don't move. πŸ™‚

I love my chair. I love feeling entitled to plop down in it and not move, bask in the laziness because I know I earned the right to be slothful. I’m tired from my run dangit! πŸ˜‰

1) What are some of the things you do to help keep your runner body healthy and tuned up?

2) Are you a fan of the ice bath? Do you tend to do that regularly?

3) Anybody us athletic tape for certain injuries; if so, which and where? I know there is also a new line of it, the colored variety that is touted to be extra special, any fans?
I’m thinking about doing a post on how to tape up your foot to relieve various tendon issues and arch pain, would anyone be interested in reading that?

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20 thoughts on “Runner Upkeep and Care…

  1. can we say #athleteproblems hahaha. I do all of this, I did it in college and THAT was super weird (friends would go to stick a beer in my freezer and be like β€œwtf, there’s no room, there’s all these dixie cups!”). Now that I’m home I take ice baths after all my tough/long workouts. One time I was chillin in an ice bath and I just left the bathroom door open and my mom didn’t know I was in there so she turned off the lights on me ahaha. Luckily my parents are used to my cries of pain when I hit a particularly large knot on the foam roller, and tennis ball foot massage at the dinner table is a given now. But on the other hand, I’m a bit scared for my future roommate in colorado….good thing she’s a professional cyclist so I’m sure she’s got her own crazy going on hahaha

  2. I do bags of peas on various spots, and I do a Mr. Myagi massage.. meaning, I rub my hands together for some heat, and rub my calfs and thighs down. Sometimes I will be sitting in meetings at work and rubbing my calves. Multi-tasking.

  3. I used the Walgreen’s version of athletic tape for my first race on Sunday haha. I had to tape underneath my knee caps because they were tight and sore from training! I’d love to get some pink tape haha.

  4. i look forward to my time with the foam roller. like sometimes i seriously cant wait. or when i go away for the weekend and cant take it. the first thing i look forward to doing is stretching out my legs and rolling those muscles. bahaha. this sounds crazy now that im saying it…but its a pretty serious relationship i must say;) i also get a little crazy about my daily snacks. all in the name of properly fueling or refueling for the last run or runs to come;)

    • wow, do we need to start calling u and foam roller mr. and mrs.?? u guys spooning over there at night between pups?? jk!! hey, a totally healthy relationship if i do say so myself…keep it up!!

  5. Nope! Never had an ice bath and hopefully never will. Sometimes I soak in the cold ocean though, if it’s nearby. I LOVE my foam roller. The thing that works best for me is recruiting my husband for a butt massage with deep heat! That sounds x-rated, but you know what I mean – ha ha.
    My Running Shortz

  6. No ice baths for me!!! Does turning the shower onto pure cold and standing under it for a few moments count?
    I keep a freezer pack at work for my knee on the mornings after a speed session. No one has called me certifiable just yet.
    I remind myself that it is okay to take a day off after a session where I pushed myself extra hard, and that moaning while you stretch is okay. I feel the right to wear a nice skirt and a pair of heels after I have run hills the day before because gosh darn it my hard working legs deserve to be shown off πŸ™‚

  7. Bahaha…I laughed at the reference to baby foam rollers πŸ˜›

    I have never had an ice bath, mostly because I don’t have baths and also don’t really have capacity for much ice! I do have cold showers, but I’m sure that’s not as good. I also make friends with the foam roller, and I got pretty good at strapping my foot earlier in the year!

  8. I use ice and icy hot.
    And I LOVE ICE BATHS. Like a probably disgusting love of ice baths.
    Oh I forgot I use KT tape also, I find it really helps but that’s just me.

    • hmmm, i’d like to hear more on wat a disgusting amount of love of ice baths looks like, do u dream of mountains of ice to dive into?? πŸ˜‰ jk

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