Runners Eat REAL Carbs: Don’t let me catch you ordering a burrito bowl

When a runner walks into Chipotle they da**-straight don’t order a burrito bowl!

burrito bowl
If a runner comes back from a long run and sits down at a burger joint, they aren’t going to be ordering up something that comes wrapped in lettuce…give them a carb-tastic bun for crying out loud!
burger for runners
A pizza is not served atop cucumbers, zucchini’s, mushrooms, or any other crust-wanna-be. As runners we are entitled to every kind of warm, doughy, delicious carb-loaded pizza crust in existence. The exception may be those crazies who prefer the thin crust…but you better get some doughy breadsticks too…sorry, I’m all about the soft stuff. 😉
pizza for runners
Runners work for it, so don’t deprive us.
More cartoonage HERE!

Burrito related reading and GI distress for runners HERE.

Reasonable nutritional advice and wordage for runners wanting to perform at their best HERE, HERE, and HERE.

1) Do you confess to ordering burrito bowls, bunless junk, or pizza crust knock-offs? 😉 [side-note, leeway is offered to those gluten intolerant runners…but then again there are GI options available…hehe]

2) Thick and doughy crust or thin?

3) Favorite post-long run refuel? Double points if you swear you get it in within 30 minutes after finishing your run.
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32 thoughts on “Runners Eat REAL Carbs: Don’t let me catch you ordering a burrito bowl

  1. Dang. Guess I’m not a runner then….???

    Give me a bun (although I’ll probably put turkey or veggies on it), and bring on the pizza crust, medium thickness, please.

    But I am 100%, unapologetically, a burrito bowl gal. First of all, I’ve already got rice, beans, and corn in that bowl. [Estimate from Chipotle’s website targets my standard bowl at ~80g carbs: rice, black beans, fajita veggies, chicken, corn salsa, fresh tomato salsa, cheese, lettuce.] That’s not too shabby. Especially since I find the tortillas chewy and just not very nice – and I really enjoy eating with a fork. Less mess, less effort for a tired runner (my opinion).

    So I respect your right to wrap, if you respect my right to bowl. 😉

    I’m doing a lot of my working out at the gym lately. That 30 minute window closes very fast when you aren’t ending right at home…

    • awww, u are so cute and of course i still think u’re crazy awesome! 😉 i do want to let u know that i’m sarcastic in nature about 99% of the time, so most of the time i’m just joking and kidding around! hehe.

      that said, i totally respect ur right to wrap and i know that everyone’s go their own taste buds…lol. 🙂

      • I gotcha, no worries. No offense taken, at all. Just standin’ up for the bowl-ers out there! =)

        And now, I’m missing Chipotle like crazy. And I *do* blame you for that.

  2. I am a carb lover so bring on the burrito. I will just have to run more the next day to make up for it!! I love a crispy, thin crust pizza but I wouldn’t say no to a pan crust either. Not too picky! Love the cartoons. So cool!

  3. I actually prefer a bowl otherwise I have to eat my burrito with a fork and knife. I blame this on we never ate mexican food growing up.

    Pizza thin crust, I prefer NY style. Please give me breadsticks/garlic bread too.

    • hey, if ur burrito is pooping out the beans that’s okay, that’s wat the plate is for and u can scoop them back up! nothing wrong with burrito face either. 😉

  4. I know it’s sarcastic… but I do try to keep my carbs to fairly easily digestable things. I do occasional eat veggie burgers without a bun or burrito bowls, though (I like the chipotle has corn tortillas though!).

    I do love bread… just wish bread loved me a little more! It really hates my tummy unfortunately!

  5. Guilty of the burrito bowl – not to avoid carbs just cause I like it better.
    Hand-tossed pizza crust!
    Buns on burgers always.
    Tons of pasta!
    I could never cut out carbs and have no plans to try!!

  6. Caaaaaaarbs! I’m known in many circles as Carb-zilla. Not really, but it would be appropriate.

    I like my pizza crust thin in the middle and thiiick at the edge. It’s like getting breadsticks with your NY style pie.

  7. This makes me laugh because every Friday at work a lot o my coworkers do “Friday funday” and gorge themselves on their yummy burrito bowls on the eve of their long run…and I’m no stranger to a burrito bowl myself. Ever had “pizza” made with cauliflower crust??? Barf! What a good way to make something as tasty as pizza and ruin it!

  8. Thin crust all the way! 😉 I do my runs in the morning so I usually eat breakfast….like some big FAT breakfast…eggs….toast….the whole deal. I would say I typically eat within 30mins but only be wise it’s so friggin cold here that I instantly need the coffee to warm back up and what’s coffee without breakfast.

  9. I have my post-run fuel within 10 minutes of finishing. organic horizon chocolate 1% milk with my chocolate protein powder that helps to refuel and regenerate and repair. LOVE this after a run. i eat lots of omega rich pasta. and i have been meaning to tell you, after reading your post about anemia I went out and got a great liquid iron supplement. the difference has been incredible. my pace is faster, my endurance is so much better. thank you so much for that post!

    • 1) KUDOS for getting ur refuel pretty much IV’ed into you ASAP after runs!! soo good!
      2) i’m SO happy you found a liquid supplement and have already felt/seen the difference!! keep it up, and trust me the paces will keep dropping. but even more importantly the paces will FEEL so much better/easier…i’m so glad u caught that anemia!!
      PS- please keep on keeping me posted…really, i mean that! 🙂

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