Runners Invading Hollywood

Runners are storming the sliver screen in 2013. I’m not sure if you’ve missed some of these GEMS in the coming attractions, so if so I’m going to catch you up to speed on the movies EVERY runner needs to sit through and rest their glutei maximi for!

runner pooping

True fact, an earlier Arty Runnerchick work!

Bowels of Fury: A non-stop butt-clenching thrill ride. Quick to the action think of the runner’s rendition of Speed…this ‘bus’ is in motion, it’s got a ticking time bomb in its intestines, if it takes a pit-stop there will no doubt be some kind of explosion. Will our poor running heroine make it through her marathon without disaster? For, as we all know taking that first bush-dive is always a gamble, sometimes it’s all you need to feel better but other times it’s just like opening up the flood-gates to a series of emergencies. This one is a real cheek-clencher.

The Little 5k That Could: Times are tough, race entry fees are getting insanely expensive, so what are the poor, pauper runners to do when they need a certified course to get their USATF recognized PR? This not quite rags to riches story (heavy on the sweaty sock rags, not so much on the micro-fiber riches) is a heartwarming tale of two training partners heck-bent on earning their 5k PR. Between gut-wrenching workouts they must find a way to raise the funds for the entry fees…they hold out hope that amongst the pick-up packet goods that the race shirt is, indeed, awesome and not some corny cotton tee with a lame logo. Runner and Ebert give this one two big toes up.

How the West Was Run: The 100 Mile Western States Trail Run puts Placer, CA on the map…those last 300+ meters are run on the Placer High School track after all. Grueling hill climbs await all those who enter, but it wouldn’t be a trail run without them, right? This story chronicles the entrants of this Ultra race set in 2215 when the supposed ‘End of the World’ is ‘predicted’ to occur. This blending of sci-fi running fantasy is heavy on the explosions, aliens (Will Smith XXXXIV stars and sucker-punches many alien scum) and of course sweaty miles. No spoiler alerts here, but as all runners know it’s not so much the aliens and lasers they need to be concerned about during a race, but good old fashioned lactic acid onslaught.
runner in forest
The Training Journal: Start swooning girls, Ryan Gosling has plenty to quip about [“Hey, Girl…I could stare longingly at your Plantar Fascia for hours.”] as he quite literally chases the object of his affection across the US in a series of road races. Our speed-blessed darling at first is unaware of her suitor (don’t worry, Gosling avoids the stalker vibe) as she shares her training and racing plans via her blog, her heart is set on earning a big-time shoe sponsorship. Finally a series of ‘chance encounters’ see our duo meet face to face; he seems to be an excellent pacing partner but can our runnerchick darling ever look past the miles and chicking and into Goslings baby blues?

Running cinema is at its finest this year so start saving those funds for the theaters…just be sure to put in YOUR miles before watching our leading characters put in theirs. 😉

1) Have a funny title for a running themed movie you’d like to add? Double points if you give a little recap!

2) What kinds of movies do you tend to like? What movies do you seek out if you know you’re set for a longer run on the treadmill?

3) If you could give a name to the training/running phase you’re in right now, what would it be?

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18 thoughts on “Runners Invading Hollywood

  1. Hilarious.! Warrior is a movie I have watched twice while running, and it’s one of the greatest motivators – more so than rocky. I love a good scary movie too. I watched Insidious while running on a treadmill. I had a hard time focusing on your hilarious list after the first ‘poopy’ one, but I could have starred in that one. As for the last one, I may need to substitute opposite gender eye candy for Ryan Gosling… hmmm, let’s seem, who will it be? I will remain age appropriate, (plus, she’s a runner) but I have a thing for the Mom from Modern Family. No, not the busty one, the blonde.

    Very funny post. I’m about to post on the movie version of Les Miserables, and how I want someone dressed up as Javert chasing me in my next marathon.

    • oh my gosh, i watched insidious on the tready too!!! haha. sadly, i think the two of us star in that poopy one far too often, no?? 😛 nice pick for ur ryan gosling swap, i approve…hehe.
      i SO want to see Les Miserables in the theaters! 🙂

  2. Where do you come up with this stuff? I love it!

    I am currently in the “calm before the storm” phase of training. I have a new cycle coming up in a week for a marathon in May. There will also be a half and some shorter races in there. I am excited.

  3. I don’t have a creative mind but loved reading your running themed movies and plots!!
    I usually catch up on my DVRd shows on the treadmill – mindless stuff like The Bachelor, Dance Moms, Chopped!!

  4. Your post is hilarious!
    When I’m on the treadmill I need something engaging/action packed. I tried to watch Harry Potter but (though I love the books and like the movies) the only scenes that kept my attention were the ones with Quidditch (sp?).

  5. Oh I wanna see that Ryan Gosling one! Gotta love some ‘Hey girl…’ action 🙂
    Perhaps you should start scripting that one Miss Cait 😉
    How about: Vertigo: a runner’s remake of a Hitchcock classic where our bombshell heroine must overcome her fear of heights to race the Leadville 100 in memory of her father.
    I am currently in taper phase and panic like heck phase because my race is only 6 days away! A huge thanks to you my dear for all the wonderful support you have given me over my training 🙂

    • oh i like that one!! let’s start scripting! 🙂
      YAY!!! full taper mode is on…and the countdown has already been ticking but shall we start making one of those cool ‘xmas paper chain’ type countdowns with that extra energy?? 😉

  6. Watching a movie on the treadmill is an excellent idea. Now I just need a treadmill!

    I don’t have any witty titles to add, but I think you know how much I appreciate Bowels of Fury!

    • bwahahaha…i’m pretty dang sure between u, the rake, and myself that script would be freaking hilarious!! the movie of course even better…cuz, well, we’d make a pretty stinking cool cast too. 😉

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