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I’ve passed plenty of dogs while out running and whenever I see one of the HUGE ones, the kind that probably weigh more than a few runnerchicks I know, I can’t help but imagine riding that furry beast like a horse. Let’s be honest, the temptation is particularly strong late-tempo run and you’re already entertaining thoughts of chucking yourself off of a cliff because it would probably be less painful. 😉
running with dogs
We don’t ride dogs, of course, because that would be cheating. But it’s always fun to dream, right??

1) Are you a dog person? Do you run with your dogs?
I could end up getting some hate mail, but when I’m out running I get a little annoyed with the OWNERS who don’t know how to control their dogs. I’m sorry, I love dogs, but I don’t want one chasing me, frothing at the mouth. I also don’t like almost tripping over leashes when owner-pet is hogging entire pathway. That said, I’m currently looking to get a pup so I’m a dog person in ‘normal life’. 😛

2) What’s the biggest dog you’ve seen, do you own one the size of a small horse?
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3) What have been some random thoughts when you’re tired during a workout and, let’s be honest, you play the “I bet — would be less painful than this workout/race” ?

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23 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Dog Park

  1. Ha. True story. I try to run with my dog as often as possible. He’s definitely not big enough to ride like a horse, he’s a herding mix (aussie, border collie, blue heeler)…but sometimes he does come in handy late tempo runs when I try to make him pull me up hills.

    I agree I find it obnoxious when dog owners take up an entire path/sidewalk with their dogs. It’s not as huge of an annoyance to me when I am running, but when I am on a bike, it really bothers me. I live in DC, though, so tourists usually present a much worse problem than bad dog owners.

  2. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of dogs. No matter how little they are..I get so, so scared. i think they’re suuuper cute, but I don’t think I’ve ever in my life even pet one! lol! so, needless to say , when I’m out running and I see one, I’ll just stop and walk until they’re out of sight – hey, you never know if they just start chasing you!!

  3. I’m OK with responsible dog walkers, but I do get annoyed when the pups are out of control. Or when they get so excited I end up wrapped up in their leash. D’oh. In real life, I like my friends’ dogs: I can play with them, snuggle a bit, then go home to my dog-hair-free home (where I never have to clean up midnight accidents). Perfection.

    I usually fill in your blank with “getting a PhD”. Then I remember the 6 years of my life that I’ll never get back, and figure that at least my workout will only require a few minutes. 🙂

  4. I love dogs and have always owned one, but i dont want to come across them on my run. I have a funny story i was running on a trail in the woods with my sister and we see this “Beast” up ahead now it was hot so maybe at that point were both hallucinating so we start freaking out shes thinking shes going to have to climb a tree, im thinking im just too tired from this run so i quess he is going to eat me ! we start running the other way and hear someone call him and realize it was just a huge huge dog!!! So funny how freaked out we got 🙂

  5. I have never owned a dog (hope that doesn’t make me a bad person). I hate getting chased by dogs when running. Even more, I HATE when their owner says, “He won’t hurt you.” Uhhh…he might not hurt you but he doesn’t know me so get your damn dog away from me!!!! (sorry – kind-of a pet peeve of mine!)

    • i’ve had some fool say “he’s nice, he won’t hurt u” as the dog is lunging at me, the leash looks like it’s about to break, and i swear there was froth in his mouth! lol

  6. There is a guy in my neighborhood (I always see him when I’m out running) that roller blades with his dog. He hangs on to the dog’s leash and lets the dog pull him. They get going pretty fast, I just hope he helps the dog out a little on the uphill portions.

  7. I am definitely a dog person. I have a 13 year old boston terrier. He is not a runner. He loves to walk though. I am glad to report that I am a responsible dog owner when we walk and don’t let him chase my fellow runners. 🙂

  8. I’m a cat person. A cat would never sniff my crotch or jump on my while I’m running past their house. Just saying. If I had a dog it would be super tiny and not the kind that I could possibly ride on. Unless it were a labradoodle. They are seriously cute.

  9. Fine then, turn off comments for the latest post :-P.

    Are you really getting a dog? Awesome! Mr The Rake will be hella jelly.

    I am not a huge dog person, but I do like them. Unless I’m running or cycling. Today someone had their dog off the leash and running all over the path. The cycling path. Not cool.

    • okay i don’t know wat in the world happened with the comment thing!! i’ve been moving around and have had spotty wireless and maybe i messed something up…but it should be fixed now because i ALWAYS love comments, u know that! i’ll just blame comcast and wordpress. 😉

      ummm, if i’m working out and a dog is in my way…i’m not a happy camper. 😛

  10. Bahaha, that thought of riding a dog made me laugh 🙂 I find dogs a bit of an obstacle course, they seem to veer all over the place and sometimes think that someone running by (i.e., me) is a good excuse to join in the fun and give chase! Less fun for the runner…

    Also, I tried to comment on your latest / newer post but I think comments are turned off – just thought I’d let you know in case it wasn’t intentional 🙂

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