Running Stereotypes…Are You guilty of Some?

Running stereotypes…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s hear them and I’ll even go so far as to own up to the ones I’m guilty of.

1) Wearing sweats or workout gear like they are ‘normal’ clothes.
(I do want it to be known I DO own ‘normal people clothes’ and have been known to actually wear them!)
sweat pants
2) Having far too much of your income being spent on food.
Guilty…I go through sleeves of bagels and english muffins.

focaccia bread

Really any carb for that matter...

3) Talking about GI issues like they are regular conversational topics.
What, you don’t all discuss the less than stellar pit-stop points on a particular route over lunch too? Also, love this poster that was up on SkinnyRunner:

4) You can tell how experienced a runner is by what they are wearing.
*Frosh year of high school: boys wearing boxer shorts and long basketball shorts
*Soph year: boy ditches boxers but still clings to longer shorts
*Jr year: boy caves to short shorts but swears on his life he’ll never don running tights
*Sr year: boy is wearing running tights

5) Runners are secretly constantly comparing their times/paces to the ones they hear any celebrity doing. They either laugh or respect the celebrity accordingly.
Totally guilty! I read that Jennifer Aniston said she runs on the treadmill at 6mph (10 min/pace) and I knew I could take her. I later read that Ryan Reynolds ran a 3:50 marathon and was impressed, I mean not too shabby for an actor. This was around the time he was dating Scarlett Johansen and she was seen running in the Vibrams…I disliked her even more. (PS-I just outed myself as a celeb rag reader…opps!)

6) Runners will have odd tan lines.
Guilty of the watch and sock tan at times…watch one comes with the territory.

7) A person running on the street is just asking to have some idiot shout at them from cars or have random items thrown at them.
FALLACY!!! Don’t get me started, I’ve had a half-ful water-bottle hit me and my mom got a mini-pumpkin to the throat one Halloween…not funny.

8) Anyone who runs obviously is training for a marathon.
Bwahaha…I love how disappointed people get when they find out I’ve not run a marathon and they look at me like I’m not a real runner and parading around trying to be one. I thing the marathon is awesome (duh, I was a little Oly Trials obsessed) but it’s not the ONLY event! hehe

9) All runners love pasta.
I actually don’t…call me a weirdo but I’m not a big Italian food fan unless it starts with a P and ends with an -Izza…OR it’s garlic bread.

10) Fast runners wear sunglasses.
Hit an miss, but I will say that Kara Goucher was rocking the shades at the Trials.

That’s it for today folks! I’d also like to give a shout out to Fabs @FabianBuchheimon Twitter for giving me some ideas!

Have to keep it short, but I’m working on some fun new surprises here, so stay tuned! Also, if you haven’t checked it out, I’ve got an article up on Competitor about treadmill training…fun workout ideas and tips on how to maximize your indoor runs!

Questions for you runners!

1) What are some running stereotypes and are you guilty of them?

2) Have you ever had something thrown at you while running?

3) Worst mistake you’ve ever made in opting for running attire?

4) Are you a big pasta fan? If not, what’s your favorite kind of food and do you have a night before race dinner like to have?
Mexican food…maybe the burritos give me a little more get-up and go. 😛

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21 thoughts on “Running Stereotypes…Are You guilty of Some?

  1. hhahaha I am definitely guilty of the first two. I totally know what you mean about everyone thinking you’re running a marathon!

    I love pasta! of all shapes and forms I prefer white sauces to red 🙂

  2. LOL this is hilarious. so true. I was guilty of wearing running clothes to class pretty much all of college. also for coming to my morning classes after a run without showering and refueling in class w/ a bagel and powerade. what? had to squeeze in a few extra miles AND foam rolling, the shower thing can wait till later. 😛 Yes to going through food like a vaccum cleaner (parents are not a fan of this one hah), yes to the tans (I pride myself on my sport bra tan, especially love to rock it in normal beach/pool settings with a bikini for extra obviousness hah), sunglasses…I still haven’t found a pair I was comfortable in. And yes to pasta. but i’m also half sicilian so I think that explains it more than being a runner does lol.

  3. Can’t believe that your mom had a pumpkin thrown at her neck, that’s terrible! Loved all of these, especially the tan lines one…GUILTY! I had terrible ones when I got married 4 1/2 years ago and to this day looking at photos makes me giggle at how silly it looks.

    Congrats on another article! Girl you are my idol with all of your publications…one day hopefully I’ll get there. Heading over to check it out now.

    • oh man, the sports bra tan line, that is totally me in any kind of nice dress!!

      thanks so much for that kind words…u are too cute!! and u my friend will be splashed over every running/fitness related zine here in a bit…i just know it. 🙂

  4. Hahaha guilty of all of them. Except pasta – I’m not a big fan either!! I’ve also never had anything thrown at me while running, but I’ve gotten lots of honks and shouts. And I’ve never run a marathon. I think my worst offense is wearing running clothes 24/7. I have real clothes, they just aren’t nearly as comfortable or easy to wear!

    I don’t know if anyone else does this, but whenever I see a bumper sticker on a car that is related to running, I instantly feel closer to that person and/or want to know who is driving, especially if I’m in my own town!

    • power to the anti-pastinians!! haha…oh, that’s a word now i kno it!! 🙂 hey, why dirty up normal people clothes, i mean workout clothes are far more comfy anyways. 🙂 oh, i like the bumper sticker one, and ya, i feel a little camaraderie with them too!

  5. I so agree. GUILTY! For me its when I see the people wearing their race tees PRE race at the expo. Like they get the shirt and put it on right there. OMG. I can only think rookie! Then when they wear it for the race. I mean its totally just silly superstition but for me you have to earn it first- finish the race and then wear the shirt. I know its dumb but thats where my mind goes. Also when I see the chicks in the tiny tiny booty shorts and a sports bra with loose hair I just ‘know’ they are only going out for a mile and they just want to put “I went for a run” on their FB status. Im so terrible.

    • thanks for stopping by and u are RIGHT ON!!! i totally forgot this one, but totally true! i feel kinda bad, like a running snob, but hey…u gotta earn the shirt! the thing that also bugs me is wearing a shirt for a race that u didn’t even do…seen it, don’t condone it. 😉

  6. 1. Yoga clothes are my “fancy clothes” and running clothes are the norm!
    2. My job is to buy food for me and my BF–so that’s like the only thing I spend on, and lots of $ on!
    3. I starred in a video about GI Issues and was happy about it!
    6. Guilty of obsessively trying to rid myself of tan lines!
    7. Hit w/ a flying open Diet Coke can.
    8. No more marathon training!
    9.Pasta is deff not my favorite food–I eat burgers or pizza before races!

    This made me laugh! 😀

    • haha…okay i must see this GI video, i made a book ‘Oh the Places You’ll Poop’…we must have a show and tell date!! 😉 oh, and join the ‘pasta is so overrated’ club with me and Tara…mmmmk?

  7. “A person running on the street is just asking to have some idiot shout at them from cars or have random items thrown at them.”

    Wtf….In Europe nobody does this. Never heard of it.

  8. I live in the Portland Metro Area. It’s a pretty runner friendly town…. I haven’t had anybody throw anything at me but I have had people yell at me, including bikers (which is a different article ;)) to get off the road and/or bike lanes. Great article Cait!

    • okay, i love me the p-town area for exactly this reason!! everyone’s getting their sweat on someway be it running or biking. 🙂

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