Team Cait Knows How to Get Their Run On! Miles Madness Winners and Prizes

It’s offical my team ROCKED the September Miles Madness Competition and didn’t only get their run on they got their kick@$$ run on! I wasn’t ever worried, really, shall we revisit the smack-talk reel that got this all started?

The final results:

Team Cait: 2860.83
Team Ashley: 2617.16

Awesome Team Cait Runner Miles Week 1: 9/1-9/7 Week 2: 9/8-9/14 Week 3: 9/15-9/21 Week 4: 9/22-9/30
Ali Mc @ Running with Spatulas 14 14 21 21.5
Antonia 15 14
Kate @ Run With Kate 16 14 20 41
Patty 6 5 7.41
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5 20 25 35
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner 48 58 45
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40 10 28 39
Kathy 11.23 11.25 16.5 24
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25 27.69 15.02 26.33
Staples 89 96 102 110
Christina @ The Athletarian 19 13 30 10
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84 58.09 41.4
Brandi @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8 9.75 13 16.01
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30 32 34 58
Melissa 24 26 24 32
Dennis 47.5 33 58 66.75
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39 62 58 59
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28 30 34 30
Steph 16 17.6 21.36 16.81
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47 11 50 24
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8 13 8
Janelle 31.69 36.88 28.75
Janneza 6 8
Runner for Life 50 56 64
Annie 25 18 20.3 12
Amanda 16.2 21.55
Lauren @ Food, Running, Cats 8.6 10
Heather 29.07
Weekly Total: 639.01 628.17 806.23 787.42
Running Total: 639.01 1267.18 2073.41 2860.83


So because I’m SO proud of my little runner posse, it’s now time to dole out the prizes! I mean, of COURSE the prizes of meeting your running goals, putting in the long runs so you can fat kid it up the rset of the day, and be that much closer to the allure that is a PR, those trump everything…but I still think you guys deserve a little more what’s-what.


Well, because our milesmaniac Mr. Staples was clocking in pretty much 100+ miles per week every week, I don’t think anyone could argue I shouldn’t give him top pick of the first prize. So my dear running fiend, drop me an email with your choice…and I won’t judge if you do, in fact, go with the Handful bra. 😉

The rest of the prizes were radnomly generated from one of those nifty little gadgets and pulled off of the numbers on the roster. Below are the order in which the winners were picked and from there each runners gets their pick of prizes. A reminder on the prizes:
* 3 Road ID’s
* 1 Clean Waterbottle
* 2 Handful Bras
* 1 Oiselle 50/50 Tee
* 1 BIC Band goodie bag

And onto the rest of the winners:
1) Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders
2) Janneza
3) Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
4) Steph @ She Runs On
5) Amy @ Raz Ma Taz
6) Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life
7) Runner For Life

BOOM! All you awesome peeps email me and I’ll get you taken care of.

1) What was a highlight for you from the September Miles Madness Competition?

2) What is a goal that achieved during last month, and how are you going to build on that this month? If you didn’t hit your goal what can you do this month to hit it?

3) Did you have fun with this type of thing? Would you like to see something like this again? Are there any suggestions or ideas you’d like to share on going forward?

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22 thoughts on “Team Cait Knows How to Get Their Run On! Miles Madness Winners and Prizes

  1. Awesome job, everyone! I think this competition was a great idea, so you should definitely do something similar again in the future. My goal was to just steadily increase the mileage and limit my rest days, so I was happy overall. I’ve been feeling good and ready to start racing!

    Cait, I was more than happy to take part in this, our team winning was the only prize I had in mind. So please feel free to give my prize to someone you feel is very deserving! 🙂

    • thanks so much for taking part and i’m glad u had fun! now u have to let us know when u’re busting out the racers!!
      Ps- look at u, miles maniac AND selflessy pushing off a prize! very kind of you!

  2. Yahoo!!! Congrats to fellow Team Cait Runners! It’s amazing to see what people can do when they pull together for the same cause 🙂 Though I joined late I think it was fun (hence why I wanted joined). I would certainly participate in any future actives like this.

  3. This is so exciting! Yay!!!

    This was a great idea. It was a treat at the end of the week to proudly type in my miles on our google spreadsheet 🙂 I would DEFINITELY do something like this again. It was a blast!

    My goal in September was to be consistent and build up miles for my marathon training. And to keep running even though I did a lot of traveling. I’m going to keep on truckin’ in October because my marathon is the second weekend of November! Woohoo!!

  4. Hell yeah to Team Cait! I am so excited that we won 😀

    Definitely loved this comp (twitter spam much ;-)) and I’d love to see more of it.

    My goal was that 32km from a couple of weeks ago – and this month’s goal… Yup. Next week.

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  6. Congratulations to everyone in Team Cait, and Team Ashley too!
    We did it everyone! Thanks to Ashley and Cait for convening such a wonderful challenge. I look forward to the next one!
    Oh, I have never won anything before so I am super excited! Thank you random number generator 🙂
    My goal was to run 4-5 times every week of the challenge and I certainly met that, so I am a happy chickpea 🙂 I also made a great new Aussie blogger Twitter friend in Kate from ‘Run with Kate’ – an unexpected delight 🙂
    My next goal? Half marathon training for January!! Can’t wait 🙂

  7. Yay!!! Congrats to everyone!! It’s been so exciting to see everyones miles and be apart of a super cool team! Go team Ashley too! Everyone who ran is awesome 🙂
    My goal was to increase my miles everyone week. Mission accomplished! 🙂

  8. Cait thanks so much for hosting! I loved it! I think my favorite part was how much this pushed me to complete my long runs! As I really wanted to push past my post injury fear 🙂 I definitely want living a ton of miles but I loved being a party of your team 🙂 thanks

  9. I had no doubts we would win! This was a great challenge and I would definitely join again. There were nights when I didn’t want to run, but I wanted to add as many miles for our team as I could and that’s what got me running!

  10. What an awesome competition! I missed out THIS TIME, but now that I’m a loyal follower, I hope to get in on the fun next time. Good job everyone!

  11. Cool! I hadn’t even seen this promo video. How neat.
    (I don’t know how to work a Garmin either, and, in fact, returned it for my money back in frustation. Shhhh, don’t tell anybody.)
    Where’s my handful bra!? Ahhhh!!!
    (that Staples character is pretty insane huh)
    *to answer one of your questions, it was a great and unique thing you all came up with. Bravo!

  12. Congratulations to everyone! My highlight was that I ran over 100 miles in a month and that I ran a race and placed in my age group last month. Thanks for sponsoring this, it was a lot of fun!

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  14. I would definitely be up for a future miles challenge….even more exciting, got my Dream your Fortune shirt today and it is AWESOME!!!! One of my favs, thanks for the lovely design!

    • YES!!!! this comment made my DAY!!! i can’t wait for you to get out there and kick those goals’ bums in your shirt. and always feel free to share ur progress! 🙂

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