Team Cait Knows How to Get Their Run On! Miles Madness Winners and Prizes

It’s offical my team ROCKED the September Miles Madness Competition and didn’t only get their run on they got their kick@$$ run on! I wasn’t ever worried, really, shall we revisit the smack-talk reel that got this all started?

The final results:

Team Cait: 2860.83
Team Ashley: 2617.16

Awesome Team Cait Runner Miles Week 1: 9/1-9/7 Week 2: 9/8-9/14 Week 3: 9/15-9/21 Week 4: 9/22-9/30
Ali Mc @ Running with Spatulas 14 14 21 21.5
Antonia 15 14
Kate @ Run With Kate 16 14 20 41
Patty 6 5 7.41
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5 20 25 35
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner 48 58 45
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40 10 28 39
Kathy 11.23 11.25 16.5 24
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25 27.69 15.02 26.33
Staples 89 96 102 110
Christina @ The Athletarian 19 13 30 10
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84 58.09 41.4
Brandi @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8 9.75 13 16.01
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30 32 34 58
Melissa 24 26 24 32
Dennis 47.5 33 58 66.75
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39 62 58 59
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28 30 34 30
Steph 16 17.6 21.36 16.81
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47 11 50 24
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8 13 8
Janelle 31.69 36.88 28.75
Janneza 6 8
Runner for Life 50 56 64
Annie 25 18 20.3 12
Amanda 16.2 21.55
Lauren @ Food, Running, Cats 8.6 10
Heather 29.07
Weekly Total: 639.01 628.17 806.23 787.42
Running Total: 639.01 1267.18 2073.41 2860.83


So because I’m SO proud of my little runner posse, it’s now time to dole out the prizes! I mean, of COURSE the prizes of meeting your running goals, putting in the long runs so you can fat kid it up the rset of the day, and be that much closer to the allure that is a PR, those trump everything…but I still think you guys deserve a little more what’s-what.


Well, because our milesmaniac Mr. Staples was clocking in pretty much 100+ miles per week every week, I don’t think anyone could argue I shouldn’t give him top pick of the first prize. So my dear running fiend, drop me an email with your choice…and I won’t judge if you do, in fact, go with the Handful bra. ;)

The rest of the prizes were radnomly generated from one of those nifty little gadgets and pulled off of the numbers on the roster. Below are the order in which the winners were picked and from there each runners gets their pick of prizes. A reminder on the prizes:
* 3 Road ID’s
* 1 Clean Waterbottle
* 2 Handful Bras
* 1 Oiselle 50/50 Tee
* 1 BIC Band goodie bag

And onto the rest of the winners:
1) Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders
2) Janneza
3) Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
4) Steph @ She Runs On
5) Amy @ Raz Ma Taz
6) Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life
7) Runner For Life

BOOM! All you awesome peeps email me and I’ll get you taken care of.

1) What was a highlight for you from the September Miles Madness Competition?

2) What is a goal that achieved during last month, and how are you going to build on that this month? If you didn’t hit your goal what can you do this month to hit it?

3) Did you have fun with this type of thing? Would you like to see something like this again? Are there any suggestions or ideas you’d like to share on going forward?

Miles Madness Week 3 Update: The tides turn!

Another week filled with awesome running and gloriously sweaty runnerchicks and runnerdudes can only mean one thing: September Miles Madness!! Congrats you all for kicking butt in the third week of the challenge…and when I say kicking butt I mean KICKING BUTT!!!

Let’s take a look at the numbers here for a second:
Team Cait Week 3 Miles: 711.43
Team Ashley Week 3 Miles: 510

Total Team Cait Miles: 1873.61
Total Team Ashley Miles:1769.4

BOOM!! Do I even need to say anything here?? Maybe not, but I will: WE ROCK!! So like I’ve always been saying I KNOW my team is the boom-diggity and will trump anyone and everyone who thinks they can beat us in the running game. Just saying.

I’m SOOO proud of you guys, you’ve certainly turned on the heat and are being diligent with that training. The Miles Madness Contest aside, I’m more excited to see the progress that you’re making and how that will look long-term in reaching your running goals. Running is all about consistency and hard work.

Here is the breakdown of your awesomeness through the past three weeks:

Awesome Team Cait Runner Miles Week 1: 9/1-9/7 Week 2: 9/8-9/14 Week 3: 9/15-9/21
Ali @ Running With Spatulas 14 14 21
Antonia 15 14
Kate @ Run With Kate 16 14 20
Patty 6 5 7.41
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5 20 25
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner 48 58 45
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40 10 28
Kathy 11.23 11.25
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25 27.69 15.02
Staples 89 96 102
Christina @ The Athletarian 19 13 30
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84 58.09
Brandi @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8 9.75 13
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30 32 34
Melissa 24 26 24
Dennis 47.5 33 58
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39 62
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28 30 34
Steph 16 17.6 21.36
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47 11 50
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8 13 8
Janelle 31.69 36.88 28.75
Janneza 6 8
Runner for Life 50 56
Annie 25 18
Amanda 16.2
Lauren @ Food, Running, Cats 8.6
Weekly Total: 639.01 628.17 711.43
Running Total: 566.01 1162.18 1873.61

We are now in our very last stretch of September so this last week will include all the days left. Keep the momentum up so you can be scoring all of those awesome prizes! Something fun to point out here is that our single week total is KILLING the single week totals from Week 1 and 2…beyond cool beans.

like a boss

That’s Team Cait! ;)

Runner Shout out to Promo-Queen Kate @ Run With Kate for her extremely effective Twitter/FB/Blog recruitment tactics. She definitely pulled in some new members. :) Hey, and she was wearing a pretty dang cool shirt doing it!

Keep it up you guys, I hope you’re having an awesome and sweaty weekend. :)

1) What’s something you’d like to share that you’ve improved on or are proud of between the beginning of the September Miles Madness Competitions and now?

2) What is something you’d like to have achieved by the end of the Challenge?

3) What is something fun you’ve done this weekend?

September Miles Madness Challenge Week 2 Update

We’ve already torn through the midway point of the September Miles Madness Competition and you guys are doing AWESOME! In looking through the numbers, most of you guys have bested yourselves from Week 1 and those results will be shining through in your upcoming races and workouts. Running is all about consistency.
Team Cait
So where do we stack up against Team Ashley? The totals look like:
Just Week 2 Team Cait: 401.29 596.17
Just Week2 Team Ashley: 593.6

Running Total Team Cait: 964.3 1162.18
Running Total Team Ashley: 1183.4

[Note: OKay, so because I got last minute responses to some of the runners I did one update tonight with these totals. However, as of now Week 2 is officially closed and the numbers are in...I'm going to have to be a hard-butt now and stand firm. ;) GREAT JOB you guys and we are closing the gap!]

So as you can see we’ve got a little ground to make up on Team Ashley, but I’m not worried. races are run from smart pacing and I know my team are going to be rallying come crunch time. So let’s get after those miles, runnerchicks and runnerdudes! :)

And here is a closer look of the individual stats for my kick butt team:

Awesome Team Cait Runner Miles Week 1: 9/1-9/7 Week 2: 9/8-9/14
Ali @ Running With Spatulas 14 14
Antonia 15 14
Kate @ Run With Kate 16
Patty 6 5
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5 20
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner 58
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40 10
Kathy 11.23 11.25
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25 27.69
Staples 89 96
Christina @ The Athletarian 19 13
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84
Brandi @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8 9.75
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30 32
Melissa 24 26
Dennis 47.5 33
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39 62
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28 30
Steph 16 17.6
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47 11
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8 13
Janelle 31.69 36.88
Janneza 6
Runner for Life 50
Weekly Total: 566.01 596.17
Running Total: 566.01 1162.18

Great job to all of you and your excellent training. I’d also like to do some quick shout-outs to a few of our team members:

Julia @ Pain, pride and perseverance went on a REAAAAALLLY long run this weekend. Actually it was a race…she just conquered the ultra and in finishing the 50 Mile Northface Endurance Challenge she proved to herself and everyone else just how much will, tenacity, and drive can force the human body to conquer extreme challenges. And don’t forget to add to that the ability to dream big and set big goals, like 50 miles worth of goals, maybe?? ;) And let’s be honest, all of us are a little jealous of the full-on post-race assault she could do on the grub-train afterwards. CONGRATS, Julia!
Another shout-out to Mr. Staples over there for just about kissing the 100 miles/week mark. Let’s tip our little running hats or do a Garmin beep salute to our heavy hitter.

I know you all are getting it done out there, so if you have a race or something that you are proud of for the week and want a little what’s-what send me a line and brag on yourself. And you could wind up a spotlight superstar. I mean a superstar on the already coolest team ever, well sheesh, that puts you up there darn near Mo Farah…you get the picture. ;)

Keep up the awesome work guys and hope you’re having a great Sunday!

1) What’s a highlight for you over the past week?

2) What’s a goal you’d like to achieve for Week 3?

3) What have you been up to this weekend, running and otherwise?

Miles Madness Week 1 Update: Totals, Prizes and Gluttony

It’s Sunday afternoon, do you know where your run is?? We’re in the midst of some Miles Madness, so if your run was a long one in the morning than I hope maybe as you’re reading this you are getting your food onslaught on. Cut to this…
nike plus runner update
Thank you to all the awesome runners in the September Miles Madness Competition, we’ve got our first week done and I’ve LOVED getting all of your email updates. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you guys and some of your emails have literally made my day/week; hearing how motivated you are and what goals you’re running towards gets me all jazzed up like a chipmunk on crack! Okay, my team kicks major butt in the coolness factor, just saying.

A couple of my little sheep haven’t sent in their miles (Yo, we’re all busy so no worries, but if you do have a chance just and wan to pass them my way and I can be sure to update the grid.) but our total for the first week came out to be: 402.59 [Updated: since the original posting I received the totals for a few more runners and it put us at 563.01 miles!! Da-dang...soooo, you know what that means? We rock...hard! Keep it up!!]. Way to go you guys! Also have to love the fact I’ve got fellow OCD runners with those hundredths. ;) Jk. That said…I’ve got to report that Team Ashley is currently rocking 496 miles, so yea. But, it’s only Week 1 and let’s be honest we all know the end of a race is where it’s at, I think my team is going to roll with the negative splits in racing analogy and be major kickers over the next weeks!

I ALSO wanted to share some exciting prize news!! We’ve added some BIC Bands and a sweet Oiselle 50/50 running shirt to the loot pot!! Wheeee! :)

Remember it’s also never too late to join up in the Miles Madness Competition so if you’re reading this and want to take part drop me a line and get running! Email:
Here are the stats:

Awesome Team Cait Runner


Miles 9/1-9/7


Ali @ Running With Spatulas 11
Antonia 15
Kate @ Run With Kate 16
Patty 6
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner  
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40
Kathy 11.23
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25
Staples 89
Christina @ The Athletarian 19
Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner  
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84
Brani @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30
Melissa 24
Dennis 47.5
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28
Steph 16
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8
Janelle 31.69




Okay, guys, we either need to go out and bust some knee caps or get some more miles for our team. I’m going to go with the second option, it’s no fun being a runner with mangled legs.

So, tell your running friends, grab random strangers on the street, lasso other harriers you see at the track and tell them that donating their miles to Team Cait in the Miles Madness Champs is what all the cool kids are doing. Plus, at this point I’ve talked too much smack to NOT make sure we win…I’m in too deep, guys.

Keep it up all my awesome runner buddies, and remember to email me your totals each Friday. Heck, you’re also always free to email me just whenever and update me on how much you’re kicking running’s butt too, I always like those emails. :)
runner eating donuts

Alright runner posse, I’m out. You know what you now need to go do, right? You ran, time to refuel. ;)

1) What was your run like today? Was it a long run day, a short run, a speed workout, a junky monkey but it’s done run, a super crazy my legs felt awesome run, a race, or maybe a planned rest day?

2) Competitiveness, do you tend to be competitive by nature? In things outside of running? Do you talk smack?
Honestly, I stink at so many things that I still love to do (ie: soccer, games, air hockey, etc.) I gave up being realistically competitive so I make up for it in faux smack talk. It’s all just a charade though, I know I’m going to lose. :P Buuuut, not in the Miles Madness…mmmk.

3) If you are behind or losing in something, how do you try to rally the troops and make up the gap? Can you relate this to running and racing specifically?
It’s all about keying off of your competition or the person ahead of you. Also, don’t let the negative self talk start up and whine that you should just give up.

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The September Miles Madness Competition: Team Cait vs. Team Ashley

Who’s ready to run their butt of this September? Scratch that, we already know your answer. But are you ready to run your butt of AND take part in a little September Miles Madness Competition?

Ashley and Cait have made a little bet, you see. Ashley thinks she can find more awesome runners to run more miles than Cait ever could. Cait strongly disagrees and is pretty sure Ashley must just be on an endorphin high. Get two runners with more than a smidge competitiveness together and you can’t really expect anything but Miles Madness, could you?

What’s the Deal?

  1. Pick a Team: It’s a miles war, people, are you Team Ashley or Team Cait? Pick a side by visiting your Team Captain’s website and emailing them that you’re running for them. Then get ready to log as many miles as you can to help make sure your team comes out the winner.
  2. Run: Need we say more?
  3. Report It: After you get nice and sweaty, email your total miles for the week to your Team Captains; then, be sure to check back to their September Miles Madness home pages for the update on how your team is doing!
  4. Tell Your Friends: Think mob mentality people, the more runners you get competing on your side, the better your chances of coming out the winners. Tweet it, Facebook it, bloggity-blog it, scream it at the person running on the opposite side of the street.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Running: Obviously the best thing ever, so really this is just the perfect excuse to get out and move it!
  2. Motivation: Buuuut, sometimes we know there are times when you’re feeling ‘blah’ and need a little push into those running shoes. Consider this your push.
  3. Your Best Running Self: The secret to running your best and improving is…well, it’s just hard work and consistency.
  4. SWAG: Okay, okay, yes, even runners get excited about swag and prizes. At the end of the month the winning team will be decided and then some lucky runners from the winning team will be scoring some awesome prizes!! But don’t worry, everyone on the winning team will have the satisfaction of knowing they kicked butt this September. And with all that awesome training, maybe a shiny new PR??

Prizes: The loot pot will continue be added to through the month…so keep checking back and if you like what you see, well, go run! Huge shout outs to our awesome sponsors so far:

BIC Bands

The Roster: As soon as you join one of the teams you’ll be added to the main page’s Team Roster so if you’ve got a website or blog you’d like to have linked up to your name be sure to include it in your first email to either Ashley or Cait!

While Ashley and Cait continue to smack talk, dang, they certainly have a lot of confidence in all of YOU awesome runners out there. They are sure that you’ll be able to ante up the most miles this month and finally settle the great debate.

Who will come out the winner?

Which team will prove to be the September Miles Madness Champions?

Which blogger will be left eating their words?

Who will score the SWAG??

Run your butt off and find out! :)

Team Captains

Team Cait
(aka The Arty Runnerchick)

Favorite distance: Anything long…I have not a single fast twitch muscle fiber.
Favorite workout: Tempo run
Favorite refuel: Do Pop-Tarts count? S’mores
Favorite pump-up song: The Distance by Cake
Next best thing to do when not running: Art!
Person who inspires you: My younger sister, I’m constantly in awe of her.
Started running because…I stunk so bad at every other sport. So looking back, in that regard I’m thankful for my suckiness. For as long as I could remember my mom had run every day but it wasn’t until I was going into high school that I stopped thinking she was crazy for wanting to run…then I joined her. :)
I stay motivated to run even on those days when I’m feeling ‘blah’ by… remembering how much better I’ll feel after I’m done.
You should be on my team because… we’re going to win! And maybe if I say Pop-Tarts enough times they’ll sponsor us and give us freebies.
To Joint Team Cait: Visit and send emails to

Team Cait Roster:

Ali @ Running With Spatulas
Kate @ Run With Kate
Amy @ Proud Patriot
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon
Missy @ Southern Girl Running
Christina @ The Athletarian
Katherine @ Neon Blonde Runner
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz
Brani @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums

Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance

Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat
Janelle @ Mummy Loves to Run
Runner For Life
Lauren @ Food Running Cats

team ashley
(She Runs Strong)

Favorite distance: 5K, 10K, half marathon, or marathon. I’m not picky. I just want to run, and each distance comes with its own challenge.
Favorite workout: Intervals. I love me some speed.
Favorite refuel: Anything with calories. I typically run before the sun is up, so recovery food is either a smoothie or an egg dish.
Favorite pump-up song: ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem
Next best thing to do when not running: Playing with my kids. Unless they are driving me crazy – then I like to escape for a massage or pedicure.
Person who inspires you: Kara Goucher is my running idol.
Started running because… I originally started running to simply burn calories, but I didn’t enjoy it. Then after I injured myself and needed surgery on my IT band, my surgeon didn’t think I would be able to run again. Three months later I started training for my first marathon for the purpose of proving him wrong (seriously – don’t ever tell me I cannot do something!) and fell in love with it. So I owe my surgeon a big “thank you” for not believing in me. Now I cannot imagine ever NOT running.
I stay motivated to run even on those days when I’m feeling ‘blah’ by… Knowing how good I’ll feel after I’m done.
You should be on my team because… WE will win! And when we DO win, you will have the satisfaction of kicking Cait’s team’s butt. And I might have extra surprises for you, too…
To Join Team Ashley: visit and send emails to

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There’s Miles and Madness About to Ensue and You Don’t Want to Miss it!

Runners, miles, smack-talk…it’s September Miles Madness!! Because all great things need to be hyped up to Twilight proportions (but please, everyone agree to like us more! hehe) Ashley and I present to you this Fall’s most talked about and by far most entertaining video preview…

That’s right. September it is ON!! Tomorrow morning come back to either this site or Ashley’s to read the full run-down on the Miles Madness Competition. Pick a team (obviously you’ll be choosing mine), dedicate your miles, get in on the fun and smack-talk too if you like! There will also be prizes…who doesn’t want prizes??

Get ready to run this war!!

1) Are you going to join??

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