To Yogurtopia We Go — Part II

When we last left our band of runners, they numbered in six…well six humatoids and one furry friend! They were well on their way to making it to Yogurtopia and already were salivating over thoughts of choosing their mix-ins.

“They’ll have Swedish Fish there, won’t they?” Hungry Runner Girl asked, just a hint of concern in her voice.

“Of course they will! This is my dream kingdom and being as such I wouldn’t imagine Yogurtopia any other way…don’t you worry!” Christina assured her sugar-crazed friend. “They’ve got anything you can imagine: fruits, all things chocolate, nuts if you please, peppermints for your pleasure, cereal for crunch, granola…well, you get the picture,” she finished off with a laugh.

“Awesome! Can’t wait to load that puppy up, but I’ll definitely be passing on the Whoppers,” quipped Hungry Runner Girl.

“Hey, do you mind if we stop at the lake to let Riley get a drink?” asked Julia as they neared glistening blue waters. By this point they had ventured out of the urbanscape of Athletarian Kingdom and were getting far into the country.

“What in the jank is going on over there?” SkinnyRunner exclaimed. All the harriers turned towards the direction she was pointing and low and behold there was a petite woman hucking what seemed to be an oven into the lake.

The runners all dashed towards the woman and as they neared they could make out what she was saying, “You darn thing, I waited ALL this time to get this house perfect, you included, and this is how you repay me?! I’m done with you!”

“What’s going on over here?” asked Katy.

“Oh,” this mighty pretty woman replied startled, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here. My name’s Vanessa, and this stove has been working my last nerve! It’s suddenly given out and I’ve waited so long, wanted my new house to be perfect, and I love cooking…and…and…”

“It’s okay,” Katy moved to embrace the obviously shaken Vanessa, “stoves can suck it. But don’t waste any more time with it, we’re off in search of a much cooler treat. We’re going to Yogurtopia, you in?”

“That would be amazing!” Vanessa instantly replied, a smile working its way to her face, “Thank you so much!” And they were off, with another member in tow and the dilapidated oven disappearing in the distance. Well, after Riley was able to get his drink that is.

“At flipping LAST!” Margs shouted as finally the glorious sight of Yogurtopia appeared before them.

“Yup, another 16.84 miles in for the day. Rolling hills, no music,” SkinnyRunner succinctly summed up the run.

“Epic,” was the only word Christina needed to say and a with that, there was a collective nodding of heads from everyone else…even the pooch.

Hungry Runner Girl was the first to break the trance, the rumble in her stomach broke the silence and she lunged for the door. The second that it opened all seven of them were bathed with the cool breeze of euphoric yogurt bliss. From there it was a stampede of feet, paws, and Garmins; they dashed to the counter and were greeted with a chipper, “Hey there, welcome to Yogurtopia, my name is Cait, what can we get you guys today?” Cait’s smile was way too big for her face and she spoke so fast it sounded like a chipmunk on crack, but she was genuinely friendly and they forgave her.

“Holy smokes, look at this place,” Margs couldn’t help but say in utter awe. There were spigots lining the walls and there wasn’t just a toppings bar but a topping bus. The bus lined the entire left side of the place, with offerings in trough sized containers under each window…the expanse of Yogurtopia was indescribable. But to these runners it was akin to a teenage boy’s fantasies of the Playboy Mansion.

“Holy sh**, it’s the freakin Biebs!” Katy screamed at a decibel level that probably only Riley’s ears could pick up. She full on rocketed towards the mini-mogul with perfect hair and nearly toppled him over.

“Umm, she’ll be getting her yogurt after she collects herself a bit,” Christina laughed.

“That’s fine,” Cait continued from behind the counter, “here at Yogurtopia you’re free to do, eat, and be as you please. How it works is I’ll give you these bowls,” she slid across the counter not bowls, but rather containers that looked like buckets with bright pink spoons that could double as shovels. “Actually, we also offer bowls that come with waffle cones inside if you please, some are dipped in chocolate and have sprinkles or nuts on them. So let me know if you’d like any of those.”

The group was in stunned silence and could only nod ‘yes’ as their answer as ginormous waffle cones were slid into the bowls. “Alright well, from there it’s pretty self explanatory. The spigots on this side dish out the yogurt, we have really every flavor you could imagine: chocolate, vanilla, choc-vanilla swirl, strawberry, mint, berry bliss, peanut butter…”

DUM-DUM-DUM….come back next time for Part III!! And more pix of our new favorite fairy tale characters! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “To Yogurtopia We Go — Part II

  1. daaaaaaaaang it. i wrote a comment and silly blogger deleted it. boo. anyway basically i said that i have been long awaiting this epic part 2 and now must sit on the edge of my seat for part 3. it is getting really good. and THANK GOODNESS you included your fine self. the pics are epic as always.

    Thanks for your comment on my post earlier as well…I love all your comments and I could totally relate to and agree with this one COMPLETELY. you are awesome!

  2. wat the heck is up with blogger?!?!? this is starting to become a regular thing, does it happen only on my blog or with any others that u comment on with blogger? please let me know so maybe i can do something!

    i'm so happy u liked part 2 and i'm sorry it took so long, i wanted to wait until i had some personalized graphics to post, and that got stalled by the move! haha…so part 3 will be coming soon and u can bet ur bottom dollar u're gonna be toonicized! 😉 oh, but the lovely gal covered in froyo and choc sauce is actually our Princess Christina. 😛

    PS-so happy u're able to relate to my epic comments …haha

  3. I sometimes have problems posting my blogs, but than I just copy the post into word to save it and then post it later…

    love your story

  4. I've been waiting for the second part of this fairytale for forever! Great job on the story and I love the caricatures of some of my favourite bloggers! Love the idea of the waffle lined buckets too. Ben is definitely taking me out for fro-yo when I get to LA 🙂

  5. Yes yes yes! Love it!
    P.S.–the ONLY blog I've checked on vacation. I just had to hear the story!

  6. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha oh my god just when I thought you couldn't get any more gorgeous/funny/talented… you bust out this sucker. YOU=AMAZING. I'm so happy to be part of Yogurtopia!!!!! I think you need to throw in some push ups for your girl 🙂

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