Treadmill Running: Fear Factor Sytle

We’ll call it crossing past the comfort zone on the treadmill and into the fear zone. This is my face when the intervals on the treadmill are just TOO SHORT and FAST for my liking!!!
fear of flying off the treadmill
Hang on, Dear Runners. When doing speedwork on the treadmill, there’s always the extra incentive to keep up or risk turning into a treadmill causality.

Tips and training for all things treadmill running HERE!!

1) What mph or lenght of intervals on the treadmill is your comfort zone to fear zone barrier??
2) Have you ever been hurled off the back of the treadmill?
I decline answering.
3)What’s going on for you this weekend??

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10 thoughts on “Treadmill Running: Fear Factor Sytle

  1. HaHa – this made me laugh since I do most of my running on the treadmill!!! I’ve never gone shooting off the back (good thing because I would crash into a wall!) but I have stepped wrong on the edge (usually cause I’m sucked into some trashy reality TV show) and had to grab the handle quickly to keep from major tread burn!!!

    • hahaha…so can we just strap harnesses to ourselves every time we need to hit the super speed work on the treadmill?? have harness will travel? 😉

  2. Hahaha, love this! Especially since we were just tweeting about it. I enter the treadmill fear zone on 400m repeats and shorter. Like afraid for my life fear. I try to avoid them on the treadmill because I always end up going slower than I should or normally would because I’m afraid to fall off! I’ve had a few close calls.

    • hahaha…thank you!! seriously, i credit you with giving me the inspiration for the cartoon with your initial tweet. 🙂 i’m right there with you and know i wind up going faster on the track for the short stuff because i’m more relaxed and not so stressed about turning into treadmill chum! 😛

  3. Well, I’ve already confessed my flying off the back of the treadmill…the only part of my dignity that I managed to save that day was that I waited until I got outside to cry for my Mama.
    That being said, I still love intervals on the treadmill and they are actually one of my favourite workouts! I can’t wait to get back into them once these stitches have healed 🙂

    • i’m sending fast stitches-heal-the-heck-up vibes your way!! 🙂 hehe. but i totally agree, i actually really like treadmill workouts because it’s quite easy to make sure you hit the pace. i like that you don’t have to think/stress over splits and just zone out. someone once said their treadmill didn’t care how they felt, and was their best training partner…it’ll run on whether you’re tired or not! hehe.

  4. I have yet to ever do a legit speed workout on the treadmill for fear of flying off of the back! I have done plenty of tempo runs and other types of interval workouts, but I’m afraid to try and replicate a track workout.

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