32 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Runner Mind: We’re all mad, our thoughts should be too

  1. Ha, my Dad still wears those old fashioned sweatbands. I’m not sure if they still make them but he has them from years ago and still rocks them out when he knows he’s gonna work hard.
    I often get songs stuck in my head while running but by the time the run is over its gone and I can’t even remember what song it was.
    I love all the random things that pass through your mind while running, if we could record them, I bet it would be pretty funny to go back and listen.

  2. Running thoughts are great! And, being the porta potty guy is totally a thankless job, and a pretty gross one!
    I have one stoplight that I rarely make it through, whether I’m running, biking, or driving. When I do make it, it’s a good day!

  3. I love timing those light, and play a little game of fartlek, trying to time my pace so that I sometimes slow down but then speed up to catch a green.

    And what the hell is the story with those sneakers on the wires? Never got that?

    I get paid good money to clean port-a-potties.

  4. My mind is on random fastforward when running too 🙂 I loved reading this post and what was running through your mind while your feet were running on the ground. I have never seen a pair of shoes on a wire (how?!) but agree that cars which indicate and then don’t turn – seriously annoying!

  5. I think I need to start thinking about stuff when I run!! hahaha, I really think my mind is blank and I’m just tryna tell myself to put one foot in front of the other until I reach a certain mile goal!

    • i’ve gone thru runs where i get home and think, “wait, did i just space out that whole time, how did i make it home?!” lol…hey, sometimes a blank mine is fine if it gets u thru the miles! 🙂

  6. He he. You are funny and so sweet for thinking of the porta potty guy. I don’t run by any except for in races but yeah – THANK GOODNESS for the porta potties and the porta potty guys!

    We have quite a few shoes over the wire in our local area… actually I thought they symbolised something but I may be way off. I’m with you – in total awe of how the hell someone got them up there. I may have runners legs but I have MUPPET ARMS! :=)

  7. I never thought about the poor guys who have to unload them! Oh my gosh. I play with the cracks in the road – not original, but very obsessive!

    I often wonder about those shoes too. I wonder if it’s a secret society code somewhere in the world?

  8. Every time I run lately I am concentrating on form. I am trying to break out of years of heel striking thanks to the insane cushioning we are provided. I am also keeping a mental check on my knee, which is recovering from some brutal downhills during Tough Mudder. I do, however, dread crossing streets flew the same reason; stopping is the easiest way to break out of “the zone”.

    As for shoes hung up… You may want to keep an eye out for suspicious activity outside your house 😉

  9. Sometimes I come up with the greater ideas while running but then end up forgetting then by the time I’m done. Those shoes are a sign that there’s somone selling weed nearby sometimes other drugs too.

  10. I will either have songs stuck in my head and keep thinking of the lyrics or have really sporadic thoughts. The sporadic thoughts are the best though – sometimes none of them make sense and I’ll get home and be totally confused at what I was even thinking about.

    I have seen shoes on power lines! Usually I just laugh. The songs I get stuck in my head are usually ones that annoy me. Go figure!

  11. I have to say, I HAVE seen shoes thrown over electric wires! It was when I lived in the getto though – not where I live now! LOL. (Does you live in the getto?!? 😉 ) I have NO clue why they do that. It’s quite funny right?!?!?

  12. The eternal question in my mind when I look up at our telephone poles too! No idea why or how.
    Last thoughts in my head – oh please treadmill don’t overheat, no please! Just made it to the end of my 1K repeats before it decided to quit on me. Hopefully Dad can wield his magic repairman skills and fix it up….
    I love the crossroads game, totally going to thing of that tomorrow when I head out for a road run!
    Last song stuck in my head (hangs head in shame and speaks in small voice) Justin Bieber….
    Please still be my friend?

    • OH NO!!! is ur tready okay?!? i sure hope ur dad fixes it, but u have to admit, how cool is it to be able to say, “i ran so hard i broke my treadmill”! 😉
      hahaha…don’t even feel bad, i’ve had the biebs stuck in my head before. and i’ll say it outright, i luv me my miley cyrus!!

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