How Did I Get Roped Into This Whole Running Thing? – Why We Run and a Sweaty Announcement

Why do you do it? I’m sitting here just finishing off a piece on my ‘Aha Fitness Moment’ and trying to pinpoint the moment I fell in love with running. I’ll share a bit more on why I’m writing this in a minute, but bear with me for a second.
pink runner
I was really stuck on the ‘Aha Moment’ thing because I don’t really think of it like a single, angels singing in the background, moment of clarity that struck me like one of Zeus’s lightening bolts. (How many cliches could I work in there? Hehe) I’d say for me it was more of a transition…

…I HATE you running, what perverse PE teachers makes us just run around for no reason?

…So now I’m roped onto this running team because I have no coordination and got cut from all the sports teams my friends are on. Okay, well fine.

…If I’m going to be here then I’m going to at least try and be the best, that girl is faster than me, okay, well let’s just chase her and see how it goes.

…Obviously I didn’t train enough because I’m hunkered over this bush after crossing the finish line, so now maybe I’ll just actually run a little more and see if I can get in better shape. (small victory, I actually never tossed my cookies, only thought I was going too…hehe.)

…This running this is awesomely. I’m addicted.

End of story.

Today I call myself an obsessive compulsive runner…in many ways I’m not sane but I know running at least holds those threads together. 😉
You’ll eventually get to read the piece I put together because I was able to scrounge up a moment of clarity. You’ll be able to read it, I’ll let you know when, because of my new role as one of the Sweat Pink Ambassadors. I’m very excited to join an amazing group of women who share a passion for all sports, yes, even those that aren’t running related. 😉

As an ambassador I’ll continue to share what tips, advice, and sweat related tidbits I’ve got as well as do all I can to encourage all of my readers to follow and achieve their own fitness related endeavors. To set your own goals and get after them. I think a great thing about running, writing, art, blogging and all that we do it offers up a chance to interact with a new community; I feel fortunate to be invited to yet another community, and one that Sweats Pink. The Sweat Pink motto is one I can fully get behind, because as you know I’m a self-described sweaty, obsessive, compulsive runner. 🙂

1) Do you have an ‘Aha Fitness Moment’ yourself?

2) If not a moment, then what was your transition into finding your own fitness passion like?

3) If you are a runner, how did you get into the sport? Was it like me and because you literally stunk it up at everything else??

4) Are you going to sweat a bit of pink yourself?? Actually, you can head on over to FitApproach and check out a new place I’ll be contributing to. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well…ummm, because I know all of you already follow me on those…haha, jk. 🙂 Also, if you’re interested in rocking out some pink shoelaces let me know and I’ll see if I can make that happen.

5) What is going on for you this weekend and how are you getting your sweat on?

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12 thoughts on “How Did I Get Roped Into This Whole Running Thing? – Why We Run and a Sweaty Announcement

  1. I have always been a runner. My first track meet was in grade school. My dad was a football player, but my mom was a really good runner who had all of the school distance records. Growing up I always wanted to break her records. Gave me some motivation. 🙂

  2. I used to HATE running, absolutely despised it with a passion. We used it as punishment for soccer and basketball for years. In 2010 I started to train for triathlon and running was by far my least favorite discipline.

    One day, I was running on University of Buffalo’s indoor track and I remember the point at which a huge smile came over my face and my laps felt effortless. I ran for what seemed like forever and since then, running has been a way of life for me. Although I prefer the trails, I’ll always strap on my shoes and attack whatever terrain I can find.

    • thanks for stopping by and it sounds like we both had the same assessment of running until that switch-over occurred…lol! i think it’s awesome that u’re a total running convert now and let’s have a moment of respect for the track at Univ. of Buffalo. 😉

  3. Love this! I think my Aha! Moment had to be when I made the decision to lose the weight. I wanted to be healthy and start making healthy decision. So I kicked myself in the, you know what, and got off my rump and just did it! 🙂

    • glad u like and YOU are such an inspiration missy for how much you have taken your life my the reins and made it so much healthier, and dare i say happier! keep up the great work! 🙂

  4. Hey Caitlin…I knew I was a runner when I was training for my half marathon and…well, how shall I say this, there’s no kleenex out on the road…I felt like that made me hard core…
    Aint Kathy

    • HEY!! thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, stranger! 😉 hehe. i think u were a runner but u hid it well for a few years, but i’m so glad u found ur runnerhick! 🙂 and i’m so proud of how far u’ve come!!!

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