Indoor Track: Race it or Skip it…AND Falling into Pinterest

I feel into Pinterest. Actually apparently now you have to beg your way into the site and actually get invited…wow, the egos on these social media sites!


Pinterest even rode in on a unicorn and handed me the invite. 😉

So I now have another way to waste ungodly amounts of time toss up my work, so please come follow me! Overt plug…yes, but I’ve got other boards too where I’m not hogging the spotlight, I spread the love. 😉 Come pin me!

There are some serious races going off this weekend and indoor track season is rolling in full force! Growing up in California where indoor track is virtually unheard of (I didn’t even run on one until I was out of high school) this time of year was pretty much just base building until outdoor track season.

There are positives and negatives to running indoors, having three seasons instead of two.

Some Pro’s:
* Keeps you sharp
* Keeps you hungruy and motivated (I know some runners find it difficult to WANT to bust their bums if there isn’t the incentive of a race coming up)
* Another season and another chance to set PR’s and win do well in races

The Con’s:
* Three seasons is a lot and can be tiring
* Not racing and building a stronger base can pay off with a better outdoor season

It’s more about what your priorities are and where your bigger goals lie.
If you’re really wanting to capitalize on a powerful finish to outdoor track, or had a really long cross-country season, perhaps skipping indoors or at least not focusing too heavily on it is the way to go. Lots of athletes sort of ‘train through’ indoors, don’t taper too much for the races, don’t exactly put in the speed training and race more to just get a progress check, keep the legs moving, and just get that racing feeling.
runners booty lock
Regardless, as a track fan/nerd it’s always awesome to be able to watch and see what happens any time a gun goes off.

1) Do you run, or have you run, indoor races? Were you big into the indoor season?
I’ve only run a handful of indoor races, am I the only one who gets a nasty case of raspy throat after racing in the stuffy air?

2) Would you prefer two seasons or three?
I’d be up doing some indoor races, but probably go the more train through them route if I were still competing…or rather, whatever my coach thought was best. It’s always nice to put the racing shoes on from time to time.

3) Are you a track nerd and following the races this weekend?
What do you think?

4) Who’s on Pinterest?? What social media sites do you use the most?

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13 thoughts on “Indoor Track: Race it or Skip it…AND Falling into Pinterest

  1. Indoor track will always have a special place in my heart – I walked on to my college team freshman year, and didn’t get to compete in XC (the coach was really conservative with me since I hadn’t run in HS lol), so indoor track was the first time I got to compete! It was fun, but I came to find that I’m stronger in the longer distances..i.e. 10k and above, so the 3k and 5k of indoor aren’t where my true talents are hah. On the other hand, for me racing shorter distances really sharpens my speed for the long stuff, so an indoor season would be a good thing for me to at least train through. I love to watch them too! and ugh, YES to the raspy throat thing!! every wednesday workout and saturday race, i’d be spending the rest of the day coughing up dust, ugh lol

    • cool!! ya, i never really thought that running an indoor 10k would be all that appealing, i mean 50 laps would leave me dizzy! 😉 true, those shorter races (as much as i may not like to admit it or do them! hehe) really help for the longer stuff!

  2. I didn’t realise there were indoor track races! It makes sense now that I think about it, I wouldn’t want to be running on an icy track 🙂
    I trained completely indoors for an outdoor race. There isn’t a very pleasant area around my suburb in which to run so I did all my runs for the half marathon at the gym.
    Pinterest has got to be the biggest time suck in the world – and I am an unashamed addict. Goodness knows that I will probably never take up flower arranging or decorate a room in turquoise, however I reserve the right to live a healthy fantasy life 🙂
    By the way, I’m following you!

    • YAY!!! i just followed u too on Pinterest…let the time sucking begin!! 🙂 and u’re like me, it took me awhile before i heard of indoor tracks too! 😉

  3. I ran indoor in high school and some years it was better for me to run in it and actually try to do well, but other times I could’ve done better without it. I don’t know if that helps at all 🙂

    • ya, i think it just depends on the person and maybe year in school they are…if outdoor track is their main focus, just don’t stress too much about indoors 😛

  4. I now follow you on Pinterest wahoo! Haha I thought the same about the ‘invite’ thing…weird!

    I have chosen not to race indoor, mostly because it clashes with XC for us! Our XC season doesn’t end till about March, but indoor has already started obviously, so we Brits usually choose one or the other! Cross country for me! But I can’t WAIT to have a track race for the first time come the summer! 😀

    Have an amazing weekend!!! <3

    • YAY!!! and i follow u now! seriously, that invite? c’mon! 😉

      i think that’s smart, ur cross season is going super long and u’re rocking it! after that, break, then dive into track…sooo fun!

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