It’s a Public Service Announcement

For a richer, fuller life…RUN.
running psa
I happened upon this old school public service announcement:
reading psaSource
While I do love to read, I think I love running more. You should too. 😉
Just sent out some more ‘Get Chicking’ shirts! Be sure to get yours. 🙂 The amazing Julia is currently running the Ragnar Relays in hers…LOVE IT!!

1) For a richer, fuller life…[fill in the blank]

2) Were you much of a reader growing up? Were you much of a runner/sports person growing up?

3) Name one thing running brings to your life outside of anything physical.
Sanity. [well, it makes me at least more sane. :)]

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11 thoughts on “It’s a Public Service Announcement

  1. Love it!!! I didn’t like running much until I was in the 12th grade but my love for it wasn’t as strong as it is now.
    Running gives me a clear mind. It provides sanity For me on some days.

    • yea, trust me up until about HS i thought running was some kind of torture only wack-a-doodles liked. 🙂 guess now i’m a wack-a-doodle and totally happy being as such! hehe

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