Miles Madness Week 3 Update: The tides turn!

Another week filled with awesome running and gloriously sweaty runnerchicks and runnerdudes can only mean one thing: September Miles Madness!! Congrats you all for kicking butt in the third week of the challenge…and when I say kicking butt I mean KICKING BUTT!!!

Let’s take a look at the numbers here for a second:
Team Cait Week 3 Miles: 711.43
Team Ashley Week 3 Miles: 510

Total Team Cait Miles: 1873.61
Total Team Ashley Miles:1769.4

BOOM!! Do I even need to say anything here?? Maybe not, but I will: WE ROCK!! So like I’ve always been saying I KNOW my team is the boom-diggity and will trump anyone and everyone who thinks they can beat us in the running game. Just saying.

I’m SOOO proud of you guys, you’ve certainly turned on the heat and are being diligent with that training. The Miles Madness Contest aside, I’m more excited to see the progress that you’re making and how that will look long-term in reaching your running goals. Running is all about consistency and hard work.

Here is the breakdown of your awesomeness through the past three weeks:

Awesome Team Cait Runner Miles Week 1: 9/1-9/7 Week 2: 9/8-9/14 Week 3: 9/15-9/21
Ali @ Running With Spatulas 14 14 21
Antonia 15 14
Kate @ Run With Kate 16 14 20
Patty 6 5 7.41
Amy @ Proud Patriot 27.5 20 25
Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner 48 58 45
Mark @ Running, Writing and Chasing the Dragon 40 10 28
Kathy 11.23 11.25
Missy @ Southern Girl Running 18.25 27.69 15.02
Staples 89 96 102
Christina @ The Athletarian 19 13 30
Amy @ Raz-ma-taz 30.84 58.09
Brandi @ Faith, Fitness and Laughter 8 9.75 13
Chelsea @ Chelsea Wanders 30 32 34
Melissa 24 26 24
Dennis 47.5 33 58
Morgan @ Running [Dharma] Bums 39 62
Amy @ Thoroughly Nourished Life 28 30 34
Steph 16 17.6 21.36
Julia @ Pain, Pride and Perseverance 47 11 50
Sabrina @ Sweet Southern Sweat 8 13 8
Janelle 31.69 36.88 28.75
Janneza 6 8
Runner for Life 50 56
Annie 25 18
Amanda 16.2
Lauren @ Food, Running, Cats 8.6
Weekly Total: 639.01 628.17 711.43
Running Total: 566.01 1162.18 1873.61

We are now in our very last stretch of September so this last week will include all the days left. Keep the momentum up so you can be scoring all of those awesome prizes! Something fun to point out here is that our single week total is KILLING the single week totals from Week 1 and 2…beyond cool beans.

like a boss

That’s Team Cait! 😉

Runner Shout out to Promo-Queen Kate @ Run With Kate for her extremely effective Twitter/FB/Blog recruitment tactics. She definitely pulled in some new members. 🙂 Hey, and she was wearing a pretty dang cool shirt doing it!

Keep it up you guys, I hope you’re having an awesome and sweaty weekend. 🙂

1) What’s something you’d like to share that you’ve improved on or are proud of between the beginning of the September Miles Madness Competitions and now?

2) What is something you’d like to have achieved by the end of the Challenge?

3) What is something fun you’ve done this weekend?

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22 thoughts on “Miles Madness Week 3 Update: The tides turn!

  1. Yahoo!! So excited we are in the lead now!! Hmmm last weekend I ran 11 miles in 1:34 and I’d like to do that same distance in 1:30 by the end of the month!! I know it’s only 4 minutes but if I hot that goal I think I could half marathon PR! By best 13.1 miles was in 1:44 so I’d live to beat that in next month’s race!

  2. Aw – thanks for the shout out! I just like to a on a winning team ;-).

    I am extra pumped because for the last week I think I’ll have about 28 miles for you!

    Go Team Cait!

  3. Yay!! This is so exciting!!
    I want to just keep improving overall……I ran my second only 10k this morning! I felt amazing when I started and felt the same when I was finished. I don’t think I would have pushed myself all that hard if I was accountable to you guys. 🙂

    • i was SOOO overjoyed when i saw ur FB update that u ran that 10k! girl, u have been doing AMAZING and there is soooo much more brandi awesomeness to come!! can’t wait!

  4. My goal is to have my first 100+ mile month in September and I am definitely on my way… really I just want to improve as a runner all around and I think I’m doing that lately, with my running club i am in here, it’s really helping! I read Kate’s post and saw the shirt too! And we have some peeps logging some serious miles here too :).

    Other fun stuff I did this weekend… watched football and went out for pizza with some friends!

  5. I usually have to navigate the miles and work around my aching legs, but this last week, I’ve been working around a huge sinus infection that sidelined me for 5 days straight, and here I stand with 20 training days left before I taper for New York City Marathon. Antibiotics are my illegal doping agent.

    I learned that when I don’t run, I want to go Jack Nicholson in The Shining all over my family, so thank god I have running to go to.

    All Rest And No Run Makes Mark A Dull Boy (if you seen this movie, you get the reference)

    • 1) of COURSE i’ve seen the Shining, i’m a huge stephen king fan
      2) i also go Jack-Jack when i can’t run
      3) all hail doping agents in the form of antibiotics 😉

  6. WOW! This is awesome!! Go team!!!

    I had an AMAZING weekend! I ran my 4th Half on Saturday and got a new PR of 1:34:52 (I still can’t believe it!!). I spent the rest of the weekend shoveling my face with diner food, resting, yoga-ing, and playing video games.

    My goal is to kick butt in my first marathon! It’s in November and I can’t wait!!!!!

  7. I increased my long runs, as I felt I wasn’t running enough for our team 😉

    I’ve even added in a few “junk mile” runs for this week so we can ensure the WIN! FTW!!!!

    I really want to be able to get a PDR this weekend!!!! I am super excited about it, as I’ve never run further than 11 miles. This Sunday I’m aiming for 12!

    • u are way too cute, and we will greedily snatch up those miles from u! u’re awesome! 🙂 and GO TACKLE that 12 mile distance, i’ll be sending some major positive running vibes ur way come Sunday. but u kno u don’t need my vibes, cuz u’re gonna do great…but i still wanna send them anyways. 😉

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