Powdered Donuts, Pre Meet And Our Third Super Hero Runner

Couple things to cover for today. First on the list is a question I have for anyone who is actually reading this: when you run in hot conditions do you get lots of that satly white stuff all over you afterwards? I get it, and I know it’s just the dried up salt from my sweat (and I’m convinced I’ve got overactive sweat glands…I’m a drippy mess) but I seem to be the only person I know besides my mom who comes out looking like a pretzel after running when it’s hot.

No, it’s not suddenly 90 degrees here in Portland (though it is warming up and looks like it’ll be spiking in a few days) but the gym in my apartment complex was disgustingly hot today. Their measly single fan does NOT get the job done come summertime, so my tready run left me a powdered donut. Did another 3 miles warm-up, 5 miles hard, and a cool-down followed by some arm weights. The first 2-3 miles of the harder part felt pretty good, but not gonna lie that last mile I was certainly counting down the minutes left. 😉

Second on the agenda….big weekend on tap for track and field: The Prefontaine Classic! Can I get a whoot-whoot? Okay, it’s established I’m a dork so I don’t feel bad writing that. Also not gonna lie, I’m really mostly following the distance events that are going on Friday night, namely the women’s 5k and the men’s 10k. Both fields are stacked and there should be some fast times. For the women I’m a little partial and will be rooting for Kara and Eloise…so if you’re reading this you should be too! 🙂

So in honor of the upcoming races (and there will obviously be PLENTY of action on Saturday) I’d like to unveil our third member of the Supa’ Runnas; joining The Kankled Avenger and The Cranky Hamstring we have…wait for it, wait for it: PreMONTaine. See what we did there?

The scoop on the second person brave enough to throw themselves into the rigorous application process is this: By day this standout photographer (really, do check out Derek’s site) is using his keen eye to scope out the perfect shot, be it at a sporting event or catching the lovey-dovey moments shared between man and wife as they say their ‘I Do’s’. Don’t let my sarcasm fool you, those special days should be cherished and remembered forever, that raw emotion expressed from candids are always my favorite.

Though, there is much more to the man behind the lens. He’s obviously a runner but doing so in sub-zero weather during a Duluth (Gooooodmorning Duluth! had to add that, sorry) winter takes some…well, balls. Trails are his game but all that running sure makes a fella hungry, thus enter his love affair with hot dogs, steaks (he ate his way through the Prime Quarter 48 oz’er and sides challenge in Madison, WI), and enough skittles that should send him into a diabetic coma. Sadly, he is wrong in his stance on Qdoba being better than Chipotle, but The Kankled Avenger was willing to look past that.

What our mighty runner CANNOT stand for is this: those cantankerous gym teachers that don’t understand that as members of the cross-country or track teams, when hard intervals are planned for that afternoon’s workout it’s not smart to force these runners into doing laps during PE. Now, PE is insanely important in forcing the growing number of slothy youth masses who don’t move on a regular basis, but my stance is that cross and track runners HARDLY fall into this category. (along with lots of other rigorous sport’s team members) So, sorry Mrs. Nelson, you’re wrong on tooting that whistle and you just cheesed off the wronger harrier. Using his wits and of course trusty camera, PreMONTaine is out to fight for all us runners who regulatory bust our own butts hard enough and don’t need to run extra laps in PE. Check out his pilot episode at the bottom folks!

Lastly, I really hope I’m not the only powdered donut looking runner out there and remember to root for my girls! 🙂

1) Have you turned into a salty pretzel after runs in hot weather?

2) What’s your stance on PE for kids who are already participate in highly active sports?

I think that if you’re already doing sports and getting plenty of activity, it should be optional. Shocking coming from me, but my reasoning is this: I LOVE being active and trying new things but I’ve also gotten injured doing stupid things in PE. Not only that but I was also tripped by some doof guy who didn’t want a girl to beat him in the little mile and a half run, I fell pretty hard and got banged up…not fun.

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13 thoughts on “Powdered Donuts, Pre Meet And Our Third Super Hero Runner

  1. I too resemble a pretzel after my long runs. In fact I believe that I have scared several of the staff at the local gym with my crystalline appearance.

  2. thank you amy, i am not alone! oh, i used to get made fun of plenty back in HS, and just like you said, i'm preeeeetty sure the people in the gym think i must be some kind of mutant. 😉

  3. No worries lady I always am looking like a pretzel 🙂

    I agree with you about PE. If they are already doing tons activities it should be optional but I even bet that those kids that are super active prbly like PE anyways. But we should always keep PE safe!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Sarah and welcome to the pretzel club! hehe 🙂

    I agree with your thoughts on PE and usually active kids like to do as much as they can but I guess there are certain times I think there could be exceptions just to make sure they're able to perform the best at their sports. But don't get me wrong, it saddens and angers me to no end when I hear about schools cutting PE and sports programs! Great blog yourself and I enjoyed looking at the field day pix! 🙂

  5. Just found your blog and am so glad I did…I am PUMPED to follow you 🙂

    Your story is so inspiring and your dedication is amazing!

    No worries…I sweat a ton. The pretzel look is in these days…so I hear 🙂

    SO AGREE about PE. Although when I was a kid I was not as active as now…just lazy and never wanting to do the stuff they made you do. haha. But now if I had to go back and do PE + practices and stuff after school…no thanks.

    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I sweat so much and get COVERED in salt. It's a little gross but I guess it's normal since we all seem to get it!

    I think if you pay another sport it should be optional, definitely. And safe–your story sounds terrible!!

  7. Stopping by here thanks to a shout out by The Athletarian. Depending on the length of the run and the temperature I end up looking like a human-sized deer saltlick. The cats seem to like it. Gross. I had to do PE required all 4 years of high school plus my sports and I didn't mind. Honestly in my opinion, PE class isn't that much of a workout, I think kids need at least that if not more. Badminton and boce ball? Please. We did silly stuff like that in addition to more cardio-ish things but I don't remember feeling sweaty or exercised afterwards. Hmm maybe I just spent to much time drooling over a certain quarterback. Damn.

  8. I AM A SWEAT BOMB!!! LOVE THE PRETZEL HA!! I teach PE now and my school has only a few students that actually do anything outside of PE so I don't really run into that problem. Hope you are having a great day gorgeous girl!

  9. I'm always a sweaty beast after my workout too! Salt EVERYWHERE!

    PE is optional here after grade 9. Some students just don't want to do it and have other interests, so I think that teachers should let them be. Though I think everyone should incorporate a little activity in their day, they won;t enjoy it if they are being forced. It's good that they are introduced to it as soon as they start high school but after that year I think giving them an option is the best idea.


  10. Julia…thanks so much and happy you like my ramblings! 🙂 oh, and it' so funny because i think it took me until late jr. high to actually LIKE running or being highly active. i mean i'd do soccer practice and really have fun but outside those three days a week i was a slug. but then something clicked and now i'm totally hyperactive. 😉

    Thanks Vanessa for your kind words too!!

    Julia, thanks for stopping by! haha, love the saltlick reference! well, and hotties can raise the heartrate, doesn't that count as cardio? 😉

    and WOWZA, (ya, i'm a dork and wrote that) i even got a comment from Hungry Runner Girl…i'm on my way to the big times! 😉 hehe. but thanks so much for stopping by and swear, i once got asked by someone after one of my runs, "did you just jump in the pool?" they were serious and i almost wanted to just lie and say yes!

    and once again Christina, you rock my socks off! but cover your eyes cuz no one should be forced to look at my gnarly feet! 🙂

  11. CAIT!!!!

    This was awesome. You hit the nail on the head with my first appearance in the comic. It's funny you paired this with the salty sweat phenomena because that is what I look like right now after doing another session of the Insanity workout program. I'm still finding muscles I never knew I had. The funny thing about your portrayal of Mrs. Nelson is that she actually did wear red-framed glasses and was a dirty blonde… like her attitude!

    I'm loving these comics and I'll be looking forward to the rest. Sorry I was such a lame-o with computer issues and being on the road this week. And thanks so much for the photo comments. Us runners in Duluth do alright… I mean Kara Goucher hails from Duluth and she has been doing fairly well these past couple years.

    Also if you get a chance since you picked a hot dog to go in the first comic, I suggest you check out the dog blog on my photo blog…


    I haven't reviewed any in a year, but that is about to change. I have folders of pictures of three different times I ate hot dogs and that portion of drockphoto.com will be making a comeback!

    Thanks again for the comic and I'm looking forward to the next one! Maybe you can make Ben the evil sports trainer doctor who is evil yet cures runners. Just an idea…. muwahahahaha!

  12. D!! thanks so much for stopping by and happy you give me the nod of approval! though i guess i should have added in a nice layer of salty crust on your portrayal, well perhaps next time. 😉 oh, ya, i did hear there was some kind of fast female runner hailing from duluth, keara, kammie? hmmm, i seem to forget.

    at any rate, THANKS for the hot dog link…hahaha, of course i luv it! but ya, it is sorely neglected so hop to it! anyways, i can already see ben plotting your destruction so we'll just have to stay tuned…

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