Quick!! Outrun the Panis

Just in case any runners are suffering some a lack of motivation…

Who else will join me in the fight to bring the Panis to extinction?
I dare say, every mile clocked is just THAT much closer.

Get out, go get ‘er done, my runner peeps! 🙂

Want more Cartoons??

My post on Input vs. Output.

Tips for combatting motivation lulls…hey, they happen to everyone!

Runnerdudes, some more motivation HERE for you. 😉

Some thoughts on childhood obesity.

Runner nutrition tips and such.

1) To rid the world of Panises (Pani?!?) more people should…

2) Runners rock and it’s hardly because we are panis-devoid. Name your favorite physical perk of being a runner. Then, name a mental perk.
Legs. Without runner endorphins I would turn into something even Godzilla and King Kong wouldn’t want to mess with.

3) Give a shout out to some Tuesday motivation! (ie: quote, tip, mantra, etc.)

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16 thoughts on “Quick!! Outrun the Panis

  1. Oh my god I feel like this post and links were made for me today – I’m sure I’m not the only one ;-).

    Physical perk: super strong core!
    Mental perk: patience. During a long run, you realise that all things take time, and everything comes to an end. Rush it, and you’re doomed to failure.

    Thanks chica!

  2. You had me laughing with that cartoon Miss Cait!
    Physical perk: A perky butt. There, I said it, and I mean it. I rock my jeans.
    Mental perk: patience and acceptance of my body for what it can do rather than what it looks like (for the most part).

  3. I LIVE for the runner’s high – like seriously, not a single thing can bring me down once I reach there!!
    Physical perk – I like my arms/shoulders…is that from running?! I’m saying yes!

  4. Funny that I clicked over and saw the cartoon today – after I posted my pictures today I had to go back and check to see if you can see my the outline of my gut/panis (new word for me!) today.
    Physical – calves!
    Mental – stress release!

  5. 1. Eat less, Move more.

    2. Endurance. I can spend a day doing chores, errands, chasing friends’ kiddos, whatever – I still have energy left to go out for dinner. I don’t need to “go home and rest” before undertaking the next adventure. I can focus and accomplish pretty much anything more efficiently if I’ve gotten my run in.

    3. That workout ain’t gonna do itself….

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