Runner’s Strip: Form

Please, Runners, if for no other reason than the sake of vanity do what you can to improve your form. 😉
running with a hunchback
Joking aside, running with proper form will make you more efficient…running more efficient will make you faster. And hey, you won’t look like this poor sap running either…PERK!
Posts all about form and how to improve yours HERE, HERE, and HERE.

More running cartoons HERE!

1) What’s the craziest looking runner with poor form you’ve seen before? It’s okay if you were looking in the mirror. 😉

2) How has your form improved? What form related work did you do or are you doing?

3) Finish this sentence: I may have poor form but at least I don’t look like…

4) Anyone racing this weekend?
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17 thoughts on “Runner’s Strip: Form

  1. Not a runner, but I saw this crazy walker at a half marathon. With each step, she was swinging violently side to side from the waist. Looked like a great core workout, or something!

    I have transitioned to minimalist shoes, which helps with my running efficiency and striking mid-foot.

  2. I always try and focus on my form when the going gets tough. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and this was our coach’s big point. When things started to get hard towards the end of the race we were to focus on keeping our stroke together more than trying to go fast. Because if you keep your form together you will naturally maintain your pace. I try and apply the same to running 🙂

    When I ran the Blue Ridge Half a few weeks ago pretty much every runner looked like your cartoon at one point or another, as we made the 3 mile climb up the mountain. It is an incredibly steep climb!

  3. I see so many people with awful form – I have to bite my tongue not to offer up a little advice.
    Now when I run with either of my boys I feel free to help them out on their form – I figure if they stick with running they will appreciate the help at some point.

  4. I am running the Long Island half marathon tomorrow! I think that while I run, I end up doing a slight dance/run because of the great music I listen to…I am sure I give people what to look at as I pass but I don’t really care…btw, I am still laughing about the girl who couldn’t run because she lost her ipod. I swear to you my phone was missing and I insisted on getting in my 4 mile run that morning before even trying to figure out where the heck it went. lol

    • hahaha…i’ve had to do runs on the treadmill staring at nothing but a stupid mirror or a wall and i got ‘er done. 😛 good luck tomorrow!

  5. Having got a gait analysis done at a sports podiatrist recently – where they film you walking and running on a treadmill, barefoot and in shoes – this is a very timely post! I knew I over-pronated but didn’t know that one of my hips drops when landing 😛 It would be funny if it wasn’t me – as it is, I’m moving back to orthotics and doing some very targeted strength work!

    • i’m glad u’re getting the orthotics and proper analysis to get you squared away! imbalances, like ur hip, are really common but often go undiagnosed. that strength work will really make a difference too!

  6. YES. this was probably me. and may still be me at times. but working on my core was a good decision. at the end of races when i first started running i would always be so hunched. now there are races where I will consciously think…stay strong at your core! power through!

  7. Ahh that picture looks way too much like me. I never realized how horrible my form was until I saw pictures from my marathon. Hellooooo, hunchbacked me. Apparently when I get tired, I look really weird. Definitely working on that.

    • awww, i’m sure at least u’re a pretty hunchback! 😛 jk. do lots of core work (my pedestal routine post is a good example) and it will make a big difference!

  8. Cait, did you see they added the 2nd season of todd margaret to netflix? I watched them all yesterday. The ending is f*cked up, but still hilarious!

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