Running and Chasing Moonlight

I’ve been doing some runs at night. Just me and the moon. Don’t worry, Runners, the light will find you out there. It likes to follow magic.

running in the dark
Not to spoil the motivational moment but in the spirit of keeping it real I have to add there WERE some other things out there besides me and Mr. Moon: a crap-load of gnats and I’m pretending I didn’t inhale about 900, shadows that made me wonder if they were branches that I should dodge, and then some actual branches I didn’t quite dodge but managed to stay on my feet. Take THAT klutzy Cait Gene! 😉

Keep running towards your goals…gnats and branches be d**ned…don’t let them spoil the moments. 😉

ezzere shirts movie

1) Last time you ran in the dark?
2) Do you like running in the dark?
3) Do you also feel like you’re going faster in the dark regardless of whether you actually are or not? The Garmin tells no lies. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Running and Chasing Moonlight

  1. I am scared of the dark and will only run after dark if I have my husband with me! As far as those gnats go… at least you got your week’s worth of protein 🙂

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