Running as a Believer is Better

Every runner should believe in magic. They’ve felt it. It’s there every time you have one of those runs. Everything syncs. Once you’ve felt THAT…you know magic exists.

So we keep chasing that feeling.


Tips for RACING.
More ART.

1) Did you race this weekend?
2) Last time you had one of those days?
3) Last time you were super mentally tough and pushed through one of the opposite of those days?

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8 thoughts on “Running as a Believer is Better

  1. Hey! Long time no “see.” I live for those runs, and they truly are where the magic of running lives. No races for me on the horizon until mid-September. But I am a few weeks away from being halfway through marathon training. My long run yesterday was one of those days where you have to push through (I had to break it down into chunks), but last weeks long run was one where I felt like I could have run forever.

  2. Those good runs keep you going through the average and below average ones. Lately I have been getting up at 5am and running while the stars are still out, as I get home the sun is just starting to rise. That is magic 🙂 and it keeps me going through a long day in the office – cos we know this runner chick has some mad restless legs going on if she doesn’t get her run on at least 5 times a week!

  3. You always make me smile :-).

    I lost my magic, but I know it’s there. It always is. Running just is magical – for what it provides mentally, physically AND socially.

    • hahaha…oh u make me smile and laugh too…how are u and the rake so freaking funny?!?! that said, ur magic is never lost, trust me. sometimes it just hides a bit. 😛

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