Running With Sass

I confess, as of late I’ve been running with quite a bit of sass.

sassy girl

That’s a little sassy, no?

I was running with sass when some idiot in a car thought it funny to start hollering at a runner minding her own business. This guy was real original, “Runners are skinny!” Usually I just ignore shouts but he was driving super close to the bike lane (ie: me), I was extra sassy, and I flipped him the bird. Hey, did you hear? The bird is the word.

Later on I was a tad on the sassy side when I noticed the man running on the opposite side of the street clearly needed his ego in check. Namely he suddenly picked up the pace in an effort stay ahead of me. Then it was more like to stay even with me. So I confess I just couldn’t resist and chicked the dude. Hey, did you hear? I guess the chick is the word?

Too may people out strolling on the sidewalks, blocking the entire way are apt to make a runner find some extra sass. You can only be patient for so long. I did the cough a few times as I came up behind them, still nothing. I wasn’t as sassy as I could have been, I just said, “Excuse me” rather than barrel through them. Though, to be totally honest, it would have felt kinda good to knock some elbows. πŸ˜‰

Then I just plain got sassy with myself, “Legs, what is your problem? Why must you insist upon crawling up this hill, I swear you feel like a load of bricks. I’m not happy with you, I’m filing for divorce.” My divorce is pending…the legs are on warning, so I’ll wait it out a bit and see if they start acting right. πŸ˜‰ [Chances are in my favor, we all have slog-fest runs, BUT better runs show their faces rather soon.]

It’s okay to have a little sass in your stride. Running is the perfect outlet to sort of ‘get off your chest’ whatever is weighing you down or agitating you in life. Sometimes you run off a little steam…
run pissed
Other times you run on bliss. You know what I’m talking about; a runner excited is a runner with a little extra bounce in their stride.
rainbow run
I’ve done the total zone-out run to. Eyes sort of glazed over and you get home and think, “How did I get here, that was a run on total auto-pilot.”

Today I was running with sass.

1) When was the last time you were running with sass? Can you share a particular sassy event?

2) What was the ’emotion’ of your last run? (ie: venting anger, nervous excitement, out for blood competitive, auto-pilot, etc.)

3) Last run you wanted to maybe divorce your legs…go! Then the last time you decided to retract that filing.

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27 thoughts on “Running With Sass

  1. You are hilarious! I’m not sure if this is sassy or just shameful, but I yelled “sidewalk!!” at some people who were blocking the sidewalk…setting up a church carnival. My last run was definitely a divorce run…that was several weeks ago!

  2. Ha ha, I love this post. I try not to run with too much sass but I’m sure my sassy thoughts are sometimes shown on the exterior. I get pretty sassy when I run in races with kids who don’t know how to run a consistent pace. It is so annoying when they take off ahead of you then stop and walk and the minute you catch up to them they take of again and repeat about 50 more times.

    • oh yea, that chronic fartleker is isn’t meaning to do that. annoying as heck, and if u just toss them a little elbow i swear i won’t tell. πŸ˜‰

  3. Since I can’t run at the moment, can I chip in to say that I get a “sass” outta “out-chicking” guys when I did my strength training this morning?

  4. Lately my runs have been more boredom, like I can’t wait for this to be over. But I love when I get those good runs in! I also love when people walk in groups taking up the entire sidewalk, ignoring the runner coming at them ie. me. I usually make it a point to move over but “accidentally” hitting one of them as I pass by.

  5. hahha loved this!
    And I LOVE that you flipped that dude the bird. It’s something I couldn’t ever do, but man, some people really deserve it. I don’t understand why they feel the need to yell ANYTHING out at runners??!?!

  6. That is freaking awesome!!!! I have only flipped someone off once or twice while running, but he totally deserved it. I’ll usually yell something back at people if they yell at me. Not sure why, but most times about their mom… it’s the first thing that comes out of my mouth for some reason.

    • yea, i only rarely flip it, so that’s why it stuck with me and i had to post…lol. hahaha…and the your mamma remarks, hey they always are in style! πŸ™‚

  7. I love your stories… you crack me up!!!! I ESPECIALLY LOVE the not being accountable for my actions picture (being 5 days in to a rest week!!).

    I don’t have any specific running with Sass stories but I swear if I put my chicking shirt on or pin a race bib on then there is definitely a bit of Sass in my stride πŸ˜‰

    I don’t want to divorce my legs anywhere near as much as they want to divorce me!!!

    • hehehe….i hope u’ve given both of the A’s ample warning that for the next few days mommy is gonna be a litttttle too close to the edge! πŸ˜‰

    • i don’t GET dudes like that, do they honestly think maybe one day a runnerchick will be like, “oh, thanks for honking, can i jump into the car and let’s go for a date!” seriously people, crazy! πŸ˜›

  8. I can’t stand when people honk at me when I’m running! One reason is because they’re usually creeps, but it also just scares the begeezes out of me. It angers me, making the run a bit more “sassy” as you say.

    Today I had a very pleasant run. Not many cars were around so I just enjoyed the warmer day with a light breeze. Twas nice. No need for sass.

    • just like with Abby, i have come to think the skeezier a guy is the more likely they are to honk. i mean, at least can’t we get some GOOD looking guys doing the honks if we’ve got to get them?? πŸ˜‰

  9. I love your attitude when it comes to running:) I connected with you through runwithkate and have nominated you for a Liebster award – optional, of course!

  10. Haha! I would love to see you knock someone out of your way.

    I swore at a dog. His owner was very upset. I didn’t care. And then I shouted ‘how f***ing hard is it to keep to the left’ when the walkers spread 5 across the path. To be fair, I was at km 19 of a 32km run – I wasn’t responsible for my actions!

    My last run was frustrating. I would very much like to trade the legs in. Want ’em?

    • hahahaha….i luv the dog story!! a few weeks back i yelled at an owner too, “Can’t you get ur dog under control!!” they dog was off a leash and lunged at me!

  11. I loved this post! πŸ™‚ I actually chuckled out loud on this one Cait! What a dope yelling at you like that! Where I live is so remote, so when I run outside there isn’t anyone around. Which can be kind of scary, but running in front of people seems scarier. πŸ™‚
    Ahem, I always feel sassy after a great run! πŸ™‚

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